The Art and Science of Sexual Healing from an Integrative Medicine, Edenic Law & Talmudic Medicine Perspective

By Dr. Rabi Kohan Shalomim Y HaLahawi

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Key Scientific sources of the Medical Theory of Sexual Healing : 
Evidence based clinical Homeopathic Medicine Principles of Like cures Like. Biological Medicine, Acupuncture and Hormone Replacement Therapy, Anti-Aging Medicine, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Sexual Organs and Eastern Integrative Medicine sciences..

Disclaimer: This Essay is based on evidence based medical theories and sciences. In no way or fashion is any information, despite the usage of certain non-scientific terms and words, herein given to be associated with non-evidence based folklore, myth or non-scientific ideologies associated with occult thinking as is common with the mis-application or misinformation distributed in non-clinical holistic circles. The usage of terms such as meridians, chi, acupoints, ecstasy etc are all rooted and connected to actual scientific medical knowledge as taught in evidence based Chinese Medicine, Integrative and Naturopathic Medical Sciences,  Ayurvedic Medical Sciences and Western Medical Sciences as taught in actual medical schools designed to produce Physicians, as opposed to non-scientific education that is common amongst non-clinical practitioners who engage in occult ideologies which have no relationship to Eastern or Western Medicine. I also include Talmudic Medical Sciences and Hebraic Though via the Edenic system of Hebrew practices and perspectives to come to my over-all conclusion.  Thus this Essay is an actual practical introductory guide to an actual medical therapy that is utilized by trained clinical professionals and physicians who specialize in any of the Clinical Eastern Medical sciences. This Essay is also original, meaning all conclusions, ideas and assessments are formulated by the author himself as a renowned Medical Researcher and Invention.

The Hebrew Talmudic Medicine Perspective_

Family is the Center of all Living. At least that is the Way it was designed to be. Everything is governed by Edenic Law, an unchanging, indisputable and un-challengeable Law that sustains all life and governs all living from the Plant kingdom to the human being. Yet mankind has fallen from Eden and have spiraled out of control towards a total annihilation of the human race. Homosexuality and Lesbianism is growing and is a co-viral disease alongside heterosexuals who have abandoned the Way of Eden and the divine structure of Elah for the Family building structure which is supposed to sustain human life when we uphold it…

Under Elah’s original plan, women were created to be help-meets & under the authority of Man as his maid-servant, even as Man was the servant of Elah. Man was built to love more than one woman as Elah prospers his Way. Man was required to protect, love & build the foundation for his family and relationships. But today many men have betrayed that trust through irresponsible acts of being on the Down Low. Disguised Homosexuality!!

 No true man who walks in pure love would put those entrusted into his care in jeopardy over blatant Sin against Natural Laws of Yahwah!

In the same fashion women are also adding to their fallen Eve Complex syndrome of being those who destroy the Home and knock the family off of the original foundation(the man) by trying to usurp the man’s divine authority for herself and trying to Illegally walk in his role through the betrayal lifestyle of lesbianism(feminism or singleness).

The same spirit that’s behind lesbianism is the same spirit behind feminism and long term singleness. Thus she is not only destroying her family but destroying her own life and purpose…..No one can walk in the calling of Elah and fulfill their purpose in life while living in an altered state of being that is not Edenic or Natural. Lesbianism and Homosexuality( and celibacy) is the ultimate betrayal of the Divine plan of Elah and of his divine creation of the human race…..If the Edenic Family is ever to be restored, Men must be restored to their position in Authority and as the foundation and women must relinquish the authority she illegally possesses against the Will and purpose of Elah.

There’s a reason and purpose for Polygamy and sexuality where a man has more than one woman…its rooted in the core of the divine kingdom expansion and the key to understanding the Law of Sex, the first law ever given unto man when Elah said

be fruitful, multiply and increase and have dominion.”(Genesis 1:22).

We have laws of physiology, anatomy and laws of nature which makes up the principles of Edenic Law for the purpose of governing human behavior and preserving life so that purpose never becomes extinct….. Regardless of the circumstances that has led one to abort his or her calling, whether it be rape, molestation, broken heart, physical and mental neglect or abuse, dietary habits or environmental, which indeed can lead to and be the underlying cause of the altering of the hormonal structure of humans, one must not allow themselves to remain the victim of such circumstances for the rest of their lives…..

