The Art of Sexual Healing. Principles of Homeopathy- Temporary Physical pleasure versus Inner Spiritual sexual fulfillment (the Art of Sexual Healing and restoration)

 By Dr. Shalomim Y. HaLahawi MD(AM) PsyD(PC), PMD, DM.P, DNM, DPH, DPHC
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In the Edenic Hebrew culture of sacred sexuality, there is a state of being to be achieved within the woman when she submits herself to the sexual union, which is the essence of inner love and fulfillment.

In the Western lifestyle, including the Neo-swingers movement, casual sex is mostly a physical experience that may or may not lead to an orgasm, and if so, it’s on the lowest plain of Spirit of an unfulfilled soul. The feeling no doubt may be pleasurable, but only for that moment. In most instances during sexual union, all of the Chi, energy & Ruwah is drained between partners, thus decreasing the true experience of the divine truth of oneness that is to be achieved. Because this has become a destructive & inadequate norm in western society, it has disconnected the Spirit-Mind from Nature, thus leading to a  spirit of insatiableness which is rapidly multiplying and which causes imbalanced and mis-channeled energy and an unnatural need & desire to engage in constant and many times unhealthy or unclean sexual practices.

This unclean and mis-channeled energy, based on physical non-spiritual guidance, understanding, and desire is the #1 cause of the rise of STD’s, emotional imbalances(bi-polar disorders, mania, depression, feelings of emptiness and rejection, insecurity, multiple personality disorders etc), and feminine problems… Because the value, understanding and respect of the sacred sexual experience is lacking and virtually non-existent in the Western woman and man, sexual acts are learned on the animalistic level, rooted in impulse controlled behavior and the deep penetrating essence of love making and fulfillment is never achieved. The destructive effects are that generations of western women end up failing to experience their divine orgasmic potential, the female delight of sensuality and love through sex. The garden of Eden and the sacred sexual experience lies dormant, abandoned and untouched by both the man and women as it lays in limbo or tahoo bahoo(Chaos).

Let us not forget all of the abuses that the Western woman, especially black woman have experienced, since her being uprooted and ripped away from her respective cultural heritage and poisoned with damaging western education & institutionalized destructive ideologies. She has been emotionally abused, suffered from rape culture, physical abuse, domestic violence, heart-breaks, constant menstrual bleedings and hemorrhages on a monthly bases(which is not natural), abortions, miscarriages, aggression, drugs, diseases, sexual exploitations and un-equally yoked relationships, which has left these psychological imprints within the most deepest parts of here sexual system( Vagina, Womb and Uterus), which is the seat of her divinity.. This causes constant constrictions in the vaginal tissues which leads to the walls becoming tough and unyielding, but weak and less defensive in protecting her body from illness and disease because of the lack of true Chi or oxygen and energy which keeps her vagina flora balanced(that’s why women are lied to and told that yeast infections are normal in western culture because its so common). Because of this imbalanced way, there is an ongoing protective negative defense set up in the tissues, and the vagina constricts instinctively during intercourse, inhibiting deeper penetration.  Men and women in their ignorance call this “tight pussy”, and wrongly see it as something good, when in fact it’s a red flag sign of past trauma, spiritual and/or physical. The Positive polarity of the penis is therefore unable to smoothly interact and penetrate the most deepest part of the vaginas negative polarity which could trigger the true Divine ecstatic pleasure and bonding necessary to make the two(or three in polygany) become One in essence thereby establishing a shekinah of fulfillment called “true love making”. The divine energy flow is blocked. 

The result amounts to a learned sexual behavior where its acceptable to only have sexual intercourse where penetration is limited to short, slow or fasts thrusts or strokes focused on the first few centimeters of the vagina where several strong rings of muscle are found encircling the entrance. Friction-like rapid movements back and forth at the entrance of the vagina have the effect of creating intense pleasurable sensations which leads to excitement and thereby an interest in orgasm. This learned “physical only” animalistic behavior has caused women’s interest to be drawn away from the awareness of the divine palace in her upper vagina(her inner temple/chamber). Rarely has the western woman had the opportunity to feel and experience the divine ecstasy of spiritual inner orgasmic fulfillment with true tenderness and thus the source of her true divine femininity lies untapped. In her inner-being however, her body and spirit yearns for this divinity to be tapped into, so she reaches out any way she can, and being disconnected from her cultural roots, she engages in and accepts all types of sexual energies and spirits to enter into her vaginal/womb temple through diverse and many times destructive sexual acts, never fulfilling that inner desire and thus creating a life cycle that goes around and around in circles running into the same old same old experiences which eventually leads to further misery and abuse.

