War, genocide & tyranny: Euro-gentile Evangelical crusades against Muslims, Jews & other peoples of color, the root of #Afghanistan suffering

By Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi OMD, ND, PsyD, PhD., MRbs, DPH, DFM
Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved, without prejudice.

I swear western Euro-gentiles never cease to amaze me. It’s nothing more nauseating than to hear a bunch of American people, especially #Neocon #conservatives, crying crocodile tears about the #Afghan people. America has never given a damn about Afghans. Neo-Conservative #Christians are some of the most Anti-Islam(thus anti-Semitic/anti-Abrahamic) peoples on the planet and have spent a great portion of the last 17 years bashing Muslims, speaking in a degrading manner about them, ignorantly blaspheming the Eternal Creator of both Israel & Ishmael by calling Allah satan, on top of supporting non-justified Wars exclusively against Arab/Muslim Nations.

Now all of a sudden, we are supposed to believe that American Evangelical Christians actually give a damn about Muslims in Afghanistan?

First of all, the War in both Iraq & Afghanistan was started on pure lies about who blew up the World Trade Center. I am the Son of an Ex-CIA/FED, who also had previously worked as Capitol Police, & was also in the pentagon on 911, and no damn Muslims blew up the Pentagon.

There was a missile shot into the Pentagon, and most of the original Middle Eastern men MSM broadcasted as flying the planes into the WTC were in fact alive and well in other countries, some of whom even came out publicly to dispute the lie that they died in the plane crashes. The Plane that supposedly went down in Pennsylvania is documented as actually landing at the airport & there are photos of that airport being evacuated when the plane landed, & showing people being forced to walk to the expressway away from the Airport so that the passengers could be unloaded from the alleged plane that crashed, and taken into custody only to never be seen from and heard from again.

Furthermore, it was impossible for a passenger Airplane to crash into the WTC and cause it to collapse. The collapse occurred as a result of demolition dynamite. This is further backed by the fact that the owner of the WTC openly stated he ordered the 3rd building, which was not hit by an airplane, to be pulled with dynamite, even while people were in the building. Audio recordings that have since been buried reveal that first responders/Firefighters in the WTC building had radioed that they in fact contained the fire in the WTC, right before a demolition-style collapse occurred killing all Firefighters inside the building.

Afghanistan’s #Taliban, no matter how horrible of an entity it is, had absolutely nothing to do with 911 & yet still even after all the proof that the Iraq and Afghanistan war was based on lies, the US and NATO colonial powers stayed in the country for almost 20 years & still plague Iraq while simultaneously illegally occupying Syria to loot its natural resources(Fact Check: President Trump’s Plans For Syrian Oil : NPR).

Conservatives, especially #NeoCons, approved of the mass slaughter of both #Iraqi and #Afghan peoples. They treated Muslim refugees in the same manner that whites had previously treated Jews fleeing the Holocaust, and treated #BlackAmericans. with disdain and prejudice. They didn’t even give a damn about Muslim children, such as the infamous clock-boy situation, where Conservatives literally taunted & mocked a Muslim child for a clock invention, all because they are anti-Islam.

Now all of a sudden #Biden is the monster causing the suffering of the Afghan people. And yes Biden is a monster but the sudden care for the Afghan people is beyond hypocritical, especially considering Afghanistan was attacked under the watch of the #Neocon #GeorgeBush.
What makes this even more outrageous is that these same #Evangelical Christians & Conservatives are simultaneously openly promoting the next idea of arming the opposition inside of Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban which would basically start a civil war leading to more mass casualties & suffering of the Afghan peoples.
They didn’t give a damn about Libya, They didn’t give a damn about Somalia, Syria, or any other Muslim nation they have started a war with. Hell, look how they’ve treated Hispanic immigrants over the years.

Afghanistan, like other Muslim, Asian & African peoples, has had to endure a long history of experiencing the brutal colonial tactics of Euro-gentiles. They finally got tired of it and like Haiti, they fought back to liberate themselves. They fought the British, the Russians & the US & NATO, all of who invaded it. Like Haiti, they’ve paid a heavy price for daring to stand up to Euro-gentile Supremacy.