Lesbianism and Homosexuality are not the root problem, like any disease it’s the manifestation and symptom that is designed to be a sign that there is a Deeper problem that needs to be addressed….Homosexual and Lesbian expressions are like when we cough when we have a common cold, or can’t speak when we have laryngitis or stop bleeding when a woman has amenorrhea or any other symptom that manifests a certain way to indicate we have a certain illness or imbalance in our lives……and we have to make up in our minds of whether we will sit there and allow disease to rule us and become victim to its dangers towards our lives or whether we are going to get up, seek help and fight the root cause so that the symptoms will naturally go away……

Homosexuality and Lesbianism is a sign of inner pain that alters our Hormones, testosterone and estrogen productions that control our male and female sexuality.. It’s an indication of disease of the endocrine system. Whenever we experience any trauma that’s of a sexual nature it causes emotional and mental  biological resources to alter the balance of our hormone structure which the body thinks is designed to protect one from experiencing such trauma again but in essence can lead to the destruction of the quality ofl every day living which then leads to us falling short of fulfilling the plan of Elah for our lives as natural functioning human beings……so we have to seek help from a professional that understands how to use holistic psychotherapy to address the trauma and also one who is experienced in Hormonal reprogramming therapy……

We at Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care specialize in using the Homeopathic Treatment principles of Like cures like to successfully reverse the hormonal imbalances and reconnect men to their attractions to women and visa versa thus restoring the Edenic path back within the human biology


Acupuncture, Biological Medicine and Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Art of Sexual Healing. Principles of Homeopathy- Temporary Physical pleasure versus Inner Spiritual sexual fulfillment (the Art of Sexual Healing and restoration) – Mizrahi Ethiopian Jewish International Rabbinical Council (

In the Mizrahi Hebrew culture of sacred sexuality, there is a state of being to be achieved within the woman when she submits herself to the sexual union, which is the essence of inner love and fulfillment.

In the Western lifestyle, including the Neo-swingers movement, casual sex is mostly a physical experience that may or may not lead to an orgasm, and if so, it’s on the lowest plain of energy of an unfulfilled soul. The feeling no doubt may be pleasurable, but only for that moment. In most instances all energy is drained or released into nothingness between sexual partners to the point of being like one who wastes his seed upon the ground or ejaculates in the toilet. This is then contributing to a lack of inner fulfillment that increases the spirit of insatiableness, which is now breeding and manifesting, thus creating an unbalanced and mis-chanelled energy/spirit that is empty and has a growing need to engage in more constant and many times un-healthy or unclean sexual practices, which leads to further lack of fulfillment and inner emptiness. If you understand naturopathic medicine and orthomolecular medical science and the concept of analog medicines or vitamins, such as Analog B vitamins(i.e. Cyanocobalamin), which do not assimilate into the natural biochemistry of the body, then you understand how taking such analogs actually depletes the required nutrients thus requiring the body to need more in order to function correctly, yet never achieving such normal function.

This unclean(Niddah) and mis-channeled energy, based on physical non-spiritual guidance, lack of “understanding and desire” is the #1 cause of the rise of STD’s, emotional imbalances(bi-polar disorders, depression, feelings of emptiness and rejection, insecurity & multiple personality disorders etc), feminine problems and depressions… Because the value, understanding and respect of the sacred sexual experience is lacking and virtually non-existent in the western woman and man, sexual acts are learned on the animalistic level and the deep penetrating essence of love making and fulfillment is never achieved. This applies to both secular lifestyles and overtly religious lifestyles that are rooted in doctrines that suppress the natural functions of sexual desire and sexual activity, which are in fact necessary for optimal health and longevity.

The effects are that generations of western women have failed to experience their divine orgasmic potential, the female delight of sensuality and love through sex. The garden of Eden and the sacred sexual experience lies dormant, abandoned and untouched by both the man and women as it lays in limbo or tahoo bahoo(Chaos). Let us not forget all of the abuses that the Western woman, especially the black woman, has experienced since her being uprooted and ripped away from her respective cultural heritage and poisoned with damaging western education, institutionalized destructive ideologies and anglo-saxon puritan religious sexual alienation . She has been emotionally abused and neglected, suffered from rape culture, physical abuse, domestic violence, heart-breaks, constant menstrual bleedings and hemorrhages on a monthly bases(which is not natural), abortions, miscarriages, aggression, drugs, diseases, sexual exploitations and un-equally yoked relationships, which has left these psychological imprints within the most deepest parts of her soul & sexual system (vagina, the womb and uterus), which is the seat of her divinity and her emotions.

As the heart of a woman is not in her head as many are mislead to believe, but as Eastern Medical Sciences has pointed out and is now being confirmed in western medical sciences, her heart is within her Uterus and emotions is regulated by the Kidneys and liver. This causes constant constrictions in the vaginal tissues which leads to the walls becoming tough and unyielding sexual wise, but weak and less defensive in protecting her body from illness and disease because of the lack of true Chi or oxygen and energy which keeps her vaginal flora and environment balanced. That’s why women are lied to and told that yeast infections & vaginosis are normal in western culture because it’s so common. Black women suffer the most and are commonly carriers of vaginal disease.

