Understanding Prostitution & Regulated Sex Work From A Historical, Torah/Biblical & Public Health understanding

By Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
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Please note, this Mizrahi Jewish Epistle was instructed of me to write under prophetic guidance. It is meant to ultimately spark a serious debate and discussion with regards to solving everyday complex situations and circumstances that many in the religious world may find difficult to understand. Nonetheless removing people from their comfort zones is a key to initiating effective change. Indeed this epistle will cause many to be uncomfortable, especially the dogmatic who have already been taught to see and view Jewish history and scriptures in a preconceived manner as dictated by a specific religion or sect. If you are easily offended, prone to rapid judgement without using divine intellect or have any prejudice towards me, the author, it is recommended that you either skip this Epistle altogether or take on the spiritual adult mind and understand the Spirit of this letter.

The Torah and Prostitution throughout Biblical generations
In full perspective, regardless of how much I disagree with prostitution, which is in fact not actually illegal in all 50 states(Porn is legalized prostitution), I believe that there should be a classification for “registered sex workers” as there are for other adult entertainers. I believe the benefits outweigh the risks and that it would be in the best interest of public health and safety. Creating a registry of Sex workers and mandating weekly STD tests would reduce the spread of communicable diseases. It would also help to stem forced sex trafficking and pimping, and more services including psychotherapy could be effectively used with sex workers with the aim of helping them get out of the business for a better  good paying job or even consider creative ways to do adult work that doesn’t necessarily require sex.

People who are dependent on English only bible translations are usually unaware that just as there are two forms of prostitution in America, the Street prostitute(illegal) and the Porn Star(State-sanctioned prostitute, legal), there were two forms of prostitution in Judaism/Torah and all near eastern cultures.  You had the

Qadashim(Sacred ones) who functioned under the protection of the Temple Gov’t, especially for fertility rites) and the

which was the street whore who was looked down upon and was normally associated with committing Sin due to the unregulated nature of her risky behavior on the streets.  Zonah is a verb meaning to prostitute. It is typically used for women and only twice in reference to men (Num_25:1). This verb occurs in connection with prostitution (Lev_21:7; Pro_7:10); figuratively, Israel’s improper relationships with other nations (Isa_23:17; Eze_23:30; Nah_3:4); or other gods (Exo_34:15-16; Deu_31:16; Eze_6:9; Hos_9:1). As a metaphor, it describes Israel’s breach of the Torah covenant relationship (Exo_34:16). 

Zanun(zaw-noon)/ Zenûniym, which is derived from Zonah is also a word used to reference the act of prostitution, adultery, whoredom.-

Even then the Zonah was divided into several categories. You had the street prostitute worker and you had the woman who whored around with different men, or had sex out of wedlock and “concealed it from her potential husband, making herself out to be pure/virgin when she wasn’t. You also applied it to women who committed adultery in both courtship, engagements, and marital relationships, and it applied to the men who had sex with such women. Pre-marital sex in and of itself is not a sin according to the Torah, yet a failed pre-marital sexual relationship can lead to a woman being labeled a Zona if she has more than one failed pre-marital sexual relationship. A woman who gets pregnant from pre-marital or extramarital relationships and doesn’t know who the father of the baby is especially a repulsive Zonah. Spreading or contracting an STD during non-marital sex is an abomination and such women can be labeled a Zonah, and such men are guilty of sin equal to that of adultery, whether the woman is single or not…

The issue with prostitution is severalfold- The effect it has on the soul(i.e. soul ties and multiple personality disorder, mania, and bipolar disorder), the effect it can have on polluting the bloodline of a man via genetic corruption during conception, and the effect it has on Public Health and Safety…..

The Jewish Scriptures records numerous Hebrew men, most considered of good repute and heroes, as having affairs or committed relationships with Prostitutes. It also reveals just how prostitution was normalized in ancient Hebrew culture. 

The patriarch Judah, Sampson, several prophets and Yeshua/Jesus are all known men who had affairs with prostitutes.

In Genesis 38, it tells the story of Judah, who habitually and casually had sex with prostitutes. His daughter in Law, Tamar, poses as a street prostitute(Zonah) to have sex with him so that she could get pregnant. To cover herself from death, she stole Judah’s signet, bracelet & staff after he left it with her as collateral after their fling. When Judah’s friend went to go retrieve his belongings and couldn’t find her, he just asked the elders in the community something quite interesting:

Genesis 38:20
  And Yehuḏah sent the young goat by the hand of his friend the Aḏullamite, to receive his pledge from the woman’s hand, but he did not find her.

Gen 38:21  And he asked the men of that place, saying, “Where is the cult prostitute who was beside the way to Ěnayim?” And they said, “There was no cult prostitute in this place.”

Gen 38:22  And he returned to Yehuḏah and said, “I have not found her. And the men of the place also said there was no cult prostitute in this place.”

Here, despite the fact that Judah had sex with whom he thought was a street prostitute, his friend, trying to locate the woman who had Judah’s belonging asked the men in the area as to whether they had seen a “cult prostitute” in the area. Cult Prostitute is the Hebrew word “Qadesha”, a sacred one, meaning a woman who was registered to perform religious/cultural prostitution, usually Temple Prostitution(The Temple is the seat of government) or they dwelt and practice in the vicinity of the Temple.

Deut 23:17  “None of the daughters of Yisra’ĕl is to be a cult prostitute(Qadesha), nor any of the sons of Yisra’ĕl be a cult prostitute(Qadesh).

Deu 23:18  “Do not bring the gift of a whore(Zonah) or the pay of a dog(keleb) to the House of יהוה your Elohim for any vowed offering, for both of these are an abomination to יהוה your Elohim.

The patriarch Judah knew the difference between the stigma of a street prostitute vs the social acceptance of a religious prostitute, thus he told his friend to find a Qadesha, rather than a Zonah, thus so as not to incur repercussions or to look bad before the men of the city. His friend asked for the whereabouts of a Qadesha rather than a Zonah, despite the fact that Judah thought he’d had sex with a Zonah. After the friend came back and told Judah he couldn’t find the(non-existent) Qadesha, Judah responded:

Gen 38:23  And Yehuḏah said, “Let her take them for herself, lest we become despised, for I sent this young goat and you have not found her.”

Prostitution and the Daughters of Israel
The Mishneh HaTorah(Debarim/Deut) later forbade Ethnic Jewish/Israelite women & men from serving as Temple Prostitutes. These traditions were already practiced before the advent of Rabi Moses. That application, however, did not apply to non-Jewish women, unless they were in-laws or married into Hebrew families/clans. This is why the Zonah’s and Qedashim who had sex with Hebrew men were not Israelite. Tamar, the daughter in law of Judah, was not an Israelite. She was a Canaanite like Judah’s wife, the daughter of Shuwa the Canaanite. Thus Tamar, being married into the Hebrew clan of Judah, was forbidden to prostitute her body in any manner of whoring.

The book of Debarim expounds on what to do when a woman is suspected of deceiving her new husband in regards to her virginity and engaging in whoring before she was married,

Deu 22:13 
“When any man takes a wife(literally a woman, Ishah)), and shall go in to her, and shall hate her,Deu 22:14  and shall make abusive charges against her and bring an evil name on her and say, ‘I took this woman, and when I came to her I did not find her a maiden,’

Deu 22:15  then the father and mother of the young woman shall take and bring out the proof of the girl’s maidenhood to the elders of the city at the gate.

Deu 22:16  “And the girl’s father shall say to the elders, ‘I gave my daughter to this man as wife, and he hates her.

