The Life and Trials of the Rabbi-Cohen. The Christian & Ashkenazi assault on my life, since I was a youth who embraced my Mizrahi Jewish roots.

By Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y HaLahawi
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Trial and tribulations are something that is inherently a part of the human experience. We all at some point in our lives going to have a trial or tribulation. However, who we worship and our faithfulness to the Torah of Adonai Yahwah Elah will ultimately dictate how we respond to trials and tribulations as well as to whether we will triumph over those trials or become a victim and slave to such trials. Having the favor of Yahwah Elah is the difference between life and good in your life and death and evil in your life. Samma’el is always going to have those weak vessels who submit to him as his minions, whether knowingly or subconsciously, to wrong others, especially those of us who have a unique part of light and anointing that has been placed upon us for great things. While satan has mastered truth and is not a liar, he is crafty enough to raise up the liars from amongst the weak links of humanity. People who are vile, vindictive, malicious in their ways and who walk with little to no character, integrity, and honesty when it comes to dealing with their fellow man, especially those they envy or see as threats to their way of life or the narrative that they seek to propagate amongst the masses as if they own religion, culture, and ideas.

I know all too well how malicious lies can ruin who you are as a person. How it can instill fear, self-doubt and cause you to start second guessing yourself, for fear of what others may think of you, even when you know you are innocent.

I can’t even begin tell the world what my life from 3rd grade, throughout middle school, high school and post college in my capacity as a Leader of the future, has been like, with being different from others around me(i.e. the only black/Mizrahi Jew amongst peers), never using drugs or drinking, never going to parties nor ever invited, never going to clubs, never being the guy to get the girl crush, always being picked at because of how I dressed, the shoes I wore, because my mother was struggling with drugs, while I was raised by my great grandparents and grandparents and then having people in religious circles try to crush me as early as 13 years old, discouraging me from pursuing spiritual leadership, and even saying if I ever became a religious leader, I’d be the leader of a cult, going as far as even spreading lies about me before I was even an adult, as it relates to sexual behavior, which did not even exist during the time of the allegations because I was a virgin, and how the black Christian elements in my family treated me as if I was the next big thug on the streets, despite the fact that I was a straight A student, never got into trouble, was a quiet child and was always kind to others around me.

Everyone around me tried extra hard to wash away the power of the light Elah had placed upon me, trying their best to tell me I would never amount to anything. In a mega congregation, I was forced to attend while living with my Uncle & Aunt as a teen, during Youth service, the Leaders wife in her lame attempt to encourage the youth to pursue their dreams, asked each teen what they wanted to be when they became adults… Everyone was encouraged to pursue their dreams and callings, but when I was asked and I responded: I want to be a psychologist, theologist, actor/model, and director, the building erupted in laughter, and the leader’s wife told me that is impossible and a big aim of fiction and then skipped over me, as I sat there embarrassed and ashamed.

My mother’s mother(My maternal Jewish grandmother) would habitually cuss me out, and take her anger out on me because of my mother’s behavior, always insinuating I would become like my mother and would always threaten me that if I ever bulked up in her face, she’d knock me out(like she always did towards my step-grandfather), even though I never was disrespectful, never talked back and never had violent behavior. But I was sentenced to being a Thug while making straight A’s, just because of her unresolved abuse as a child herself by her mother(My maternal Jewish Great Grandmother known as Madea).

My Paternal step grand-father on my fathers side, married to my paternal Mizrahi Jewish grandmother, showed open favoritism towards my younger cousin while treating me with open hate and mistreatment from the time I could remember at 4years old to the time he died when I was a young adult. He’d always buy toys for my cousin, during Christmas(as he was a Christian), but nothing for me and I had better not touch any of the toys he bought. He hated my father and took that hate out on me.

My maternal step-grandfather on my mothers side however was my inspiration and was the one who tried to protect me, even from my violent angry grandmother. I lived with them until the day he passed away when I was 15. The day after his funeral, my grandmother kicked me out, because she never wanted me there in the 1st place, which set off the chain of events mentioned herein.

I went to go live with my my Uncle & Auntie in law(that forced me to go to church). My aunt would taunt me and pick at me for studying the Torah & because I’d take the bus to travel 30 miles to the nearest synagogue each week to attend services and study Torah and Talmud at the reformed Jewish library. My uncle eventually kicked me out and wouldn’t allow me to live with him because he accused me of stealing his gold chain, on the day of my 16th birthday, even though it was his son who did it. This is after I went through a 1 year nose bleed because of being forced to do work in the hot sun without regard for me having sickle thalassemia disease, and I was accused of lying when I was actually sick and couldn’t get out of the bed. This all led to me having to live with my supposedly Godfather who took advantage of my situation, and sexually assaulted me. I went from being a straight-A student to making C’s and D’s and almost dropping out of high school in 9th grade.