It should also be pointed out that the same Neocons & Liberals crying crocodile tears over Afghanistan are also the same ones interfering in the internal affairs of Latin American nations, such as Venezuela & #Cuba., non-hostile nations that they have an economic embargo against(They even tried to install a puppet President in Venezuela). Once again because America’s superior Capitalism is better than Cuba’s & Latin America’s inferior socialism(despite the fact the Torah’s social system is Theocratic Socialist). They don’t give a damn about the Cuban and Latin American people. Their beef with Cuba has nothing to do with Democracy(other than having a vision to impose corrupt American culture on the Island), as if they were at all concerned about Cubans they wouldn’t be shielding many of those in southern Florida, who are more involved in criminal and mob behavior than actual productive behavior(not all but many). They simply don’t like the fact that Cuba is seen as the leader & hero of the Central & South American world, and not the US, and the US can’t have an indigenous people of color reigning in on their parade. Especially with regards to healthcare, where American healthcare cannot compete with Cuban healthcare, as Cuban healthcare is the greatest system in the western hemisphere.

Socialism vs Democracy & Capitalism: smokescreens for Neo-Colonialism

#Socialism is not the root cause of Cuban suffering & poverty. Racist economic sanctions & American hostile foreign policies are the root cause. Very few stop to think and ask, “If socialism & communism is the opposite of prosperity & economic empowerment, then why is China’s Communism outpacing US Capitalism in every aspect, making them the actual leaders of the free world?”. Furthermore, many European nations are Socialist Nations, such as Ukraine, and yet the US gives billions of dollars in aid to these European nations & considers such nations as allies. So basically, the US is opposed to Non-White Socialism but has no problem with White socialism. That is why Cuba and Venezuela are sanctioned, yet the European socialist states are awarded. This is straight racism & white supremacy at its best. The US rhetoric with regards to protecting its interests are always centered around itself and European interests, but not non-European nations. As such America and Europe never threatens war against each other, but will not hesitate to make war with Non-white nations

Types of Socialism A comprehensive understanding

All Socialism is not created equally, as there are numerous variations, such as Theocratic Socialism found in the Tanakh, Dead Sea Scrolls, Quran & even the New Testament (i.e. All things in common), & virtually every religion & indigenous culture on the planet, not to mention that Churches, Synagogues, Mosques & Temples, operate according to socialist standards & structure; you can’t vote for anointed leadership). Then there is #Marxism, #Stalinism, and others. King Solomon even teaches the people to learn from the behavior of ants. Ants, like bees, function explicitly on the principles of Socialism. Even the marital family unit structure is rooted in Socialism. People don’t pay attention to this reality but almost all Capitalist for-profit & non-profit corporations function internally according to socialism. Employees (aka servants in legal dictionaries) do not vote for the governing offices and structure of businesses. The authorized officials of the corporation(CEO, Board of directors, Arbitration board, etc.) appoint & delegate leadership & managerial offices to ensure proper order, authority, and hire skilled workers to fulfill roles for the proper functioning of the business. Everybody has a role to fulfill, that ultimately drives the business collectively to ensure the business effectively makes a profit. Any aspect or role that is diminished within the business results in the business being collectively impacted.

The human complex biological system is the perfect example of how Socialism works. All internal organs, blood cells, immune systems, nervous systems, hormonal systems, etc. must work together collectively to ensure the continuation of life & to sustain optimal health. None of the components of the biological system operates individually or separately from everything else. This truth is actually why Western Medicine, with regards to primary care & internal medicine, has failed in advancing a disease-free world. Doctors are trained like Mechanics, in that one may specialize in the Cardiovascular system but will be weak or ignorant with regards to the neurological system. Another may specialize in Orthopedics, but know very little about Nutrition, the hematologists will know very little about the hormonal system, etc. Mechanical medicine never understands nor teaches how all organs in the body are interrelated. It is basically built upon the concept of individualism when true medicine should be built upon biological collectivism. A true well equipped Physician should have mastered all aspects of the human biological and physiological system. Thus, they’d understand that psychological problems are interrelated with liver & kidney imbalances, or bone disease is interrelated to both nutrition and kidneys, or sexual dysfunction is interrelated to the cardiovascular & neurological system, and so on.

If you stomp your foot on a brick, your mouth will scream ouch, your heart speeds up, and even tears may flow from your eyes or your hormones will cause you to briefly sweat. If someone shot you in the chest, piercing your heart, or if you were shot in the head, the entire body suffers and may even shut down and die. Everything is interconnected. Even how nations, in general, operate, including capitalists, is based on a form of socialism. All of the complex aspects of society, from law enforcement to the industrial complex, manufacturing, farming, commercial complex, medical complex, family units, community building, working economics, educational system, employment, financial system, entertainment, religion & spirituality, welfare & charity system, telecommunications, internet operations, domestic and foreign trade, etc., are all collectively functioning on organic socialists’ principles(Sociology 101). If any one of these systems is significantly impacted, interrupted, or collapses, a ricochet/domino effect happens where every other aspect of the complex social system suffers. Everything must work collectively and that is what constitutes “economy”.