1. Differences in vaginal microbiome in African American women versus women of European ancestry

Because of this imbalanced way, there is an ongoing protective negative defense set up in the tissues, and the vagina contracts instinctively during intercourse, inhibiting deeper penetration by the male penis thus denying necessary and important acu-points along a certain meridians near her cervix in the lower back part of our womb from being stimulated thus leading to sexual neglect of her inner emotions and improper and inadequate release of stress hormones that accumulates naturally in the uterus/womb, thus causing a destructive build up of negative and destructive energy which leads to hormonal imbalances and re-channeling of such female hormones via toxic paths that can create disease, including cardiovascular disease, mental health dis-orders, estrogen receptive diseases, such as fibroids and other tumors, both benign and cancerous. Irregular menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding and many other feminine issues can occur due to lack of proper stimulation of these meridian acu-points in the deep part of the vagina.

Animal Sex instead of Natural Human Sex Due to Mis-education

Most women are taught by euro-centric western sex education that the G-spot is the main factor for ultimate stimulation and orgasm, when the truth is, that it’s the least effective meridian acupoint in regards to promoting mental health, emotional health and hormonal stability, as it is located directly on the same line as the urine or waste elimination channel. Keep in mind hormonal balance is the key to Aging or Anti-Aging. Due to this mis-education the positive polarity of the penis is therefore also unable to smoothly interact  with and penetrate the most deepest part of the vaginas negative polarity on the meridian acupoint which could also trigger the true Divine ecstatic pleasure and bonding necessary to make the two(or three or more in polygany) become One in essence thereby establishing a shekinah of fulfillment called “true love making”.  The entire divine meridian and chi or Ruwah flow is blocked and wasted.

The result amounts to a learned sexual behavior where its acceptable to only have sexual intercourse where penetration is limited to short, slow or fasts thrusts or strokes focused on the first few centimeters of the vagina where several strong rings of muscle are found encircling the entrance. Friction-like rapid movements back and forth at the entrance of the vagina have the effect of creating intense pleasurable sensations which leads to excitement and thereby an interest in mistaken orgasm which we call a Nutt(Nutt and true orgasm are not the same as thought by most peoples). This learned “physical only” animalistic behavior has caused women’s interest to be drawn away from the awareness of the divine palace deeper within her vagina(her inner temple) right below her cervix, which is a significantly important factor to her overall hormonal health which is the source of her physical and mental health. Even a woman’s weight is affected by these same hormones. A woman who is less sexually fulfilled are more likely to have imbalanced hormones and improper thyroid function thus leading to weight gain and obesity.

Rarely has the western woman had the opportunity to feel and experience the divine essence of spiritual inner orgasmic fulfillment with true tenderness and loving-kindness, thus the source of her true divine femininity lies untapped. In her inner-being however, her body and spirit yearns for this divinity and meridian acupoint to be tapped into and stimulated, so she reaches out any way she can, and being disconnected from her cultural roots and true knowledge of the biological functions of her being, she engages in and accepts all types of sexual energies and spirits to enter into her vagina and into her womb temple through diverse and many times destructive sexual acts, with men who are just as empty and imbalanced or other empty women, never fulfilling that inner desire and thus creating a life that goes around and around in circles running into the same old same old experiences which eventually leads to further misery, abuse, abandonment and development of disease.

Sexual contact as a form of Hormone replacement therapy, the key to the Science of Soul Ties

When I say all types of sexual energies and spirits, I am speaking of the biological release of hormones, data, minerals and DNA from the man’s penis and body, whether directly from his sperm and sexual fluids that naturally flow via the urethra and into the vagina during intercourse or via the pores of the entire penis/lingham from the tip to the testicles( or any other parts of the body that come into contact with each other) that releases  pheromones and sweat like fluids during sex  which are then able to make contact with the vaginal fluids of the woman both inside her vagina or outside and around the vaginal area which are then absorbed into the vagina or via the skin of the woman and visa versa with the man, thus intermixing and interactng with the hormones of both the man and woman. Just as the Woman’s womb is the seat of her heart, so is the man’s testicles and prostate the seat of his heart. So whatever functions or dysfunctions that exists within him, he is going to transfer such via hormonal interaction that also carries DNA blueprints…

It’s not just about sperm or sexual fluids in the vagina and via the tip of the penis, it’s also about the body’s ability to absorb hormones  from each other, particularly via sweat & eve kissing. Just as the male and female can release hormones called Pheromones to attract each other for sexual relations via the pores of the body, so too can the body absorb hormones from the sexual partner during sex. In other words, Sexual activity can also be considered a form of Hormonal replacement therapy. No condom on the planet can protect a man nor a woman from exchanging their soul, being and essence via hormones that exist in the bodily fluids that are excreted via sweat and other fluids of the body during sex.. Thus disease, especially emotional, can be transmitted. At the same time, positive and uplifting spiritual energy which promotes healthy hormones can be transmitted when engaging in sexual relations with a healthy, spiritually in tune, mentally balanced individual. This along with proper stimulation of the right meridian acu-points promotes optimal health and healthy hormone balance, especially for the woman. This is the true science and source of the concept of soul ties.