Deu 22:17  ‘And see, he has made abusive charges against her, saying, “I did not find your daughter a maiden,” and yet these are the proofs of my daughter’s maidenhood.’ And they shall spread the garment before the elders of the city.

Deu 22:18  “And the elders of that city shall take that man and punish him,

Deu 22:19  and fine him one hundred pieces of silver and give them to the father of the young woman, because he has brought an evil name on a maiden of Yisra’ĕl. And she is to be his wife, he is not allowed to put her away all his days.

Deu 22:20  “But if the matter is true, that the girl was not found a maiden,

Deu 22:21  then they shall bring out the girl to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones, because she has done wickedness in Yisra’ĕl, to whore in her father’s house. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst.

The post exilic book of Leviticus, expounds on street prostitution:

Lev 19:29  ‘Do not profane your daughter by making her a whore, so that the land does not whore, and the land becomes filled with wickedness.

Leviticus 21:9, “Also the daughter of any priest, if she profanes herself by harlotry, she profanes her father; she shall be burned with fire.”

While this was written by Zadokites rather late in Hebrew history after the Babylonian exile, the Hebrew-Chaldean text reveals a deeper understanding on the negative effects of prostitution. The word for “Profane” is “Chalal” which refers to wounding, piercing or breaking. In this text it refers to breaking or wounding your daughter by pimping her out or allowing her to be a whore(zonah). This goes back to what I have written in my integrative health epistles regarding the “science of sex”. Women become defiled and their soul breaks and becomes wounded and unstable when they have sexual relations with numerous men. Soul ties are just that, two or more souls tying themselves together. The soul includes the mind, emotions, the seat of will and the thought process, which all make up the personality of a person. Every time a woman lies down with a different man that man imprints his soul upon her soul. Thus, when you have multiple soul ties upon a woman she breaks and becomes profaned and it automatically by natural law leads to emotional and mental instability. This is why soo many women are bi-polar(double minded) and suffer from mania and multiple personality disorders. Thus, there is a spiritual-soul/mental health component, a blood line component & a public health/STD component to whoredom. These understandings are what led to Hebrews forbidding such practices to Hebrew women, due to our high esteem and value of their lives over gentile women(we are to esteem gentile women who ingraft themselves into the Hebrew community, as there is One Torah for the Israelite and foreigner who dwells with us). Thus, a Hebrew man understood that if he needed sexual desires fulfilled he’d rather step out and engage sexually with a gentile woman than profane and defile a Hebrew/Torah woman. Not saying that is the right thing to do but in perspective that is how they thought about the situation in context. That is also why such books as Proverbs 31 gives praise to the empowered Jewish/Israelite woman, because there is nothing more sacred than the Temple of a Jewish woman.

We read further that Tamar got pregnant from Judah, with twins. When Judah found out that Tamar was pregnant he assumed that she had engaged in the lifestyle of a Zonah. As a result he sat out to punish her with capital punishment of death by fire. However, this is what happened:

Gen 38:24  And it came to be, about three months after, that Yehuḏah was informed, saying, “Tamar your daughter-in-law has whored, and see, she has conceived by whoring.” And Yehuḏah said, “Bring her out and let her be burned!”

Gen 38:25  When she was brought out, she sent to her father-in-law, saying, “By the man to whom these belong, I am pregnant.” And she said, “Please examine whose these are: the seal and the cord and the staff.”

Gen 38:26  And Yehuḏah examined and said, “She has been more righteous than I, because I did not give her to Shĕlah my son.” And he never knew her again.

Notice this is in stark contrast to the Prophet Hoshea, who openly married a prostitute.
The prophet Hoshea married a prostitute, Gomer & a second woman, an adulteress who was having an extra-marital affair(Na’aph, the origins of the word nympho) as commanded by Yahwah Elah. Had this been in modern times, holy rollers would label him a false prophet and kick him out of the pulpit and community, for committing adultery himself.

Hoshea 1:2  The beginning of the word of יהוה with Hoshĕa. And יהוה said to Hoshĕa, “Go, take yourself a woman of whoring and children of whoring, for the land has utterly whored away from יהוה.
Hos 1:3  So he went and took Gomer, daughter of Diḇlayim, and she conceived and bore him a son.

Hoshea 3:1  Then יהוה said to me, “Go again, love a woman loved by a friend, and an adulteress, according to the love of יהוה for the children of Yisra’ĕl, though they are turning to other mighty ones and love their raisin cakes.”

Hos 3:2  So I bought her for myself for fifteen pieces of silver, and one and one-half ḥomers of barley.

Hos 3:3  And I said to her, “You are to remain with me many days, you are not to whore, nor become any man’s, and so I shall also be towards you.”

Gomer was never under the threat of execution/capital punishment, because she was not an Israelite. Hoshea also knew he was getting into a relationship with a prostitute thus he could not later levy a charge against her for whoredom nor adultery before a Beth Din.

Sampson, a Shaphat(Hebrew Judge), is recorded as having sex with a Zonah, and yet still it had no effect on the anointing that was upon his life. He still had his strength until his betrayal by his Palestinian wife, Delilah.0

Judges 16:1  And Shimshon went to Gaza and saw a woman there, a whore, and went in to her

The wisdom of King Solomon?
We also have a story billed as the “wisdom of King Solomon” in 1 Kings 3:16(Read). Yet it starts off as saying,

1King 3:16  Then two women, whores(Zonah), came to the sovereign, and stood before him.

It goes on to share the wisdom of Solomon in how he dealt with a dispute over who was the biological mother of the child who was alive after the other child died from being smothered to death by accident. It ends by saying,

1Ki 3:27  And the sovereign answered and said, “Give the first woman the living child, and by no means kill him – she is his mother.”

1Ki 3:28  And all Yisra’ĕl heard of the right- ruling which the sovereign had rendered. And they feared the sovereign, for they saw that the wisdom of Elohim was in him to do right-ruling.

Notice, not one time was the lifestyle of the two prostitutes questioned, condemned or even addressed. The true mother of the child was simply awarded custody and they went on about their lives with no repercussions as to what Tamar also faced

Prostitution and the Non-Hebrew Women

It should be known that even though the Torah forbade Israelite women from prostituting, and especially Hebrew fathers pimping out their daughters(Leviticus 19:29), female prostitution was apart of Hebrew culture throughout the generations just as it is today in Israel(Tel Aviv was labeled the prostitution capital of the world at one point), and was generally socially accepted, if not spiritually by some religious factions and sectarian Israelites. However, male prostitution was never considered acceptable in the same manner as female sacred Prostitution. The responses to both are starkly contrasted in the Scriptures:

1Ki 14:22  And Yehuḏah did evil in the eyes of יהוה, and they provoked Him to jealousy with their sins which they committed, more than all that their fathers had done.

1Ki 14:23  For they also built for themselves high places, and pillars, and Ashĕrim on every high hill and under every green tree.

1Ki 14:24  And there were also cult prostitutes in the land. They did according to all the abominations of the gentiles which יהוה dispossessed before the children of Yisra’ĕl.

As with most English versions of the bible, the translators usually have sectarian ulterior motives with regard to how they choose to translate a word or deliberately mis-translate words or confuse words by translating them into various English words that do not reflect the original Hebrew. Usually prostitute and Sodomite are gross mistranslations of the Hebrew word. This English text above is deceptive because it gives the impression that all prostitution was abolished when that is not the truth nor the facts. The Hebrew words for cult prostitutes(or in other translations sodomite or harlots) here is Qadesh.  Qadesh refers specifically to male prostitutes, whereas Qadeshah refers specifically to female prostitutes. This verse specifically addresses male prostitution which included homosexuality, as being an abomination adopted from the gentiles.