Socialism is the basis of all economic system that governs society. Collectivism is inevitable in all human experiences. It is superior to and stronger than individualism. Individualism’s usefulness is geared towards one finding their own unique purpose & calling in life, according to their original design, and developing oneself to be able to fulfill such purpose and calling by maximizing one’s potential. Yet it takes collectivism to successfully achieve one’s purpose and calling, as others must be involved in every aspect and steps of life.
No one can ever say “I did this or achieved that on my own”. Anyone who’d remotely attempt to do everything by themselves (which is impossible) would never evolve nor prosper in any aspect of their lives.
Imagine if Alexander Graham Bell tried to establish AT&T just by himself. No employees, no managers, no board of directors, etc., just him alone. We’d never have a telecommunications system as he’d never maximize his potential nor succeed in fulfilling his vision. We can’t even reproduce & multiply as human beings by ourselves. Life being produced and sustained on every level requires universal collectivism.

Individual & collective responsibility- The traits lacking in the Anglo-Western culture

#Individualism is also applicable to self-discipline & self-responsibility. There can be no scapegoat to blame for the choices you make in life, no matter what the circumstances. we are all responsible for our actions and the decisions we make. When Yahwah comes & has you give an account for your life, he’s looking for you to take responsibility.

Jeremiah 8:4 “And you shall say to them, ‘Thus said יהוה, “Would they fall, and not rise? Does one turn away and not return? Jer 8:5 “Why then has this people, Yerushalayim, turned away in a continual backsliding? They cling to deceit, they refuse to turn back.
Jer 8:6 “I have listened and heard – they do not speak right. No man has repented of his evil, saying, ‘What have I done?’ They all turned to their own course, like a horse rushing into battle.
Jer 8:7 “Even a stork in the heavens knows her appointed times. And a turtledove, and a swallow, and a thrush observe the time of their coming. But My people do not know the right-ruling of יהוה.

The legend of Adam, Chawwah, and the Serpent(Gader’el) in Gan-Eden is a perfect lesson with regards to personal/individual responsibility. Chawwah failed in that she blamed the serpent for why she disobeyed the command of Elah to not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, and as a result, she was punished with labor pains during birth. Adam, the one who really should’ve known better, because he’s the head of the family & Garden, who was given the command directly, tried to shift blame to Chawwah, as to why he ate of the forbidden fruit. As such, his punishment was more severe, and he was condemned to death.
Yahwah Elah was looking moreso for Adam & Chawwah to take individual responsibility for their actions. Had they simply been responsible and owned up to their behaviors, Elah would have shown Chenim & Hased & the consequences would have been less severe. Ultimately all three received collective punishment, but the type of punishment was based on their individual actions & circumstances.

Yahwah Elah also punishes tribes & nations collectively, especially when the collective destructive behavior & lifestyle of the peoples become the majority, meaning that the righteous are diminished & replaced by unrighteousness to the point that righteousness becomes a remnant or 10%, & is no longer an effective force that can influence change & spiritual evolution). The Hebrew scriptures record numerous instances of this. Sodom & Gomorrah is the most infamous story. Abraham interceded with Yahwah to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if 10 of the people were righteous(

Gen 18:32 And he said, “Let not יהוה be displeased, and let me speak only this time: Suppose there are found ten?” And He said, “I would not destroy it for the sake of ten.”.

In Hebrew culture, 10%( Hebrew: tithe) of a nation is a community or remnant. However, 10 Hebrew peoples (Hebrew Asherah), are the minimum requirement for a congregation of people to be established. Also called Minyan. There can be no congregation established with less than 10 Hebrews. The congregation is the official structure for collective worship. So Yahwah agreed that if a congregation of righteous peoples were found in Sodom and Gomorrah, then he would not destroy the land.
Yet it is clear that not even a congregation/Minyan of righteous people could be found & thus Sodom and Gomorrah, twin cities, were destroyed by Elah. We also see the first recorded case of the Bird Flu plague killing many Hebrews(due to their eating quail), Shiloh being destroyed, the Northern Kingdom of Israel falling to the Assyrians, the Southern Kingdom of Judah falling to the Babylonians, the national punishment for David censoring the people & the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 by the Romans, are all examples of collective punishment due to the majority of Israel becoming destructive in nature. The legend of the flood is the most famous of all where an entire region was flooded due to the wickedness and destructive behavior of mankind.