Covenant Relationships, the proper culture for sexual health

For the western woman to experience the ultimate ecstatic energy and chi flow of Sacred sexual experience in the depths of her inner Temple, the abuses, emotional imbalances, destructive environmental and dietary habits and sexual lifestyles, tensions and disturbances created by past events must slowly be removed, healed and released and her mind must become renewed in the Edenic principles so that the woman’s negative polarity becomes enlivened, rejuvenated and energized with a welcoming receptivity to the positive polarity penis insertion of “an edenic man” that is specifically and compatibly designed to give her the energy and fulfillment she so much needs and longs for. This cannot be achieved through the swinging lifestyle or the “no strings attached” sexual behaviors that are common today in adult lifestyles. Only the Covenant relationship/marriage with the King who can enter her temple and bond with her on a constant basis can ensure healthy fulfilling out-comes. Swinging can only achieve physical temporary pleasure and if done in ignorance of Edenic law can leave a negative energy implanted in the soul which leaves a feeling of being unfulfilled and empty.

However, through the Covenant relationship/marriage, she is then able to fully receive and utilize the positive male energy to circulate within her and bond with her inner spirit and soul. This is because under Covenant relationship, the Eternal Creator is introduced into the equation and his spirit that is placed upon the man and woman ultimately enhances the sensitivity towards one another, especially during sexual intercourse. The more sensitized the penis and vagina are to each other, and the longer a Covenant couple make true sacred love in this trusting way with Elah involved, the more it leads to an ecstatic divine experience of lovemaking and you are able to truly feel each others spirit, even as you feel the Spirit of Elohim. The energy exchange between the sexual organs is thrilling enough to root you firmly in the here and now, creating the dimension of Edenic Hebrew Tantra very naturally.. The benefits range from increase mental and spiritual clarity, esteem growth, improvement of health and longevity and happiness and a strong desire to be committed, faithful and rooted in your Edenic Spouse…A fulfilled woman, who is cleansed of hurt, pain, mis-education, toxin and imbalances will by nature feel in her heart and spirit as her duty to be a servant to the man who is the Adon of her life, and she will give her all in all and everything required as a virtuous woman to build the greatest house and family on the planet with that man…and if there are other women known as sister wives in the home, they will be more than willing to interconnect with each other to please that man and fulfill the Vision of Elah for that home, in total happiness and fulfillment…

Homeopathic Biological Practical Principles for Sexual Regeneration

In the process of healing, I, the Author, an Integrative Phyisician who is learned in Spagyric Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicine, believe in the Concept of “Like cures Like”, intertwined with the concept of “ opposites“. In medical terminology, the same medicine that can cause symptoms of sickness in healthy person, can cause healing and balance in a sick person, and also the laws of opposites which can generate the energy to heal towards the opposite polarity. Based upon these principles I have established the fact that these principles can apply to the healing of a woman(and man)… A woman can only be healed emotionally and spiritually from abuse, that she most likely experienced through an unbalanced man, through another balanced man. While many women turn to her own sex(another female) to find comfort, healing and love, the two energies(negative polarities) will always repel each other and so her wounds just fester and become deeper(that’s why most lesbians and homosexuals become more sensitive, easily offended and angrier about their sexuality as times goes by unhealed. They also become more aggressive)… Only a male who is balanced and is in tune with nature and spiritual tantric consciousness, whether on a personal level or professional level(i.e oriental medical practitioner), can help a woman(negative polarity) rejuvenate and bring healing to her spirit and mind from past abuses. The opposite is true for a man who has experienced past abuses and has become imbalanced. Only a balanced woman can help him rejuvenate his masculine(positive polarity) energy to bring healing and balance back in his life…

To recap, an imbalanced abused woman(by nature a negative polarity) will many times began to express excessive positive polarity(Yang)  habits( excessive Yang, deficient Yin, she becomes lesbian oriented, an unnatural polarity), so only a “positive polarity by nature” of the similars( balanced Yang, likes, example: a male) can reverse that trend and bring renewal to revive the natural expressive negative(Yin)  polarities. An imbalanced abused man(by nature a positive polarity) will many times began to express excessive negative polarity(Yin) habits and traits(excessive Yin, deficient Yang,  he becomes homosexual oriented;  in a lesser extent he manifest effeminate traits which is an unnatural polarity), so only a negative polarity(balanced Yin) by nature of the similars(likes/ a female) can reverse that trend and bring renewal to revive the natural expressive positive polarities(balanced Yang).