The scriptures goes further to detail which specific prostitutes were eradicated from the land

1Kings 15:11  And Asa did what was right in the eyes of יהוה, as his father Dawiḏ had done,

1Ki 15:12  and put away the cult prostitutes from the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.

1Kings 22:44  And Yehoshaphat made peace with the sovereign of Yisra’ĕl.

1Ki 22:45  And the rest of the acts of Yehoshaphat, and the might that he showed, and how he fought, are they not written in the book of the annals of the sovereigns of Yehuḏah?

1Ki 22:46  And the rest of the cult prostitutes, who remained in the days of his father Asa, he cleared out from the land.

The Hebrew word for cult prostitutes in the above scriptures is once again “Qadesh”, a reference to male prostitutes, not female prostitutes. Technically they can be referred to as Sodomite in relationship to being Homosexual, Transgender, Bi-sexual men etc, but even the word Sodomite is not actually historically accurate as a Sodomite was anyone who was a citizen/resident of the city of Sodom without regards to their moral or sexual disposition. Abraham and Lot, as well as their families, were at one point a Sodomites. Nonetheless Female Prostitutes(Qadeshah and Zonah) were not the ones being abolished.

King Josiah, likewise, abolished specifically male prostitution:

2Ki 23:6  And he brought out the Ashĕrah from the House of יהוה, to the wadi Qiḏron outside Yerushalayim, and burned it at the wadi Qiḏron and ground it to ashes, and threw its ashes on the graves of the sons of the people.

2Ki 23:7  And he broke down the houses of the male cult prostitutes(Qadesh) that were in the House of יהוה, where the women wove tapestries for the Ashĕrah.

Job says,
Job 36:13  But the defiled ones in heart become enraged – let them not cry for help when He binds them.

Job 36:14  Their being dies in youth, and their life among the male prostitutes.

The New Testament Scandal
The biggest and most notorious attempt to cover up a Hebrew man falling in love with a prostitute is none other than the case of the church with regards to Yeshua/Jesus ben Yoseph and Mariah Magdeline, a sacred Prostitute(Qadesh). The Church notoriously known for editing, censoring and inventing religious texts to suit its own deceptive doctrines did everything it could to downplay Yeshua and Mariah the Prostitute. Yet its not only documented that they married, but they also had a son named Juda(or perhaps Judas, his son who betrayed him), and they were all buried in a grave in Jewish ossuaries together. The original picture of the last supper has tried to depict John as being the one next to Yeshua when it is in fact Mary Magdeline. Yeshua was not celibate, considering his family were Netzarim Essenes and not Qumranite Essenes. The former disagreed with the later about matters of celibacy as the Qumranites are the ones who promoted and believed in the Anti-Torah teachings of ascetic celibacy, whereas the Netzarim supported the Torah laws on marriage & sex in a similar manner as the P’rushim(Pharisees). The Qumranites are also the ones responsible for the anti-Torah traditions that taught against polygany. The Qumranites were heavily compromised by the ascetic teachings of Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, which the Hebrews were exposed to under the protection from & influence by the Persians, their distant relatives(leading to Christians later adopting Mithraism and Hindu ideologies with regards to their theological beliefs).

Mariah was apart of a known sacred prostitution ring that was known by a variation of the term Magdala. As usual, it was allowed in Judean culture and society. It is recorded that she suffered from what is to be expected of a prostitute in that she had multiple diseases and demonic spirits. To understand what those disease would be, read my detailed epistles on the science of sex and integrative medicine.

Luke 8:1  And it came to be, afterward, that He went through every city and village, proclaiming and bringing the Good News of the reign of Elohim, and the twelve were with Him,

Luk 8:2  and certain women who were healed of wicked spirits and sicknesses: Miryam, called ‘from Maḡdala, out of whom had come seven demons,

Luk 8:3  and Yoḥanah the wife of Kuza, manager of Herodes, and Shoshannah, and many others who provided for Him from their resources.

The Gospels of Nag Hammadi explicitly mention that Yeshua and Mary Magdeline were in a relationship

Gospel of Philip 59, 6-11, “
There were three who always walked with the Master: Mary, his mother, and her sister, and Magdalene, the one who was called his companion. His sister and his mother and his companion were each a Mary.”

Gospel Of Philip 63, 30-64,9, “As for the Chockimah (Wisdom) who is called “the barren,” she is the mother of the angels. And the companion of Yeshua the savior is Mary Magdalene.  Yeshua the Savior loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth.

Gospel of Mary 10, 1-10 “Kefa(Peter) said to Mary, “Sister, we know the Savior loved you more than all other women. Tell us the words of the Savior that you remember – the things which you know that we don’t, and which we haven’t heard.”

Gospel of Mary 17, 10-19,5 “In response Andrew said to the brothers (and sisters), ‘Say what you will about what she’s said, I myself don’t believe that the Savior said these things, because these teachings seem like different ideas.” In response Peter spoke out with the same concerns. He asked them concerning the Savior: “He didn’t speak with a woman without our knowledge and not publicly with us, did he? Will we turn around and all listen to her? Did he prefer her to us?”

18 Then Mary wept and said to Peter, “My brother Peter, what are you thinking? Do you really think that I thought this up by myself in my heart, or that I’m lying about the Savior?” In response Levi said to Peter, “Peter, you’ve always been angry. Now I see you debating with this woman like the adversaries. But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you then to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well. That’s why he loved her more than us.

Article of Interest to read:
1. Jesus’ Marriage to Mary the Magdalene Is Fact, Not Fiction | HuffPost Communities
2. https://jesusfamilytomb.com/the_tomb/yehuda_bar_yeshua.html

The painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo Divinci clearly show Mary Magdala sitting next to the purported Yeshua/Jesus(who clearly is painted as Cesare Borgia).

The issue with this relationship with relation to the Torah is this. For one Yeshua is a Levitical priest, of the Tribe of Lewy(Lahawy) and not Judah. His cousin Yochanan is the son of a priest, his mother Mariah is a daughter of levy and so is the rest of his family. His Eldest blood brother Ya’akob Tzadik wrongly translated as James the Just, is the Essene High Priest of the 1st Century who was respected by most Jewish sects in Judea. A priest is forbidden to marry a Prostitute even if such a prostitute stops prostituting and turns towards a righteous life. Two, most believe that Mary Magdala was Jewish/Hebrew. If this is the case then it is an abomination for her to be practicing prostitution and it be accepted in Hebrew culture.

This puts Yeshua in an extremely bad light, and depicts him as what many Jews, without context, believed about him, in that he was a blatant law-breaker and apostate, while his brother Ya’akob Tzadik was in fact the true face of the 1st century Netzarim Essene Judaism. Its already a known fact that the Gospels, all written after AD 70 and even as late as several hundred years later, lied about what happened when he was crucified in regards to the dead rising from the grave and the Temple veil being rent into. There is no record from any legitimate sources outside of the Gospels that show people saw the dead rise from the grave. Furthermore, the Temple veil wasn’t rent in two until AD 70 during the War between Judea and Rome, when the Romans burned the Temple down. This is known because the Apostle Paul and others are recorded as making sacrifices in the Temple(Acts 21:26-27).