It’s gotten so bad with regards to abuse, dietary and environmental toxins, that cause hormonal imbalances in women, that such women have sought their own kind for some kind of fulfillment and have even resorted to using sex toy as the alternative to the inadequacies of Men.. This is even more detrimental to the woman’s body and Spirit..

Temple Palace, Sex Toys, and electromagnetic  

Sex toys are for one, an Imitation of the Original. Original means natural. Natural is the original design as Yahwah purposed. Imitations are unnatural as they are not real nor original. Satan is the mastermind of imitating the original and causing people to adopt unnatural habits, lifestyles and ways as their primary form of living in replacement of the Natural Way. However, when we break Natural Laws aka the Law of Yahwah in any fashion or form and we stop adhering to living according to natural design, there’s always an inherent consequence that one experiences at some point in their lives. The Laws of Relativity has both punishment and rewards for either doing and upholding the Law of Nature or violating the laws of Nature..

Here you will see some examples of the consequences of doing unnatural things, such as using sex toys as a “replacement” for the real thing.

Electronic sex toys have generators in them that produces electromagnetic radio-active waves, in the same fashion as cell phones or electrical power lines. these waves are detrimental and have long term effects.. Many sex toy’s, particularly dildo’s, also use dangerous forms of plastic & rubber that leech toxic chemicals, such as Phthalates, which can then permeate the vaginal tissues & cause health problems. Psychology today has written an article regarding these dangerous chemicals:

Just as cell phones have been linked to brain cancer, it would be no surprise that if you use sex toys with dangerous plastic and rubber components or have constant destructive waves(energy) come into contact within your vagina and affecting your Uterus,  that women have such frequent cases of Cervical Cancer & other chronic feminine issues. While cervical cancer is usually associated with HPV, there is a correlation between elements that weaken the vagina’s natural ability to defend itself from virus, parasites and bacteria(vagina has its own seperate immune system) and self-caused disease. Thus, giving two doorways to cancer & disease…

1. from self caused/self induced diseased due to destruction of the vaginal defenses, which once acquired can be spread to other partners(speaking of disease) and

2. direct radio-active & toxic material poisoning that leads to cancer or dysplasia, candida, vaginitis, vaginosis etc.

Natural Law created humans to function in certain ways, based on unique prejudiced bio-functions. Women have a uterus and vaginas & men have a prostate and penis. The penis was designed to enter into and “inter-act” with the vagina.

There are certain experiences and levels of bonding, cellular interactions, due to exchange of bodily fluids, and healthy energy/spirit/chi, that is generated due to dual rhythmic interactive body motions and the friction and stimulation that helps both the male and female to maintain longevity and health(when done according to elements of healthy clean sexual encounters).

Vibrators and toys rob the true human experience that encompasses all the above. Plus one cannot achieve inner “true” orgasm from the back of the “Temple Palace”, which is more superior than the “nutt”, when using vibrators and toys(nutts in American culture are always confused with true orgasm, yet it is in fact a lower level external stimulatory effect of the glutamic receptors in the brain being over stimulated. This over-stimulation of such receptors produces excitotoxins which are detrimental to your health.

It’s bad enough that most women never achieve a “temple palace” experience, but only the nutt or the g-spot experience(another pseudo-stimulation), even during regular male-female intercourse(which is actually detrimental to long term health, hormonal balance and mental wellbeing), due to men not understanding the importance of sex, hormonal balance & mental health, and human anatomy, and his failure to be able to tap into the soul of the woman via her uterus.. The toys and vibrators just add to that problem and bring destructive elements along with it … Especially as it relates to mental health.

Sacred Sexuality education is needed and should be standard mandatory eduation whether it be via Hindu Tantra, African Tantra or Biblical Edenic Tantra, the latter of which I am a teacher and practitioner of.