In Oriental, Pastoral and Naturopathic Medicine, sexual abuses are healed with a combination of medical therapies and techniques such Pastoral Psycho-therapy(imparting of positive and upbuilding words of knowledge, wisdom and spirit for the mental and emotional renewal through set principles, including temperament psychology and crisis counseling), certain particular evidence based Chinese medical prescriptions for hormone therapy, Homotoxicology, a global conventional advanced Homeopathic and biological method to remove toxins from the body, cleanse the lymph’s and balance the hormones and also manual medicine such as therapeutic massages of the Yoni(female vaginal organs) and Lingham(male sexual organs, i.e. prostate)…..

That’s right these massages were first used as healing therapeutic and rebalancing techniques in clinical practice and then eventually ingrafted into personal sexual experiences based on one’s cultural and spiritual practices. That’s where the concept of “sexual healing” originated… In this, Edenic Law is established…

 After Sexual healing(s) begins to take place through the above techniques, then the sexual experience of healing penetration can commence.  For couples in practice, when entering the temple, the male is to penetrate the depths until he enters the temple palace and then he is to gently explore her acupoints until he finds the acupuncture point of the temple palace and once he locates the point(a small dip or pocket feeling) he is to press his tip upon it gently and sustain his penis upon the acupoint remaining still in order to strengthen the original nature of this polarity effect in the temple of sacred love. She needs to be consciously healed and purified of toxic and destructive tensions that have built up within this acu-meridian.

This sexual act is done through deep, sustained penetration. The male penis in this act is equivalent to an acupuncture needle being inserted into an acupoint, thus the Temple palace, meaning this type of sexual healing acts like a Detoxifier!! For the woman, the focal area for healing and rejuvenation is located deep within the vagina(temple palace) right below and slightly behind the cervix. It includes the sides of the upper vaginal canal and up, around and especially below or right on the cervix, which protrudes into this part of the vagina. This is her Garden of Eden where Edenic potential awaits to be fulfilled, the place where she will first know true divine essence in sacred sexual experience.

When a woman has such in depth vaginal acupoints stimulated consciously by the penis, she may experience intense passion in her body through sex for the first time. However, under Edenic Law, a woman can only be truly loved by one man, so that part of her temple is sacred to only her King. The Eternal Creator never Intended or purposed for Eve to have more than one Adam.. If multiple men were to reach the Temple palace, the results in her life would be like the atoms being split to create an atomic bomb(this will be discussed in detail in another topic)….

Already through multiple sexual partners she is experiencing the Atomic bomb effect because her energy is constantly being split and divided within herself…Because women are physiologically created based on negative polarities, she is an energy producer in creating the environment for the sacred sexual experience. When that inner button is triggered, energy is released. As a result, if you have a balanced man, physiologically made based on positive polarity(a conductor and utilizer of energy) who can adequately penetrate and trigger the divine temple switch with multiple balanced women, the energy and essence is greater and the bonding leads to fulfilling the true prosperity of a relationship where all are truly One in Covenant(aka polygamy, the essence of Edenic Hebrew Tantra).

Even on the lower physical level, one knows the sexual experience is different with multiple women in say a threesome versus one on one sexual experience….Despite one’s objection or shock at such, these are simply the reality and facts as it relates to the TRUTH….

Imbalanced Sex and Health Consequences

In matters as far as vaginal consciousness is concerned, the Western Women and men’s learned behavior being dependent on the clitoris for female orgasm has not elevated them to a higher level of consciousness, happiness and fulfillment. Countless western women have not experienced fulfillment and are ignorant of the satisfaction of a full vaginal orgasm, and so for many the clitoris becomes the prime focus while experiencing physical pleasure. By making aggressive thrusting pelvic movements aimed at stimulating the clitoris, she seeks to create the necessary excitement for lower energy orgasm. Men following this same pattern of lower thought as well have become accustomed to giving women sexual satisfaction through the clitoris. The outcome of a lot of “outer-lower” sexual stimulation has been a relative desensitizing of the vagina, the draining and blockage of sacred sexual energy and other manifestations of imbalances and feelings of un-fulfillment which can eventually lead to both sexual and emotional indifference to each other. This is one of the root causes of women with no culture or principles in regards to morality and spirituality, going out and committing adultery or sleeping with multiple men(whoredom) and then basing her choice of relationships on which man gave her the best physical pleasure at the moment and then finding themselves jumping from man to man in whom freaks her the best. In other words, animalistic sex will only lead to animalistic behavior lifestyles. Cats and Dogs go in heat and randomly have intercourse with no true connection to each other. Thus, the woman, like the man, loses the divinity of her essence. In the upper Temple she is protective and closed, and in the lower outer courts she is tense, tough and expectant.