Furthermore, both Jewish and Christian historians(i.e. Josephus & Origen) record that it was believed that the Temple was destroyed because of the assassination of the Essene High Priest, Ya’acob Tzadik, Elder brother of Yeshua, not because of Yeshua being killed. It is recorded in Psuedo-Clementine that it was the Apostle Paul, who frequently disrespected Ya’akob in his epistles, who was responsible for the death of Yaakob Tzadik(a previous Zadokite High Priest, Ananias, tried to have Yaakob killed, and he was overthrown as High Priest). The Quran, written by Prophet Muhammad, whose maternal grandmother and mother were Ethiopian Jews, and who got most of his traditions from his father in law, who was a known Ebionite-Essene Priest, records that Yeshua was not crucified and died of old age.

So its very clear why Yeshua was really rejected by many. His marriage in and of itself was not in accord with Jewish Law as it pertained to Levitical priests, thus his bloodline would be polluted and his child Judah(or Judas) would have been illegitimate and rejected by the community, which then would give plausibility for Judas betraying him out of anger and resentment growing up in the 1st century.

Toledot Yeshu
What further complicates the story is the Talmudic record of how Yeshua was really conceived and why the Apostles tried to cover it up with a fake virgin birth story using grossly misinterpreted Jewish scriptures to try to justify it.
Jewish history has a book called Sefer Toledot Yeshu (ספר תולדות ישו, The Book of the Generations/History/Life of Jesus), and also recorded by the historian Origen, Yeshua’s mother Mariah(Mary) was raped by a Roman Centurion named Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera, resulting in the conception of Yeshua. Keep in mind Mariah was 14years old, an Almah. She had already conceived Ya’akob Tzadik, who was pure enough to be an Essene High Priest, however Yeshua, possibly the 2nd oldest(or even the youngest of his siblings) was deemed mamzer being a product of Rape, and was rejected by the majority of Jewish society. In fact there is a taunt against him in the New Testament where the Jews/Judeans state to him,

John 8:37  “I know that you are the seed of Aḇraham, but you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you.

Joh 8:38  “I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have heard from your father.”

Joh 8:39  They answered and said to Him, “Aḇraham is our father.1 יהושע said to them, “If you were Aḇraham’s children, you would do the works of Aḇraham.

Joh 8:40  “But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has spoken to you the truth which I heard from Elohim. Aḇraham did not do this.

Joh 8:41  “You do the works of your father.” Then they said to Him, “We were not born of whoring, we have one Father: Elohim.”

As a result of this discourse and the Torah Jews making clear what they thought of him with regards to his origins vs their origins(via the fathers lineage), it was clear they did not believe Yeshua was legitimate nor qualified to speak on matters of the Torah, despite being of Levitical descent via his mother, because tribally his identity was Roman due to who his father was. This would also explain why Roman Catholicism and Greek Orthodox became the dominant followers of Yeshua and Yeshua is frequently depicted as Latin and not Jewish in virtually all Christian paintings since the 1st century.

Regardless of whatever truth he felt he had, under “strict” Torah law he is not supposed to be apart of the congregation of Elohim nor serve in the capacity of a priest. It specifically bans Mamzers, illegitimate children.

Deu 23:2 
“No one of illegitimate birth does enter the assembly of יהוה, even a tenth generation of his does not enter the assembly of יהוה.

This is why historically Yeshua was rejected by the Jewish peoples & religious leader yet his Elder brother was held in high esteem and qualified to be the High Priest of the Essenes. It was more about his birth circumstances than it was about what he taught, considering virtually everything he taught was of Essene & pharisaical theological origins. Keep in mind, the Netzarim-Essene Jews of Jerusalem & Galilee held similar beliefs to that of the Pharisee’s , which is confirmed in the more reliable Hebrew Matthew DuTillet & Gospels/Epistles of the Ebionites & Gospel of the Hebrews, which were mentioned by Christian historians, such as the Panarion, by Epiphanius of Salamis & Jerome, Against Pelagius III.2, etc.

Matthew 5:17  “Do not think that I came to destroy the Torah or the Prophets.1 I did not come to destroy but to do them. Mat 5:18  “For truly, I say to you, till the heaven and the earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall by no means pass from the Torah till all be done. Mat 5:19  “Whoever, then, breaks one of the least of these commands, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the reign of the heavens; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the reign of the heavens.

Mat 5:20  “For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees,1 you shall by no means enter into the reign of the heavens.

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Today we are in a prophetic era of a spiritual awakening, where Elah is breaking the masses free from two thousand years of censorship & religious control of historical narratives at the expense of censoring sacred writings that such authorities don’t agree with or see as a threat to their agenda. It is ironic that there is a noticeable pattern in human history in how with the rise of liberalism comes censorship, repression and a fight to control narratives without regard to “the truth”, for the purposes of control. Christianity(and in many respects Rabbinical Judaism) to ancient Judaism is what modern day Liberalism is to Conservatism. Just as we see Liberalism & wokeism engaging in mass censorship and repression of religious practices & values that do not conform to their ideologies of debauchery, even going so far as to approve of discrimination & cancel culture against anyone who doesn’t accept their world view, we see the advent of Christianity(an Ashkenazi Judaism) engaging in the exact same behavior, even in their canonization of whatever scriptures they wanted to follow, while banning all the others, with the assumption that just because they slap the term “pseudo” or “apocryphal” on certain books and writings some-how makes that the truth.  Well they are wrong. They were wrong then as a liberal religion just as liberals and cancel culture today are wrong. Simply put, Yahwah Elah is not limited to books, an Ark nor a Temple and he surely can’t be contained by the mind of men. The truth can never be censored as Elah will always make sure what has been hidden by man will be resurrected. That is why the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi scrolls, for example, up ended modern day religion when they were discovered. The religious authorities assumed they would perpetually get away with their man-made traditions, without ever being exposed, and yet Yahwah Elah had other plans, even as he said unto the prophet Daniel.

Dan 12:4  “But you, Dani’ĕl, hide the words, and seal the book until the time of the end. Many shall diligently search and knowledge shall increase.”

Biblical Scholarship has proven that the New Testament is nothing more than revisionary apologetics propaganda of history designed to cover up the truth about a Messiah they wanted to present to the world which ultimately had to be done by force, violence, colonialism and slavery because very few people of “Abrahamic decent” actually bought into the historical forgery voluntarily, until after they were born under the slavery and servitude of the church. The gentiles were more apt to accept the newly created image of Jesus, especially considering the church has been a chameleon religion that literally absorbs the pagan traditions of the nations they conquered. They observe every tradition of the nations while rejecting the traditions of the Torah, which their historical leader, Yeshua, advocated and followed himself in accordance to the Essene Way.
The Christian historian Origen, in his writing against Celsius, said Mary was “convicted of adultery and had a child by a certain soldier named Pantera”.

The Talmud and Jewish writings also mention Yeshua ben Pantera. St. Justin, Tertullian, Eusebius, Hippolytus, and Origen complained about what would become Toldot Yeshu, especially in regards to it saying that:
 Jesus, illegitimate son of Panthera, a Roman legionary, was a charlatan and a magician killed by the Jews; after His death, marvels were invented by His disciples concerning Him.

Other tales circulated, in which Jesus figured as a bandit and one possessed. It is a fact that his followers traveled armed.

Ironically and not surprising, The Church, the architects of historical revisionism, anti-semitism(i.e. the New Testament fundamentalism) and forgery, banned the Jewish Toledot Yeshu in 1405. A book under this title was strongly condemned by Francesc Eiximenis (d. 1409) in his Vita Christi, but in 1614 it was largely reprinted by a Jewish convert to Christianity, Samuel Friedrich Brenz, in Nuremberg, as part of his book vilifying his former religion, titled Skin Shed by the Jewish Snake.