The pathological Psychology of Western Evangelicals & Colonialists.

When you see the perpetual destructive behaviors of Western colonialism & Evangelicals, they almost never take self-responsibility for their actions and the atrocities committed against other nations and peoples. Their behavior is never worse, in their own eyes than others, & they always shift the blame to diminish their own actions. In their self-righteousness & collective narcissism, they always have a scapegoat or excuse for their behavior, or they will divert any criticism of their behaviors to avoid self-responsibility. In fact, they’ll even show outrage towards anyone who dares point out the destructive wicked behaviors they’ve engaged in, as they are by nature & toxic mentality un-correctable & un-rebukeable, thus are incapable of humility, repentance, and actual change. These are textbook character traits for what constitutes pure sociopathic wickedness.

1. Top Dems rebuke Ilhan Omar for US, Israel comparison to terrorist groups: ‘no moral equivalency’ | Fox News

2. Obama’s anti-American crusade comments: Christians angry over a historical fact

Just think in both articles above, the white people who are upset over being exposed and rightfully compared to terrorism & having the truth told about crusades, literally believe there is no moral equivalency when compared with the actions of other groups of peoples and nations. They literally believe their behaviors are backed by morality. This is how far gone, and demented the Western mind has become. There have even been cases where White people literally justify slavery by saying, “It wasn’t illegal back then”, thus it wasn’t wrong in their eyes. This is why America & Western civilization is falling. This is also why there is a mass exodus out of the Christian Church. Even the literal registered Church of Satan doesn’t even remotely come close to the wickedness and evil of Zionist Evangelicals. The church of Satan has more righteousness than Evangelicals when we test the two by their fruits rather than their theology. The church of Satan can actually work with other religions and cultures to achieve actual-world peace, whereas Evangelical #Missionaries are prime weapons that stand in the way of world peace and in fact play a major role in global atrocities and conflict. This is how ridiculous this really is(this in no way implies that we endorse or support the Church of Satan).

Applicable Socialism

How socialism is applied ultimately determines the quality of the system as to whether it’s constructive and upbuilding or destructive in nature. The same applies to #Capitalism. The Torah actually accepts external Capitalism being imposed on foreign affairs, such as economic trade, business & finance between Nations and people(i.e. Trade, Tariffs, business/nation-building, sales/commerce, financing & loans to foreigners with interest), yet it rejects domestic Capitalism where a country places such a system over its own citizens(i.e. Usury). Furthermore, vulture Capitalism promotes destructive individualism where people are liberalized, doing as one see’s right in their own eyes, which the Torah forbids,

Deut 12:8 “Do not do as we are doing here today – each one doing whatever is right in his own eyes”

The Torah has always been about social collectivism. Being your brother’s keeper, or wanting for your sister as you want for yourself.

Deut 27:19 ‘Cursed is he who twists the right-ruling of the stranger, the fatherless, and widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amĕn!’

Exodus(Shemoth) 22:21 “Do not tread down a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of Mitsrayim. Exo 22:22 “Do not afflict any widow or fatherless child.
Exo 22:23 “If you do afflict them at all – if they cry out to Me at all, I shall certainly hear their cry,
Exo 22:24 and My wrath shall burn and I shall slay you with the sword, your wives shall be widows and your children fatherless.
Exo 22:25 “If you do lend silver to any of My people, the poor among you, you are not to be like one that lends on interest to him. Do not lay interest on him.

Ezekiel 16:49 “See, this was the crookedness of your sister Seḏom: She and her daughter had pride, sufficiency of bread, and prosperous ease. And she did not help the poor and needy.

Thus, Biblical Socialism can function with external Capitalism. Anything other than external capitalism is a form of vulturism.

Predatory #Vulturism: The basis of both Capitalism & Evangelicalism

America’s Capitalist system both domestically and internationally is a form of predatory vulturism, as this system profits off of the suffering, exploitation & tyranny of others. That is the drive behind the Military-Industrial Complex. Genocide=$$$. All the wars America has started has resulted in massive financial benefit to the makers of weapons of mass destruction. Afghan was raped for almost 20 years of its natural resources.