Even when I was sexually assaulted by whom I once called “godfather”( the man whose daughter I once had a crush on), and told my family, there was more laughter and jokes and no one did anything about it(just as no one did anything when It was discovered that my wife was raped by her brother, my cousin, when she was a teen, whom they still protect today).

From sexual assault to outright verbal abuse by elements of my mother & father’s side of the family, particularly by those Christians inter-married into our family who made me homeless over lies that I practiced demonism because they saw me studying A book of Demonology, which was apart of my pre-college religious/theological studies in pastoral psychology. I ended up staying in the Youth Crisis Center. Throughout College and thereafter I was attacked and humiliated over & over again, and if I even remotely responded to defend myself I was demonized as being the cause of the confusion. They hated vehemently that I’d dare continue to embrace my Jewish roots and heritage which was passed on to me by my great grandparents & great uncles.

One of the colleges I attended was Oral Roberts University. Because I was Jewish and not a believer as they wanted to dictate to me, and because I stood up and spoke against the racial segregation I saw at the college and even in their daycare centers and youth services, where blacks always sat at the back of meetings and were afraid to sit in the front, and children of color were separated from white children, in addition to the fact I brought media attention & filed a complaint with law enforcement about an incident at a gas station where I was called a nigger and kicked out of the store for daring “ask the price for a bottle of sprite”… I was branded by the Pastors of the young adult ministry as a Louis Farrakhan of Judaism. Because I’d draw large crowds in front the of the University to teach my brand of Judaism, not only did religious leaders of Oral Roberts but especially a gang of them from a ministry called Rhema Bible College, would target me, harass me and slander me to the point my life was deliberately put in danger.

From Danger to bringing change:
At Oral Roberts, during the continuous veral insults against me for being Jewish & a non-believer, I was invited by the young adult pastors, to go hand out religious documents with other college students. Since some of my friends were going I decided to ride along. They never told me it was a notorious Crip-Blood gang influenced community. I was dropped off and left by myself and told to go specifically to a particular apartment complex. The rest of the crew went down the street, got out, and watched to see what would happen. So I went on to the apartment complex, went up some stairs and knocked on the door of the apartment to the right of the stairs. The door I knocked on was the leader of the notorious gang… When a female opened the door, she yelled some type of gang code and almost immediately I was surrounded by men and women who were armed with heaven weaponry, pointing them directly at me…..

What happens next?
Here I was afraid within. I was thinking to myself, “what am I going to do? If I try to run, I’m dead. So what am I going to say”…. My heart was beating rapidly and I took a deep breath and I began to speak to the leader after he asked me, “What was I doing in his hood”. I simply responded that I & others are in the area,  are handing out pamphlets on behalf of the college & speaking to people about faith based education. I heard one voice say, “maan ain’t nobody trying to hear all that”. The female who answered the door was particularly antsy as if she just wanted me to get shot and be done with it. I was praying within for Yahwah Elah to please give me some answers to get me out of this potentially deadly situation. I suddenly received an idea, so I immediately asked why everyone was armed, what does it mean & how do they go about their lives? And then I followed up immediately and asked, “is this some kind of brotherhood or sisterhood you all have established”?.. That question resounded with the Leader and he began to respond. He said “yeah that’s exactly what this is, a brotherhood and sisterhood”. Showing interest in the response, I said “oh ok, so what made you all decide to establish this brotherhood? Where are your parents and family? And that is when the leader said, “he didn’t have a family, as his mother was on drugs & his father was never in his life and he’s never had a relationship with his family, so the streets became his family….

I responded & expressed how I empathized with him & began to tell him how my life was a struggle growing up. How after my great grandparents died, the side of the family I was closest to ostracized me, especially because I was Jewish & stayed true to how I was raised & given a foundation. I told them how, despite never using drugs nor ever getting into trouble & was making straight A’s in school, I was still treated like I was a criminal or going to be a criminal by members of my family & how because my mother was strung out on drugs, and my father wasn’t in my life(He was a CIA/Feds for the US gov’t overseas), I was passed around from house to house most of my life. I spoke emotionally about how I was sexually assaulted by whom I thought was my godfather & then ended up in the Youth Crisis center, only for my new true God father who was a member of the Congregation I attended, when living with my aunt, came suddenly and got me out of the Youth Crisis Center. I explained how I was broken, angry, anti-social, always emotional, and a not very friendly person, because of the trauma that had been instilled in my life….