Pantera, Yeshua’s biological father, was around 18 when he enlisted in the roman army, it means he was likely born between 45 BC and 22 BC. He could have been as old as 38 or as young as 15(Mary was 14) at the time of Yeshua’s conception in the Fall of 7 BCE.

In 6 CE when Yeshua/Jesus was 12, Judas of Galilee led a popular uprising that captured Sepphoris, the capital of Galilee. The uprising was crushed by the Romans some four miles north of Nazareth. Most likely Pantera and Joseph, Marys husband, fought on opposite sides. As Joseph is never heard of again he most likely was killed in the battle, or have been among the 2,000 Jewish rebels crucified afterwards. Joseph was a Carpenter, an Essene/Netzarim reference to a Jewish priest(his genealogy lists numerous priests as his ancestors, with a broken link back to King David) in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In all truth, Mary was most likely raped by Pantera the Roman centurion and got pregnant, rather than voluntarily whored with him. It is either before Yoseph death that he married(betrothal is the same as marriage in the Torah) her to keep Mary from being stoned which was a required punishment for an unmarried young girl during the first century in the southern Levant as it is to day with honor killings, considering many Jews were influenced by Middle Assyrian Law interpretation with regards to how they dealt with rape(Many Muslim nations still use Middle Assyrian Law with regards to Sharia today), or Yoseph simply hid her rape/affair which happened after they were married, considering Yeshua has other brothers and sisters. Yaakob Tzadik was definitely the Elder child, but if the former is true, then Yeshua was in fact the youngest child of Mary. One thing is for sure is that she was not a virgin before he was conceived.

The context for why a Levite would marry a prostitute
These all give context as to why Yeshua married Mary Magdala, a prostitute. He, by Literalist Torah law, was an outcast, and she by Torah law, was an outcast, and if Judas were their son, his life would have been hell and frustrating because he too would be an outcast, a Mamzer. Yeshua’s blood line/descendants would be illegitimate for 10 generations.

This is also why Paul’s teachings over time clearly replaced that of Yeshua, and he is credited with founding Christianity not the historical Yeshua deemed illegitimate. The Church created a new figure Jesus Christ(Iseous Cristo) as the mythological persona of choice to promote their new Anti-Jewish, Non-Torah ideologies. Josephus mentions the Apostle Paul under his original name and made it clear that Saul was a wicked man and priest. Many allude to the wicked priest in the Dead Sea Scrolls as a reference to Paul as well. Considering he orchestrated the murder of Yaakob Tzadik, Yeshua’s brother, in addition to causing the misery and death of many Jews, he is indeed a satanic false prophet and wicked man in true history who did not represent the original Yeshua by a long shot, and the violent spirit upon him is what led later to the behavior of the church in their crusades, Jesus or the sword and treating Non-believers in the exact same manner as ISIS brutal behavior today in this era.

A Torah based re-thought in perspective about Yeshua’s status in Jewish society
As I was writing this and thought that I had completed this Epistle, Yahwah Elah came to me & showed me something further with regards to Yeshua, as well as numerous others mentioned in this writing. If Yeshua was the product of rape, which is most likely the case, then we who are Jews and our ancestors have failed in expressing the mind of Elah in how he’d approach this situation. We who are of the Torah are supposed to be the Light, a shining example of what it truly means to walk in the image and likeness of Elohim. What we should have had and should have today is empathy, chenim and hased. Grace and mercy towards victims of circumstances beyond their control. We are literally talking about a 14yr old young girl being brutally raped by a Roman soldier resulting in her conceiving. Are we not supposed to protect her? Yet in much of the Near East, even as you see in many Islamic and Hindu nations today, a woman who reports being raped could face punishment as if it was her fault. Yet the Torah laws make clear how we are supposed to approach rape.

Deut 22:22  “When a man is found lying with a woman married to a husband, then both of them shall die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman. Thus you shall purge the evil from Yisra’ĕl.

Deu 22:23 “When a girl who is a maiden is engaged to a husband, and a man finds her in the city and lies with her, Deu 22:24  then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city, and shall stone them to death with stones, the girl because she did not cry out in the city, and the man because he has humbled his neighbour’s wife. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst.

Deu 22:25  “But if a man finds the girl who is engaged in the field, and the man seizes her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die.

Deu 22:26  “But you shall do no matter to the girl. The girl has no sin worthy of death – for the matter is like a man who rises against his neighbour and kills him –“

In context, verse 22 & 23 are forms of Hebrew Covenant relationships. There is no Hebrew word equivalent to the English wife or marriage. Verse 22 in the Hebrew language actually conveys a woman who is under the dominion of a master known as Ba’al Ba’al(Ba’al Adon).  This could be any type of relationship, including a female servant or concubine(palegish) relationship etc.

Verse 23 uses the term “Erush Ish”, literally meaning engaged/betroth to a man. While the English translations give the impression that verse 22 is a marriage and verse 23 is an engagement in the American modern sense, the fact of the matter is that verse 23 is the actual reference to a marriage equivalent. Engagement in Mizrahi Judaism holds the weight of marriage and to break off an engagement one would have to go through a Beth Din and get a Get.  Also, verse 22 refers to an Ishah(woman) who’s an adult, whereas verse 23 refers to a young girl(Na’arah) who’s between 12 & 16 years old.
Verse 23-25 would apply to Mary, mother of Yeshua, situation. If Mary had committed adultery or engaged in prostitution leading to the birth of Yeshua, verse 23 would have been applicable, yet we have no solid proof that she was ever convicted before the community as a Zonah or adulteress.
However, if she was raped, then verse 25 & 26 would apply. She could not be judged by the community as being defiled or unclean(except for contracting an STD), as she did nothing wrong. But notice it says raping a betroth/married woman is as if a man rises up and kills his neighbor. That sounds like what happened to Mary and the physical death of Joseph, which is why he’s never mentioned again after the birth of Yeshua.

This would also mean that Yeshua should not have been held as a mamzer of illegitimate birth before the Jewish community and that doing such would have been done with malice. Yet he had to deal with that stigma growing up. Understanding the historical faction/sectarian fighting between Pharisee’s and Essenes, which started as far back as during the Hasmonaean Dynasty, would further explain the prejudice of many Pharisaical Jews against Yeshua. His birth and being born into a Netzarim Essene family would just be an excuse to further hate him. Imagine the anguish he and his mother would have gone through knowing he was a product of rape, and the fact that his biological nor his stepfather was in his life growing up.
Could it be that he, with a sincere heart, turned to Yahwah Elah in his distress and abandonment and Yahwah Elah being a great and compassionate father, stood in to be his father? And that Yeshua found comfort knowing that Yahwah Elah was with him, in spite of the literalists around him who failed to apply chenim and hased(grace and mercy) to his and his mother’s circumstances? The scriptures do say,

Psalm 68:4  Sing to Elohim, sing praises to His Name. Raise up a highway for Him Who rides through the deserts, By His Name Yah, And exult before Him.

Psa 68:5  Father of the fatherless, And advocate of widows, Is Elohim in His set-apart dwelling.

Psa 68:6  Elohim makes a home for the lonely; He brings out into prosperity Those who are bound with chains; Only the rebellious shall dwell in a dry land.
Thus in Yahwah’s infinite wisdom he not only stood in to protect Mary, a victim of circumstance, he also adopted Yeshua and became his literal father, just as he describes how he came and found Israel and developed a Covenant relationship with us in Ezekial,

Eze 16:4  “As for your birth, on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut, nor were you washed in water for cleansing, and you were not rubbed with salt at all, nor wrapped in cloth at all.