Evangelical Missionaries have been complacent in this global system of tyranny & spiritual terrorism, even as evidenced by many being on the payrolls of major oil & mineral exploitative companies. The documentary Trinket and Beads give explicit examples of this, where Christian missionaries are employed by these major companies to go into indigenous lands, dangle food, clothing, and shelter over the heads of the poor, while trying to spiritually displace such peoples with conversion to a false messiah, & then help oil and diamond companies to physically displace the natives from their lands so that the natural resources can be exploited. And if such indigenous people reject the offers of the missionary, the missionaries withdraw, and the private companies send in mercenaries to go into the indigenous lands and use force to displace the natives, even many times committing massacres and genocide against the population, as the helpless government of such nations stand by and do nothing. They almost always cause irreversible destruction within such native lands.
If one goes back and study many of the indigenous habitats around the world, such as in Africa, Asia, Mesoamerica, and even the Pacific Islands, you will find that before the advent of Christian Missionaries and Colonialism, such peoples and tribes flourished, prospered and were empowered people in their own right. However, after these same people came into contact with Christian Missionaries & forsook their own cultures for Christianity & the worship of a white messiah, basically Cesare Borgia passed off as Jesus/Yeshua, such peoples descended into poverty, pestilence, disease & chaos. This is no coincidence because the Church as defined by Torah law is an idolatrous system that leads people away from both Yahwah and Edenic law. The Holy Ghost aka Ruwah #Dybbuk is a predatory demonic spirit that takes hold of those it enters and slowly sucks the spirit & essence out of such peoples until those people die of disease, sickness, or mental health disparities. People literally get uprooted from their connection with mother nature and Edenic law, thus invoking the spirit of death. No indigenous people or culture has ever prospered once Christianity enters it. That is a divine prophetic truth. Thus, it didn’t take a genius to realize that the moment Western Military entered Afghanistan, the people there were doomed.

Other related Scriptures to read: Ya’acob (James ) 1:27; Exodus 22:22-24; Deuteronomy 24:19; Psalm 68:5; Isaiah 1:17; Malachi 3:5; Psalm 146:9; Psalm 82:3-4;Deuteronomy 14:29; Deuteronomy 10:18; Deuteronomy 27:19; Deuteronomy 14:28-29; Zechariah 7:9-10; Psalm 10:14-18; Jeremiah 22:3; Isaiah 1:23; Psalm 82:3-4; Jeremiah 5:28; Isaiah 10:2; Proverbs 19:17; Job 29:12; Jeremiah 7:5-7; Isaiah 58:7-10; Isaiah 41:17; Proverbs 31:9; Proverbs 14:21

After studying these scriptures, it becomes very clear just how much Evangelical Christianity has failed in applying these principles and values with regards to how they treat people of other cultures & religious traditions. It is precisely the lack of the Debarai HaYahwah(Word of Yahwah) in their lives that has led to them backing countless wars, creating enemies by forcing their way on others, and standing as the prime portal for anti-semitism to be spewed against the Seeds of Abraham(both Jews and Muslims, and other Shemitic peoples).
We all know peoples, nations, and religions by the collective fruits they produce. Well, here are examples of the fruits of Western civilization that Evangelicals have been a part of.

Atrocities committed by the US & Evangelicals/missionaries
1, 5 major atrocities in US military history | The World from PRX (pri.org)

2. United States war crimes – Wikipedia

3. How the Nazis Were Inspired by Jim Crow – HISTORY

4. The Holocaust and the Syrian Refugee Crisis – Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org)

5. On the Eve of the Holocaust, Americans Rejected Jewish Refugees – Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org)

6. Most White Evangelicals Don’t Believe Muslims Belong in Am…… | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

7. Nun at charity founded by Mother Teresa arrested, accused of trafficking babies | Fox News

8. LDS missionary arrested in California on suspicion of distributing child pornography (fox13now.com)

9. More unmarked graves found near another school that housed Indigenous children in Canada – CBS News

10. 751 unmarked graves found at former Saskatchewan Catholic school (hawaiicatholicherald.com)

11. Christian Atrocities | Victims of Christianity | Catholic Church Inquisition | Crusades – Stellar House Publishing

12. Bolsonaro is destroying mental health care to favour evangelicals | Mental Health | Al Jazeera

Afghanistan became victim to Euro-vulturism because of its obvious natural resources, the same reason why the US is illegally occupying Syria at the moment under the guise of fighting ISIS, a Jihadist group trained & armed by the US in Jordan under Fmr President Barack Obama. Afghanistan is where the West gets the majority of its ingredients to create narcotic drugs, namely the poppy seed. #CNN recently exposed the true colors of America’s vulturism when it stupidly lamented the West no longer having access to Afghanistan’s resources that power our electronics, worth over 1 trillion dollars.