Suddenly the female who originally opened the door and was antsy and full of attitude, interrupted me, but with a different kind of emotion and tried to get the leader to stop me & shut me down, but the leader responded with force for her to shut up, because he wanted to hear what I had to say. Even the others, were in agreement because I had their full attention and saw many getting emotional. One huge thing for me was that there were no more guns pointing at me, as they all laid their weapons down.

So I continued and expressed how despite my anger, emotional outbursts and the fact that I had been put out so many times that I simply just shut down when confronted and simply prepared my mind for the worst until a moment occurred in my new Godfathers home wherein the height of my emotion and anger, his Son started a fight with me and basically kicked his ass, prompting the Godfather to get involved. I was expecting the worst but I was shocked when while my Godfather was verbally chastising me(and to a degree his son), he stated to me with authority, but with a voice that sounded like pure love & care, that I had never heard of before, he said “I know you are angry, but you are out of control, and you need to hear this…He said, “Son I will never put you out, no matter what. I am here to help you with your hurt your pain and experiences with being rejected. You are anointed to speak to nations and peoples, but you have to heal and you have to stop putting up those walls. You can’t minister to people and change people’s lives if you allow anger, hate and pain to make you anti-social and to have victory over your life. You have to heal son, I love you and I will always be by your side. We are your family now, its time to heal”

Then he gave me a big hug, and I just went from anger, rejection hurt, to tears, and that moment forever revolutionized my life. His wife, who originally actually objected to me living with them and whom I thought didn’t like me, also gave me a big hug and expressed her love and change of heart after I moved in with them. She literally became my new mother in such a special way. I gained confidence, people who originally thought I was a loner or a mean-spirited person, suddenly started to like me, I was able to gain public momentum which led to me leading an Anti-drug community campaign that led to me receiving the Key to the City of Jacksonville Florida by then Mayor Ed Austin(May he RIP), I became more effective in engaging in crisis community counseling where I’ve helped stop potential gun fights, I’ve engaged in helping to stop suicides, and I’ve even worked with law enforcement to get suspected criminals to give themselves up before they get hurt, lose their lives or someone else loses their life or gets hurt, and I was motivated and re-focused to pursue my dreams and develop myself by choosing to go to college. And that is how I ended up at Oral Roberts University. I explained that I truly understood the importance of family, having a brotherhood and sisterhood and knowing you have people in your corner when everyone else abandons you(I went to Oral Robers University because the Ashkenazi Jews didn’t seem to welcome me much outside of the Jewish Community in Jacksonville, so my chances of attending Yeshiva seemed slim and I didn’t want to go where I didn’t feel wanted or accepted).

But then I threw a curb-ball for deep thought. I said to them as they attentively listened(The leader, his main girl, and others were now sitting Indian style on the pavement by the stairs), “now I want you to think about the fact that just as you all have created this brotherhood and sisterhood to fill in the void of rejection, have you all ever stopped to think about the reality that all these other gangs you may be rivaling or even fighting and visa versa, were formed for the exact same purposes? So, if family is what is the core of your existence, wouldn’t it be in the best interest for you, other gangs and the entire community to start working together as a family, where instead of fighting for turf, fight & organize instead to protect the entire community. Wasn’t that the original message of the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and Deacons for Defense?”

It was almost as if a spark of light came on in the leader and everyone’s eyes. You could feel the environment change from hostile to a desire to want to heal. I then said to them “If I can go through what many of you have gone through, have someone speak into my life a message of hope and healing, causing me to revolutionize my life leading to what I accomplished before I was even 18(as I was 17 in 1995 when I was speaking to them), imagine what you could all do in this community.”

As many were wiping their eyes, including the leader, the leader responded, “wow, you know you are right. I’ve always felt this deep down in my heart, especially after I’ve been shot at, in jail, seeing some of my homies die in the streets. But you know when you are trying to survive, you allow instinct and fear to become your guide rather than what’s in your heart & what’s right. We need to come together & we need to stop this violence.”

We talked for a little while longer and others even asked me questions which I answered. Afterwards, the leader  thanked me profusely and he got up and we embraced. Next thing I know I was surrounded by everyone all giving me one big sentimental hug, as I then began to pray for them. Afterward they all thanked me, we all embraced one last time. The original young lady who wanted to draw blood, apologized to me with tears in her eyes and gave me a hug as well and then I departed.