Eze 16:5  “No eye felt sorry for you, to do any of these for you, to have compassion on you. But you were thrown out into the open field, to the loathing of your life on the day you were born.

Eze 16:6  “Then I passed by you and saw you trampled down in your own blood, and I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ And I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’

Eze 16:7  “I have let you grow like a plant in the field. And you are grown and are great, and you come in the finest ornaments. – breasts were formed, your hair grew, and you were naked and bare.

Eze 16:8  “Again I passed by you and looked upon you and saw that your time was the time of love. And I spread My skirt over you and covered your nakedness. And I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became Mine,” declares the Master יהוה.

Eze 16:9  “And I washed you in water, and I washed off your blood, and I anointed you with oil.

Eze 16:10  “And I dressed you in embroidered work and gave you sandals of leather. And I wrapped you in fine linen and covered you with silk.

Eze 16:11  “And I adorned you with ornaments, and I put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck.

Eze 16:12  “And I put a ring on your nose, and earrings in your ears, and a crown of adorning on your head.

Eze 16:13  “Thus you were adorned with gold and silver, and your dress was of fine linen, and silk, and embroidered cloth. You ate fine flour, and honey, and oil. And you were exceedingly pretty, and became fit for royalty.

Eze 16:14  “And your name went out among the nations because of your loveliness, for it was perfect, by My splendour which I had put on you,” declares the Master יהוה.

The whole point of Yahwah’s Compassion, Grace and Mercy is to show that literal Torah laws are not to always be interpreted and applied in the absolute. If Elah did not give us the understanding of compassion, grace and mercy, then all of us would be doomed with no hope for forgiveness and redemption in his Torah. Grace and mercy is not the exception to the rule, its there in spite of the rules. It’s there for when we don’t deserve it but he gives it to us anyways out of his infinite love for his creation.  This is why Ezekiel Chapter 37 taught the concept of a New birth, a resurrection from spiritual death and taking on a new life in the Torah after he give us his Ruwah HaQodesh, as I have taught in the Science of the Ruwah HaQodesh series.

Eze 11:17  “Therefore say, ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “And I shall gather you from the peoples, and I shall assemble you from the lands where you have been scattered, and I shall give you the land of Yisra’ĕl.” ’

Eze 11:18  “And they shall go there, and shall take away all its disgusting matters and all its abominations from there.

Eze 11:19  “And I shall give them one heart, and put a new spirit within you. And I shall take the stony heart out of their flesh, and give them a heart of flesh,

Eze 11:20  so that they walk in My laws, and guard My right-rulings, and shall do them. And they shall be My people and I shall be their Elohim.

While the literal written Torah may advocate for the conviction/restriction upon one’s life, the Spirit of Elah is given to us to give us a 2nd chance at life to keep us free. The Ruwah HaQodesh is able to remove the uncleanliness & disgusting matters from our lives, giving us a chance to walk in the Torah and come before his presence.Mic 4:6  “In that day,” declares יהוה, “I gather the lame, and I bring together the outcast and those whom I have afflicted. Mic 4:7  “And I shall make the lame a remnant, and the outcast a strong nation. And יהוה shall reign over them in Mount Tsiyon1, from now on and forever.

While Yeshua may have not been the greatest or leading leader of his time, nor able to function in a similar capacity as his brother Ya’akob Tzadik, the last Essene High Priest of the 1st century, he was the perfect candidate for Yahwah to raise up during his time to teach, guide and comfort those of lowly status, those afflicted and who were the outcasts of Judea. People whom many of the Pharisees, Sadducees and even Essenes would thumb their nose up to. Yeshua understood what it felt like to be rejected, abandoned, mocked and bullied. What it felt like to never feel good enough. He was an outcast because of his birth circumstance, a man of whom many of his own people would not show the grace and mercy towards. People who were supposed to know better with regards to Yahwah Elah being our Father, and should have understood in context why Yeshua said he was the Son of Elah.

Isaiah 64:8 “ And now, O יהוה, You are our Father. We are the clay, and You our potter. And we are all the work of Your hand. Isa 64:9  Do not be wroth, O יהוה, nor remember crookedness forever. See, please look, all of us are Your people!”

Malachi 2:10  “Have we not all one Father? Did not one Ěl create us? Why do we act treacherously against one another, to profane the covenant of the fathers?

Psalms 103:13  “As a father has compassion for his children, So יהוה has compassion for those who fear Him. Psa 103:14  For He knows how we are made; He remembers that we are dust.”

Isa 63:16  For You are our Father, though Aḇraham does not know us, and Yisra’ĕl does not recognise us. You, O יהוה, are our Father, our Redeemer – Your Name is from of old.

This is what Yeshua experienced growing up, abandonment, and this is what ultimately Yahwah used to raise him up with his message that he taught, through the Essene Way & scriptures, that the Pharisees, Sadducees and many Essenes failed to teach the masses, even though the Essene scriptures did pave the Way. He, his cousin the priest Yochanan and his brother the high priest Yaakob Tzadik(James the Just), all understood the true essence of the Torah, Grace and Mercy and the Ruwah HaQodesh.
That is why his most famous teachings reflected exactly this(Matthew 5:1-12).

Thus there is absolutely no reason why we as Jews should ever offended by one of our own, especially one we abandoned, saying that he is a Son of Elah or a woman saying she is a daughter of Elah. Yeshua was not the only Son of Elah. We know this according to such scriptures & Jewish traditions, the Malakim(Angels) are the Sons and Daughters of Elohim(Yahwah and Chockimah),

Genesis 6:1  “And it came to be, when men began to increase on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, Gen 6:2  that the sons of Elohim saw the daughters of men, that they were good. And they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.”

Job 1:6  And the day came to be that the sons of Elohim came to present themselves before יהוה, and Satan also came among them.”(see also 2:1 & 38:7)

Israel is also referred to as the Son of Yahwah. In fact we are referred to as his firstborn,

Exodus 4:22  “And you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘Thus said יהוה, “Yisra’ĕl is My son, My first-born,

Exo 4:23  so I say to you, let My son go to serve Me. But if you refuse to let him go, see, I am killing your son, your first-born.” ’

So there should not be an issue whatsoever with an abandoned child, seeking to serve Yahwah and turning to him and calling him “Abba”. This does not make Yeshua divine, semi-divine nor equal to Yahwah Elah whatsoever. It makes him very human and very Jewish. The only time Jews or anyone of mankind ever receives a spark of divinity within them is when the Ruwah HaQodesh comes dwells within them. That is how Yahwah Elah is understood in Judaism to take on flesh. By filling those who walk in his Edenic and Torah laws with the Spirit of Holiness.

Proverbs 1:20  Chockimah (Wisdom) calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the broad places.

Pro 1:21  At the head of the noisy streets she cries out, At the openings of the gates, In the city she speaks her words: Pro 1:22  “How long, you simple ones, Would you love simplicity, And shall scoffers delight in their scoffing, And fools hate knowledge?

Pro 1:23  “Turn at my reproof. See, I pour out my spirit on you, I make my words known to you1
Pro 1:33  “But whoever listens to me dwells safely, And is at ease from the dread of evil.”

Pro 8:35  “For whoever finds me shall find life, And obtain favour from יהוה, Pro 8:36  “But he who sins against me injures himself; All who hate me love death!”