Sexual Excito-toxins
Based on my own medical research and observation, constant excessive stimulation of the clitoris as well as the penis can be a dangerous health practice due to the overstimulation of the glutamate neurotransmitter receptors which leads to a biophysical imbalance that acts in the same manner as excitotoxins, which causes neurological and brain cell tissue damage. As a result, behavioral and psychological disorders can develop including depression, mental illness, bi-polar disorders, learning disorders, perhaps Alzheimer’s and even strokes. Other Medical conditions can also develop including reproductive dis-orders, obesity, cancers(cervical and uterus and breast, prostate, penile) etc… Many women and men who over-stimulate their sexual organs began to manifest these diseases. One of the main first signs and symptoms is migraine headaches right after oral sex or penetration, the feeling of emptiness and sometimes slight nausea. For men, pain in the prostate area or the feeling of pain in your anal cavity during stimulation and right after ejaculation.. Alcohol and drugs increases the risk of neurological disease associated with inappropriate sexual experiences.

It has also been found that many women who practice excessive over-stimulation,  and have insatiable sexual appetites that cannot be satisfied and are very sexual promiscuous are more than likely to have Uterus and vaginal diseases and imbalances as well as possible worms & parasites in the brain and within her sexual system and may also display multiple mental and psychological imbalances(one being denial). These imbalances can be either sexually transmitted and non-sexually transmitted.  Diet and lifestyle habits also plays a major role in the development of these disorders and unnatural desires, such as eating pork which carries the disease trichomoniasis, a common STD in men and women. Many are also un-aware that unnatural sexual practices can lead to self-cause disease which then can be spread to other sexual partners.

The Swingers movement is guilty of promoting these un-healthy practices based on ignorance and lack of education to the people. It’s really sad and outright irresponsible to have unprotected oral sex with numerous partners, thus spreading syphilis, gonorrhea, Herpes, Genital Warts and chlamydia through the mouth and then turn around and require a condom for sexual intercourse. If they are not intelligent on these facts, imagine how many people per week are being infected simultaneously. Imagine how many women and men are walking around with the kiss of death, literally due to irresponsible unprotected oral sex.??.

Education, awareness and acceptance of holistic knowledge and the willingness to incorporate Truth and principles in one’s life is the course that can lead to the Healing of these mental, physiological and spiritual imbalance’s..

My advice to he or she who seeks to have a right set of mind to see things rightly is, “Stop playing outside in the cold(swingers, casual unclean and unnatural sexual habits) and come in and enjoy the warmth of the house of love(Edenic Tantra, Sacred sexuality and Family building through covenant relationship/marriage).” 

Neon light shaped into and upside down red cross isolated on a black background.

Post Review- Why Religionist, Churches and other Sects are totally ineffective in changing destructive behaviors and may actually be contributing to the rapid growth and development of altered un-Edenic lifestyles

The Main reason why religionist are not empowered to bring true change in various areas of peoples lives, is because they always attack the symptoms and never address the root problems and underlying cause, and the truth is, most have no clue how to even address the underlying cause in the first place… That’s why despite the fact that there’s a Church on every corner in most neighborhoods, the reality remains that the more churches and religious institutions there are, the more crime, wanton and dysfunctional lifestyles that exists in that area as if the problem grows with the success of the religion, thus meaning these religion are a total failure at changing society and social behavior and by attacking symptoms and having no training or truth to deal with the root problem they end up like Allopathic Doctors who peddle poisonous pharmaceutical drugs to the population for the purposes of pallative rather than healing medicine….Everybody is getting sicker and sicker, while the symptoms are surpressed…