As I walk out of the Apartment complex, I see the rest of the students and religious leadership crew standing down the street using binoculars trying to see if anything was going to happen to me or not. My friends had no clue what had just happened nor what these leaders tried to do to set me u. So when I came out, I walked towards them, and they got into the van and drove towards me. When they stopped I just stated as the youth leaders in disgust. The look of silent shame & shock as they came and picked me up in the van was baffling. I told everyone in the van what had happened. It wasn’t until we got back to campus, that someone revealed that I was deliberately sent to the most notorious and dangerous part of Tulsa, that I was told never to go to when I first became an ORU student, and it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage me because they didn’t like my message and influence on other students at the College. Finally, most everyone admitted they knew about this, except my friends, many apologizing for not speaking up. As a result, I eventually left ORU and moved back to Florida where I’d complete my bachelor in Pastoral Psychology.

What was even more awesome is that a few months later, Tulsa news did a story about a local gang member from the notorious community did a press conference and announced his gang was giving up the violence, drugs etc and would focus more on solving community issues and making peace with rival gangs…. It made my experience in Tulsa all worth the attacks, attempts to censor me & the prejudice shown towards me by others. I faced death & turned it into light, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of future lives being saved from violence.

I never heard from the gang or leader since then, and then I found an article back in 2015 that was written about the same leader.

This is that leader in this article!!

The article lists how many years this leader has changed his life, 20 years placing him right within the time-frame when I showed up at his door before he changed his life.

This is one of the most memorable moments in how I helped a gang revolutionize their lives and behavior and lived to tell about it.

After graduating with my Masters of Rabbinical Studies & receiving my S’mikah as a Rabbi, I went back to Jacksonville briefly. I was a member of Beth Shalom, a Conservative Jewish Synagogue in Manderin. The Rabbi, who had served for decades at the synagogue, Rabbi Perras, wanted to embrace me and appoint me as the youth Rabbi due to my influential effect on the younger Jews in the Jewish community. At the time Ashkenazi and Ethiopian Judaism was experiencing a crisis amongst its youth. In Israel Ethiopian Jewish youth were giving up their faith, turning to drugs and committing suicide. In Rabbinic Judaism, both in Israel and America, there was a huge decline amongst Jewish youth being interested in Judaism. They were turning in droves to paganism, satanism, atheism etc. and very few attended Synagogues, Most middle aged and Elderly Jews attended services. Thus when I came along and had Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed and even Messianic youth finding interest in my outside gatherings to discuss Torah, many times drawing very large crowds in front of the synagogue, the Rabbi saw this as a great opportunity to make this official. He was the first Rabbi to call me the founder of “Modern Prophetic Judaism” as he termed it. Most of the members of the synagogue were in favor of me becoming official. However, the board of directors of the synagogue were not so receptive. A particular Jewish midget on the board especially did not show kindness towards me. He was very passive aggressive towards me. The board of directors objected to me becoming the Youth Rabbi, but the Rabbi still felt it was right to move ahead and appoint me. As a result the board of directors removed this Rabbi who’d been serving for decades, and he was relocated to Daytona to the shock and dismay of the congregation. That then ruined my chances of helping to revive the youth in the community and it becoming a movement. Afterwards, anonymous people started harassing me. Someone would literally come to my home, down the street from the synagogue, and rip off the Rabbi title on my car, numerous times after I would put it back on. A fight almost broke out between the President, vice-president of the Bible College I worked at, and some Jewish people who came to the college in an entourage, black tinted windows etc, and tried to intimidate the President and Vice President in firing me and then telling them to not associate with me because Black people and a Black Rabbi have no business being in their community. I was not at the College at the time but numerous reports that a scuffle broke out which almost led to a riot, and the people with the Yarmulkes eventually left. I was even denied from joining the Jewish Community Federation as a recognized Rabbi. At the same time, I was facing opposition from the Jerusalem Council who ordained me because I became openly supportive of Palestinian rights. They played a major role in me being sabotaged as a Rabbi  and everything that transpired, including me being put on the list of cult leaders, classifying me as a Sophisticated cult leader. This all occurred from 1999 up to right before the Sept 11,2001 tragedy(I was ordained in 1998, the first year of Jubilee Israel had celebrated in almost 2000 years). After I assisted the FBI with a code that was used for both the bombings in the 90s and Sept 11th, pointing to the fact that there were Jewish terrorist involved, I was removed from the cult list(The Black Israelites had been put on the FBI list around this time as well, so they distinguished me from these people. They also knew of my father) . Shortly after these incidents I gave up, left the Jewish Community, and moved to Atlanta Georgia. Our Jewish ministry  Ha’ Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad”, then launched a global diaspora movement, which would later help propel Mizrahi Judaism into public understanding. I established the Edenic Kingdom Civilization, “Global Kingdom without Borders”, which has lasted for 20+ years and became a dominant force in Africa, Parts of Asia and South America. This eventually culminated into creating the Seed of Abraham Initiative in 2014 which would bring millions of Muslims and Jews together and would serve as the pre-text to the Abraham Accords. Our organization also brought for the “Science of the Ruwah HaQodesh”, a prophetic revolutionizing practical evidence based theology that empowered Jews and gentiles alike around the world. Even those who formerly ostracized me in Israel adopted its ideologies and theology. 