Another approach to Yeshua marrying a Prostitute

Furthermore, the treatment of Yeshua by the Jewish community, definitely played a role in his sometimes bad behavior as a child growing up, as recorded in the Infancy Gospels. Also, because of the attitudes of the Hebrew peoples of his day, and the fact that Yeshua lived most of his life as an out-cast, that one Jew who was always talked about, given the side eye every time he walked in public, and because most likely no Hebrew man would give his daughter in marriage to Yeshua because of his circumstance of rape, Mary Magdala, an outcast herself by virtue of her lifestyle as a prostitute, was able to connect to Yeshua on a different level than all of his disciples, and because she was able to connect with him, he was able to connect with her, and she became the option for him to marry and have children with. Jewish law does state that a Mamzer can only marry another Mamzer or a convert, so because of the stigma during Yeshua’s time, Mary Magdala would have been a permissible option.

See more on Mamzer-
1. https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/the-mamzer-problem/

Once again, this can be seen as story of Yahwah Elah’s grace and mercy towards those who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance in life under literal or strict Torah interpretations. Each of their unique circumstances came together to create a deeper understanding of love, covenant relationships and marriage. Just as Elah speaks in the prophets about how we are supposed to be a priest and holy nation, married to him, yet we defiled ourselves, committed adultery and broke the Torah Covenant, and yet despite what we have done over and over again against him, he has taken us back when we return unto him. Under the literal Torah law(Deut 24:1-4), a husband is not supposed to take a woman back, after she’s left the relationship & gotten into another relationship, committed adultery or whored. Yet Elah’s grace and mercy is given in spite of the Torah law and circumstance, in that he did just that, he took us back. Chenim and Hased is why we evolved over several thousand years. Without Chenim and Hased we’d never survive throughout history and would have eventually cut ourselves off because our light and choseness would have been rendered to be of none-effect.

Grace and mercy should not ever be taken as a replacement of the Torah Covenant. We are to always strive to perfect our lives daily in upholding the weight and spirit of the Torah as we are guided by the Ruwah HaQodesh. We should always understand that Grace and Mercy is there should we stumble at some point, to help us to get back up. Compassion is there for when circumstances beyond our control happens, and even when we make errors that are disgraceful and humiliating unto our own demise. It is there to teach us character, such as patience and long-suffering in how we deal with our neighbors and family members. Yahwah is there to lift us up even when our fellow brothers and sisters may shoot us down and thumb their nose at us in their own failure to understand the true Essence of Yahwah, the Spirit of the Torah and the Ruwah HaQodesh.

Reconsidering Yeshua as a true Jew who stayed true to the essence of Essene Judaism

Perhaps we who are Jewish got it all wrong in how we dealt with and approached Yeshua due to centuries of Christian antisemitism and revisionism, and perhaps we can review our understanding of his history, apart from the Christian narratives & their selected Gospel and controlled narratives, and see him as an Essene Jewish Teacher who is worthy to be recognized as one of us, even though he will never be accepted as our Messiah or The Messiah. Someone who didn’t deserve to be treated as an out-cast due to circumstances beyond his mother and his control. Us embracing the human, historical Essene Yeshua, can help us truly understand how Elah has shown his grace and mercy towards our people for thousands of years, even when we didn’t deserve it.

This same understanding of compassion, grace and mercy can be seen in all the instances of prostitution, except for homosexuality(an abomination), in the Hebrew scriptures throughout all of the generations and even today. Why sacred female prostitutes were protected by the Hebrew community, and most Zonah’s(except for Adultery) were not prosecuted or persecuted.

Even so, our culture went as far as elevating a prostitute as a Hero, a woman of faith, in Jewish history

Rehab the Prostitute

The Torah and & ironically New Testament list Rehab, a female prostitute(Zonah), as a woman of faith, despite the fact that she never stopped prostituting herself. Two NT factions even argued over whether it was faith or works that justified Rehab.

“And in the same way was not also Rahab the prostitute justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way” (Yaakob/James 2:25/  Joshua 2:1–24, 6:2–5, and 6:20–25.)
Hebrews 11:31  By belief, Rah
̣aḇ the whore did not perish with those who did not believe, having received the spies with peace.

Rehab was defined by the Hebrew word Zonah, which means she was a street prostitute. She was also the grandmother of King David.As we can see the understanding of whether to accept socially the work of prostitution while rejecting it spiritually and religious is quite complicated. The psychological, biological & social affects of prostitution can have a serious negative and even catastrophic effect on civilization and society. Yet at the same time, under a controlled environment, such women can be regulated with regards to STD and treatment protocols to prevent/reduce the spread of STDs. In Ancient times the Sacred Prostitutes would have had access to Hebrew and Near Eastern Physicians, who would be able to give them proper healthcare thus reducing the incidence of causing a plague within the community. This is in contrast to street prostitutes, and those commit adultery, who are unregulated and thus posed a significant threat to public health, as well as their own safety. The regulated in today’s world could help reduce the chances of children being conceived from sex work(even though we’d still have the rise of bastardville from loose women in general, especially amongst the black American population, where over 70% of children are born out of wedlock and are Mamzarim by Torah standards), just as we see how porn prostitution is regulated.

While there are serious moral issues and other problems already mentioned that will arise out of legalized and regulated prostitution, when you think about how many women are being harmed & forced into sex trafficking which usually leads to violence and even deeper psychological problems and even serious injury or death, basically modern day slavery, and the fact that society will never be able to stop women from prostituting, whether it’s a teenager in high school giving up her body for a hamburger or jewelry or a mother in poverty only having the means to feed her children by way of giving up her body to a sugar daddy or a woman who simply wants to engage in the practice for whatever other reason, I believe that prostitution/sex work should be regulated under humanitarian conditions and for the interest of public health and safety. Such regulations could indeed stop forced sex trafficking, pimping, slavery of women, violence & kidnappings for the purpose of forced prostitution etc.

Sex work would no longer be an underground behavior that has contributed to massive spikes in STDs and antibiotic resistant STDS. In fact, with the reality that there are little to no availability of effective treatments for STDs and that conventional medicine is on the verge of historical collapse due to its inability to integrate eastern and western medicine protocols, underground unregulated sex work/prostitution will play a leading role in fostering the pandemic that everyone should fear. The super-antibiotic resistant STD pandemic that has no true healing cure. Allopathic medicine is the root cause to viral and bacterial mutations and resistant strains of disease. Notice that before the advent of Allopathic medicine and vaccines the world did not experience mutations and global pandemics where disease evolved and became more deadlier. The same mode and pattern that we see with Antibiotic resistant bacteria evolving to resist allopathic medicine and treatment protocols, is also the same pattern we see even with certain bugs, such as roaches, who are able to develop an immunity to resist bug spray that is all chemical, resulting in the need to change the bug spray or use multiple bug sprays, which eventually they will evolve to resist those as well if they are not all completely eradicated.

This bring us to the reality that we are already in a dangerous era where the Coronavirus is mutating over and over again at a rapid rate, and I am very confident, as a healthcare provider with a background in Public Health and tropical medicine, that these mutations are directly linked to global vaccinations. This is why the vaccinated are getting ill, and the vaccines don’t give permeant immunity, and the vaccinated are able to spread the virus. These vaccines are directly the root cause to vaccine resistant viruses. If western medicine used Oriental Medicine, Talmudic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine, which even the NIH has published as being effective in treating the Coronavirus, just as it was effective in combatting the Spanish flue, we would not have all of these vaccine resistant mutations, because the medicines are creations of nature which eradicates virus and bacteria and of which by natural law they cannot resist. This is how Elah has designed true healing vs manmade cure.