Telling somebody they are in Sin or talking about sin and then using surface words like repent or stop sinning without being able to accurately define sin or give detailed effective solutions to change, is the reason why those who quote the Bible are ineffective and praying in the name of Jesus or Yeshua almost never works… It especially looks stupid when a religionist who is so consumed with allopathic type judgement bursts out in tongues thinking they are going to actually cast out some demon in a person only to finish and look like a mental patient themselves. Which in most cases, people who are tongue talkers are usually ingrained with their own bondage and mental disorders that are passed off in religion as being spiritual. That’s right, People who speak in tongues in most cases have an un-diagnosed disguised mental disorder.So according to realism, what are the chances a bible quoting holy roller, who has an un-diagnosed mental disorder, passed off as spirituality, will be able to bring effective change or lead anyone into any kind of truth that would bring social, community, economical and spiritual change?Answer: Look around you. Slim to none.The Truth remains, despite how offensive it may seem, that religious “systems” such as Christianity, Messianics, and Black Hebrews, Apostolic-Pentacostal and their other cultish offshoots, disguise and protect numerous mental disorders that are prevalent in their adherents… One need only to listen to their rationale, observe their behaviors and emotional narcissistic, “I am right and every body else is wrong ideologies” & “I need to save you from hell”, or “We are cursed so we are chosen” mentality and how they interact and expose their emotional instabilities in religious services or in the public. Simply go downtown in any city and there will be a schizophrenic preaching hellfire and end of the world rhetoric or the white man is the devil and they are the true Hebrew Israelites rhetoric while cussing, swearing and using the most ghetto of languages ever…

These people who have genuine mental disorders may even justify that its gods will for them to suffer and be in the predicaments they are in because of what the religion has established as righteous(i.e poverty, getting sick, feeling rejected but saying they are persecuted for gods sake or living a cursed life because it identifies them as Gods chosen etc etc). In almost all cases these mental issues can be easily traced back to the founder or successor to the founder of their beliefs(example: a bunch of single men who teach against marriage, see sex as unclean and sinful, can’t get along with others and stay in seclusion most their lives, preaching the end and coming doom of the world despite the fact that the end hasn’t come ever in their lifetimes or anytime afterwards, being so pathological narcissist that only their writings & beliers are right, no matter how un-edenic and irrational they are and everyone else is wrong and the adherents cannot step outside of the mental perimeters set and must live in fear of a god whose just as mentally unstable and angry as themselves should they stray from the leaders writings, and everyone becomes so focused on heaven and dying and being in another world until they don’t want to be responsible for anything in this world and they fear anything that would bring world peace or a unity between peoples, etc)..

The reality of this is, that any religion or system of belief that teaches one not to use their intellect or rationality is a false non-progressive religion. Any religion that claims their Creator/god is a sovereign King and Royal, yet only produces people who are in constant poverty, are illiterate and un-educated, and have high epidemic rates of family, relationship, sexual and mental dysfunction is  false religion. Any religion that makes people believe that the divine Holy Spirit dwells in the body of peoples who are irresponsible health wise and are fat and obese, have high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease and cancer etc etc due to self caused behaviors, is a false religion. Any religion that teaches atonement and salvation with no relationship to works, accountability, lifestyle change, mental and spiritual renewal and adherence to set principles according to Edenic, Torah and Divine law, is a false religion. Any religion that allows its followers to go around with a “do not judge me mentality” to the point people can do whatever they want and how they want and then just go and pray and believe their sins are forgiven or who believes its ok to smoke drugs and abuse alcohol, act irresponsible and be destructive on one night and then give praise and worship the next day with no consequence is a false religion!!!!!

Many may come to realize that their behaviors and inner feelings may indeed be a problem but then go to their pastor or rabbi or Moreh who has no training beyond religion in important areas such as psychotherapy or counseling and such leaders give very bad guidance to his/her followers by telling them to just pray or believe in Jesus or god that he will heal them and make their lives better, when this person in truth needs to see a Therapist or Physician. Millions have died or suffered from disease, suicide, mental disorders ect in the church and religious world because of misguided beliefs and religion disguising and protecting mental disorders and redefining them as spiritual traits that are normal….

So Issues like Sexual abnormalities and unhealthy lifestyles cannot ever be addressed by Religious people, because religious people themselves have numerous abnormalities and need help themselves. This is why it’s hard for a Rabbi or Priest such as myself who comes along with a higher education and a more eloquent presentation of knowledge to draw in people in higher numbers who are religionist because they have already been brainwashed to believe their behavior and state of being is righteous and right, thus making them incapable of change. Some are literally afraid of prosperity because it’s been associated with Sin and some deliberately stay in poverty, and live accursed lives because they believe if they let that go, they have no other proof of them being chosen by their god. Many are just plain dull witted and do not have a high capacity to learn or grow. They usually barely have high school diplomas and are illiterate…This is all very destructive and very sad!!!! But this exists in almost everybody who may be reading this Note right now. One needs not even go into detail of the mental dis-orders of outbursts when one disrespects leadership and display emotional instability when their behavior is addressed by a Leader such as myself. 90% of people, particularly black & white religious people I have encountered over the years have this major character flaw.