The synagogue Beth Shalom, where I once held membership, on the other hand eventually closed their doors and the members had to be absorbed into other synagogues.  Once again what was meant to block me and cause me to fail, became the door for a prophetic Mizrahi Jewish movement to be born. Had they not rose up against me & allowed the status quo to proceed, I may not have established the Global Edenic Civilization without borders. And while still till this day, I am not embraced by most Ashkenazi Jews. Without just reason, Yahwah Elah has stilled used me to guide and empower Mizrahi, Ethiopian and African Jews/Hebrews.

My misery became my ministry. I walked numerous times through the valley of the shadows of death, having to weather this life as a man of abandonment, rejected and despised by many, even when they had no legitimate reason to reject and despite me, and yet still Yahwah Elah stood beside me. Even now, after being attacked, insulted, disrespected, have my name & reputation slandered due to malice, and even having physical threats made upon my life by the Black Hebrew Cults & sects, Yahwah has shown his favor towards me in that virtually every leader and person who came up against me and sought to undermine my position as a Rabbi Cohen and Spiritual Leader, was struck by Elah with sickness and numerous high profile leaders died at the hand of my prophetic warning. Some have ended up in prison while others were exposed as rapists and pedophiles who are now on the run. Numerous congregations were shut down and Elah dealt harshly with them for the evil and Lashon Hara they sought to weaponize against me.

I am grateful to Yahwah Elohum for being my Father and Mother when I had no father and mother. For ordering my steps and keeping me on the straight path of the Torah so that I could become what he originally designed me for. I became more than a Psychologist, Theologist, actor and director. I became a model and assistant director of a popular drama, that was originally a 15 minute skit that I rewrote into an 1 ½ hour drama that packed out school, college and church auditoriums, and which served as the path to me receiving the award from Former Mayor Ed Austin of Jacksonville Florida. This drama also served as the pre-text to the rise of Tyler Perry’s drama, with many of the original actors of our drama production joining his drama productions and movies. I also became a Doctor of Integrative Medicine with several post graduate specialties that included: Public Health, Family Medicine, Primary Care, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Medical Nutrition, Anti-aging Medicine, Integrative Oncology, Natural Child Birth and Maternity Care, Homo-toxicology and of course “Behavioral Medicine”. I also received a Doctor of Psychology Degree specializing in Pastoral Counseling/Psychotherapy, a Doctor of Humanitarian Medicine, a Masters in Rabbinical Studies from Jerusalem, Israel, A certification in Family, Divorce and Business arbitration/Mediation etc… Before the pastors wife untimely death from cancer, I went and paid her a visit. As soon as she saw me walk into the building, the look of shame was already on her face. I respectfully said to her, “everything you told me I couldn’t do, I did it and more. Everything you and others said to degrade me and dehumanize me, I rose above it and became who I was supposed to be in Judaism. What the Church robbed me of nor could provide for me, my roots and connection to Judaism gave me everything.”  After that she passed away.

Psalm 5:3  O יהוה, in the morning You hear my voice; I present myself to You in the morning, And I look up.

Psa 5:4  For You are not an Ěl taking delight in wrong, Nor does evil dwell with You.

Psa 5:5  The boasters do not stand before Your eyes; You hate all workers of wickedness.

Psa 5:6  You destroy those speaking falsehood; יהוה loathes a man of blood and deceit.

Psa 5:7  But I, I enter Your house In the greatness of Your kindness; I bow myself toward Your set-apart Hĕḵal in Your fear.

Psa 5:8  O יהוה, lead me in Your righteousness because of those watching me; Make Your way straight before my face.

Psa 5:9  For there is no stability in their mouth; Their inward part is destruction; Their throat is an open grave; They flatter with their tongue.

Psa 5:10  Declare them guilty, O Elohim! Let them fall by their own counsels; Thrust them away for their many transgressions, Because they have rebelled against You.

Psa 5:11  But let all who take refuge in You rejoice; Let them ever shout for joy, because You shelter them; And let those who love Your Name exult in You.

Psa 5:12  For You bless the righteous, O יהוה; You surround him with favour as with a shield.

Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
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