The Taliban are sitting on $1 trillion worth of minerals the world desperately needs – CNN

Copper ore is seen at Aynak, Logar Province, Afghanistan. The copper deposits are so rich that the bones of animals recovered by archaeologists on the site are green from metal leaching into them. A giant copper mine that the Afghan government has made the centerpiece of its plans for building an economy nearly from scratch is now at least five years behind schedule and the state-owned Chinese company that won the bidding has missed key deadlines in its still-secret contract with the Afghan government and is trying to renegotiate the deal, according to several officials and observers inside and outside of the mining ministry. (Matthew C. Rains/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

It should also be noted that the original Taliban who ruled Afghanistan between 1996 & 2003 stood in the way of the TAPI gas pipeline. Thus 911, Anti-Terrorism & pseudo-humanitarianism stood as the perfect smokescreen for the West to attack & overthrow the Afghan Taliban government, thus hoping to remove this one obstacle out of the way. Yet still today, such pipeline has yet to be completed due to insurgency, war & insecurity in the region.

The ulterior motives of Euro-gentiles & Anglo-Evangelical Church

The only thing Euro-gentiles give a damn about is promoting and forcing their liberal democracy and capitalism on others. The Supremacy complex is obvious as Americans believe that they are superior in every aspect of life and non-Americans are inferior. From Western medicine being superior to the inferior Oriental/Eastern Medicine to the American exceptionalism, which is basically a disguise for racial & cultural supremacy that they are willing to protect and promote via war, genocide, tyranny, and slavery. The US government doesn’t even give a damn about its own citizens & has failed miserably at being able to establish law and order on its very streets to protect US citizens. Yet we are supposed to believe the US can promote peace, stability, and security in the Middle East? Absolutely not, everywhere Americans show up on the planet, destruction, tyranny, and brutality occur shortly afterward.

Right now if the true face of Israel were Jewish people of color(i.e. Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews), and not the Lilly white Jew, America wouldn’t give a damn about Israel.
Political Evangelicals are just as dangerous to society and the world as their Liberal, atheist far-left counterparts.
There are always toxic ulterior motives behind everything they set out to do. Their friendship with Israel is two-fold:
1. to use us as a colonial foothold in the Middle East, pitting Jews against Muslims
2. To use every deceptive tactic they can invent to convert Jews away from the Torah & Judaism, and into the Church under the false belief that doing such would speed up the return of their Messiah. Thus, they want to usher in Christendom at the expense of the destruction of Judaism. They even use deceptive tactics, such as creating messianic synagogues which are actually owned by the Baptist Convention, Assemblies of God, Church of God in Christ, Apostolic & even Catholic churches. They can’t even advance their religion without being honest because they know most people would reject it. This is spiritual terrorism.

Their alliances with Muslim Nations are also rooted in
1. The exploitation of natural resources.
2. Power & control over the Near East, to counter what they see as Asiatic peoples of color, such as China & Russia, being a threat to their dominance, simply because America can’t compete when there is equal footing and standing.

Other than these they do not give a damn about Muslims & Jews, especially Jewish people of color(that is why many white and black Christians act like people such as myself don’t exist because I’m a threat to their Lilly White Jew narrative).

US & #NATO behaviors are nothing more than a re-invented & disguised “Jesus or the Sword” type of mentality & culture. It’s not about co-existing, equal rights, the brotherhood, and sisterhood of mankind, interreligious and intercultural mutual respect. It’s always about others, who are inferior, needing to change who they are, how they live, and what they value to conform to the superior Western Way or else. The Church wants mankind to conform to them, but the Church itself doesn’t want to conform to the image & likeness of Adonai Yahwah Elah. It’s never been about the truth, it’s always been about controlling the narrative & wielding the “power to define” as the weapon of choice to hold on to Power they never should have had in the first place.

Simply put the world should just cast off the tyranny, maniacal foreign policies & brutally aggressive bank disguised as a county, and send a clear united message that American and Western Crusades will no longer be tolerated by any nation on the planet, great or small. The bully must be sat down.

Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council
WITCC Edenic Media

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