The bottom line is, while the topic is about restoring people who have altered their lifestyle as men and women, the truth is, We need to work on healing and restoring religious folks first so they can then be instrumental in bringing true effective change, because despite many being discontent with religious society, it nonetheless is a very important tool that can be used to implement Edenic family and lifestyle culture and foster a moral and ethical social system …

We must get rid of the Allopathic style of defining SIN and promoting the Laws of Yahwah according to this ineffective method….. That’s’ not how Yahwah does things nor did he ever intend for us to just blindly accept and follow Laws without understanding the underlying purpose of them or even determine whether these laws or teachings promote and line up with Edenic Laws and Truth. Elah gave us divine intellect for us to use to deal with complex matters and solve complex problems…..Teaching people to “lean not unto their own understanding” is a detrimental lie that goes against divine intellect. Yes no doubt, our ways is not Elah’s ways, nor our thoughts Elah’s thoughts, but that doesn’t change the fact that because our thoughts are not Elah’s thoughts, we should moreso be trying to align our thoughts and intellect with the mind of Elah so that we can fulfill his will and Way in our life and lifestyle habits.. Ancient writings make it clear that we must circumcise the foreskin of our hearts, which is our minds and that we must renew our minds according to the Word of Elah. Thus, our minds, rationality and intellect play a major role in our ability to transform, develop and grow as he has designed us or else it would not be emphasized that we must renew our mind….

Elah did not create us to be a dunce or dull witted. Being lazy minded and fostering a low IQ mentality that is embarrassing and counter-productive to prosperity, academic excellence and proper growth and development is a tactical deception of Satan. Elah has put within all of us, who walk in his Way, the mechanisms to use our minds and intelligence to discern, rationalize and make sense of everything….

When we walk and adhere to the Natural Edenic Laws then we have a guide as well as the Spirit within us to make sure our natural functions are optimal…..We were created to be NATURAL, LIVE NATURAL and think in accordance to Edenic law.. But too many of us are trying to be Spiritual and above Natural…. If Elah wanted you to be an Angel, he would have made you that way and placed you in the Spiritual realm….but instead he put you in a Natural Realm and you are required to be as natural a possible in all things…..When his spirit comes down, she comes down to inhabit a NATURAL BODY so that it can function, not spiritually but naturally…..Hear what I am truly saying!!

No man, homosexual or not, nor any woman,  lesbian or not, can be a true man or woman outside of their purpose or calling or living in contradiction to the Edenic Way.. So while Homosexual and Lesbians need therapy and healing to be restored, remember there’s 10 times more heterosexual people needing the same, and Elah is no respecter of peoples!!!

Its time you all wake up out of this 2000 year old stupor and stop blindly following ideologies, denominations and sects that clearly defies all common sense and rationality. It’s time to really evaluate yourself and come to terms that you may in fact be suffering from a  mental or emotional imbalance that may be disguised and fostered by your religious beliefs and that you need to come to terms with the fact that it’s your beliefs and instability that is the root as to why you are not excelling in life as you have always desired and why you have so many setbacks or closed doors and why you are stuck under the spirit of poverty despite being dedicated to what you believe in… It’s time you acknowledge that you have fear of punishment as taught by your religion if you were to change, and that Hell or divine wrath is what is keeping you from stepping outside the box. The first step to getting help and therapy is acknowledging it and not being in denial.

Truth never fosters poverty, sickness, disease, violence, social dysfunctions, economical chaos or anything else destructive for that matter.

Truth is not a belief, it’s a verb. It’s knowledge and practical wisdom that can be incorporated into your life to make you a better person, to prosper you in every area of your life and to be the factor that pushes you towards success and fulfillment according to your purpose and original design.

So it’s time to let the lies go. Get Pastoral Psychotherapy and Temperament Counseling and go through transformative reprograming therapy also known as Mental and Spiritual Renewal in a system and culture that fosters Prosperity, fulfillment and stability.  It’s time to try the Original Path. Judaism, the Way of ancient Israel as originally given to mankind via Eden..

If you need therapy & want to be able to live a lifestyle that is Edenic, Prosperous, healthy and fulfilling, then please consider our Therapeutic services at Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care. We have affordable therapy rates, offer Real solutions to helping reprogram your inner life cycle and helping you understand who you are in Elah. We address your total being Spirit-soul and Body!!!
There are also other psychotherapy services you can seek in your local area. Do what you need to do to liberate yourselves. Break free of the shackles of brainwashing in-effectual religion. Become whom Elah has created you to be.


Dr. Shalomim HaLahawi OMD, PsyD., PhD., MRbs., DPH, DFM

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