Thus we are heading directly into a global catastrophe of Armageddon proportions never heard of nor seen in human history with regards to super-viruses and super-bacterial diseases, especially STDs. Liberalism has unleashed the worst plague filled civilization in the history of mankind. Millions of people are engaging in irresponsible sexual behaviors, in their deception calling it sexual freedom, when in truth its enslaving them biologically, mentally and spiritually. We are witnessing so many sexually transmitted plagues that it make the plagues in the Torah seem like a minor cut on the finger.

Note that right now contracting gonorrhea or chlamydia can take up to a year( or never) to be properly eradiated from the human biological system. The 7-11 day regimen or simple shot in the butt no longer exists. In fact contracting such increases the chances for non-hodgkins lymphoma developing at some point in life, in addition to other degenerative diseases. This is a dangerous path we are taking in this day and age with unregulated prostitution, liberalism and allopathic only medicine being available to the public. This is the trinity of hell to be honest.

The Torah in fact lists an actual incident where Hebrew men had sex with unclean, unregulated gentile women and contracted STDs which led to a plague hitting the Hebrew community.

Num 25:1  And Yisra’ĕl dwelt in Shittim, and the people began to whore with the daughters of Mo’aḇ,

Num 25:2  and they invited the people to the slaughterings of their mighty ones, and the people ate and bowed down to their mighty ones.

Num 25:3  Thus Yisra’ĕl was joined to Baʽal Peʽor, and the displeasure of יהוה burned against Yisra’ĕl.

Num 25:4  And יהוה said to Mosheh, “Take all the leaders of the people and hang them up before יהוה, before the sun, so that the burning displeasure of יהוה turns away from Yisra’ĕl.”

Num 25:5  And Mosheh said to the judges of Yisra’ĕl, “Each one of you slay his men who were joined to Baʽal Peʽor.

Num 25:6  And see, one of the children of Yisra’ĕl came and brought to his brothers a Miḏyanite woman before the eyes of Mosheh and before the eyes of all the congregation of the children of Yisra’ĕl, who were weeping at the door of the Tent of Meeting.

Num 25:7  And when Pineḥas, son of Elʽazar, son of Aharon the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation and took a spear in his hand,

Num 25:8  and he went after the man of Yisra’ĕl into the tent and thrust both of them through, the man of Yisra’ĕl, and the woman through her belly. Thus the plague among the children of Yisra’ĕl came to a stop.

Num 25:9  And those who died in the plague were twenty-four thousand.

This plague was believed to be super-Gonorrhea, as the women of Moab & certain women of Midian were known to be carriers of disease.

We are heading for something worse than HIV/AIDS, HPV and the likes if we do not take in full perspective of the consequences of un-regulated sex work & other destructive behaviors. At the same time, even for the general population, who engage in hookup culture, we need stricter laws to make it a crime to spread an STD, and we need to make examples out of people who knowingly have an STD and then spreads it to others. More severe sentences would make people think twice about irresponsible sexual behavior, just as regulating sex work, providing weekly testings and offering psycho-social services would promote a more responsible behavior.

However, for those of religious repute who see’s a problem with my suggestion of regulating prostitution for humanitarian, social and public health reasons, then I would suggest perhaps taking up arms, as was done in ancient times, and completely eradicate liberalism off the face of the earth. Even then prostitution wouldn’t be eradicated. Perhaps the best solution is leading society back towards a more conservative biblical culture, where marriage and family building becomes the center of all living & where the government & society rewards marriage with financial incentives, eradicating poverty, offering a more diverse educational structure to meet the needs of people on different levels of learning ability, and having more just job opportunities and removing barriers that ultimately discriminate against peoples(i.e. for profit accreditations controlled by private entities) with regards to educational routes of choice, and teaching a more effective holistic understanding of the Eternal Creator according to the Edenic Torah in full perspective of grace, mercy and the Ruwah HaQodesh, that helps empower people and liberate them spiritually, mentally and physiologically with regard to respecting and teachings human behavior and health according to the laws of nature, and removing the anglo-saxon puritan repressive doctrines from the equation, would perhaps stem the flow of prostitution and destructive behaviors altogether. But we’ll never eradicate it, lest we end up becoming like the Christians, using violence and the sword, which as we have seen after thousands of years of human history, including the beginning of Israelite history, has accomplished absolutely nothing with regards to morality, spiritual values and the evolution of civilization and mankind to a higher consciousness in Elah.

One other issue that we have to consider that could stop the pipe-line to prostitution is with regards to how western civilization defines an adult. Jewish Law defines a young adult as a male age 13 and a female age 12 who has reached the age of puberty. Notice that in Hebrew History, such figures as Rebekhah, Rachel, Leah and even Mariah mother of Yeshua, were all around the same age when they were married and started families. Today that would be statutory rape in some states, whereas in other states it would be legal. Statutory means man-made. The laws of nature should be the true standard humans lived by to determine the proper age of marriage and sexual consent. By defining teenagers as children until they are 18-21 is in fact doing more harm than good for society. Because they are treated as children many never learn in proper timing the necessary responsibilities of life. They are being indoctrinated with ideas that conflict with their natural instinct and hormones. Thus when they respond naturally to their hormones and natural instincts to reproduce and multiply, by engaging in sex, and then end up birthing children, they are not prepared nor do they have a foundation to properly raise such children, because they have the mind of a child themselves while having the body, buttocks, hips and breast of an adult. We must return unto Edenic law and raise our children to conform to these laws, as nature has designed.

If we simply go back 50yrs, we’d see a conservative society where marriage was dominant in society and prostitution was rare. It wasn’t until we allowed Liberalism to become an influencing force that we began to see the assault on the patriarchal family unit, the facilitation of the rise of bastardville to single unwed mothers, and the introduction of illicit drug usage, that also we began to see the rise in poverty, illiteracy and out of control prostitution, along with the rise of STDs, including one’s humans never encountered previously.

When Yahwah Elah said “its not good for man to be alone”, he knew what he was talking about, in regards to the destructive consequences of singleness. Singleness and prostitution and destructive behaviors have a correlation with each other. Also elevating Human rights stripped of moral obligation placed gasoline on an already combustible situation.

Marriage, Prosperity & Purposeful cultural values are the 3 essential tools to reversing the trend & redeeming civilization from the impending doom looming upon us.

Sirach 7:23  Do you have children? Discipline them, and make them obedient from their youth.

Sir 7:24  Do you have daughters? Be concerned for their chastity, and do not show yourself too indulgent with them. Sir 7:25  Give a daughter in marriage, and you complete a great task; but give her to a sensible man.

Sirach 42:9-14, 9 A daughter is a hidden source of sleeplessness for her father, and anxiety about her deprives him of sleep: in her youth, that she doesn’t pass her prime, and when she’s married, that she not be hated; 10 while she’s a virgin, that she not be seduced and become pregnant while still living at home; when she’s married, that she not go straying; or having married, that she not be infertile. 11 Keep a strict watch over an unruly daughter so that she doesn’t make you an object of ridicule to your enemies, a topic of talk in the city and the assembly of the people, and she shame you before the crowd”

Let this Epistle be a point of discussion and debate, a matter of serious thought, because if we who are the light of the world cannot find balanced solutions to every day social issues then we are as useless as one’s who are atheists.

Let all who have an ear hear the words of the Rabi-Cohen

Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi OMD, ND, PhD., PsyD, MRbs, DPH, DFM

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