For the western woman to experience the ultimate essence of Sacred sexual experience in the depths of her inner Temple, the abuses, emotional imbalances, destructive dietary habits and sexual lifestyles, tensions and disturbance created by past events must slowly be healed and released and her mind must become renewed in the Edenic Torah principles so that the woman’s negative polarity becomes enlivened, rejuvenated and energized with a welcoming receptivity to the positive penis insertion of “an Edenic man” that is specifically and compatibly designed to give her the energy and fulfillment she so much needs and longs for. This cannot be achieved through the swinging lifestyle, hook up culture, lesbianism nor prostitution, but only the Covenant relationship with the King who can enter her temple and bond with her on a constant basis. The one whom Elah designed her to become a Helpmeet and counterpart to.

Swinging can only give physical temporary pleasure and if done in ignorance and violation of Edenic law can leave a negative and destructive energy implanted in the soul which leaves a feeling of being unfulfilled and empty. It is one of the most destructive elements to families and relationships. However, through the Covenant relationship a woman is then able to fully receive and utilize the positive male energy to circulate within her and bond with her inner spirit and soul. The more sensitized the penis and vagina are to each other, and the longer a Covenant couple make true sacred love in this trusting way, the more it leads to an ecstatic divine experience of lovemaking and you are able to truly feel each others spirit. The spiritual exchange between the sexual organs is thrilling enough to root you firmly in the here and now, creating the dimension of Edenic Hebrew Tantra very naturally..

  Homeopathic & Oriental Medicine Principles for Sexual Regeneration

In the process of healing, I, the Author, an Integrative Phyisician who is learned in Spagyric Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicine, believe in the Concept of “Like cures Like”, intertwined with the concept of “ opposites“. In medical terminology, the same medicine that can cause symptoms of sickness in healthy person, can cause healing and balance in a sick person, and also the laws of opposites which can generate the energy to heal towards the opposite polarity. Based upon these principles I have established the fact that these principles can apply to the healing of a woman(and man)… A woman can only be healed emotionally and spiritually from abuse, that she most likely experienced through an unbalanced man, through another balanced man. While many women turn to her own sex(another female) to find comfort, healing and love, the two energies(negative polarities) will always repel each other and so her wounds just fester and become deeper(that’s why most lesbians and homosexuals become more sensitive, easily offended and angrier about their sexuality as times goes by unhealed. They also become more aggressive)… Only a male who is balanced and is in tune with nature and spiritual tantric consciousness, whether on a personal level or professional level(i.e oriental medical practitioner), can help a woman(negative polarity) rejuvenate and bring healing to her spirit and mind from past abuses. The opposite is true for a man who has experienced past abuses and has become imbalanced. Only a balanced woman can help him rejuvenate his masculine(positive polarity) energy to bring healing and balance back in his life…

Oriental Medicine REVIEW

To recap, an imbalanced abused woman(by nature a negative polarity) will many times began to express excessive positive polarity(Yang)  habits( excessive Yang, deficient Yin, she becomes lesbian oriented, an unnatural polarity), so only a “positive polarity by nature” of the similars( balanced Yang, likes, example: a male) can reverse that trend and bring renewal to revive the natural expressive negative(Yin)  polarities. An imbalanced abused man(by nature a positive polarity) will many times began to express excessive negative polarity(Yin) habits and traits(excessive Yin, deficient Yang,  he becomes homosexual oriented;  in a lesser extent he manifest effeminate traits which is an unnatural polarity), so only a negative polarity(balanced Yin) by nature of the similars(likes/ a female) can reverse that trend and bring renewal to revive the natural expressive positive polarities(balanced Yang).

In Oriental Medicine, sexual abuses are healed with pastoral Psycho-therapy(imparting of positive and upbuilding words of knowledge, wisdom and spirit for the mental renewal), certain particular chinese medicinal herbalism that are designed to balanced the Hormones and also application of Therapeutic Massages of the Yoni(female vaginal organs) and Lingam(male sexual organs/prostate) thus leading to a rebalance of the human hormone  regulation and a return to the normal functions of nature.. That’s right these massages were first used as Healing Therapeutic techniques and then eventually ingrafted into personal sexual experiences. That’s where the concept of “sexual healing” originated… In this understanding, Edenic Law is established.

After Sexual healing(s) begin to take place through the above techniques, then the sexual experience of healing penetration can commence. When entering the Temple, the male is to penetrate the depths until he enters the Temple palace/Chambers of the vagina, and then he is to take a position on a particular acu-meridian pressure point near her cervix and remain still for a few seconds. Only allow slow, but pressurized penetration on that spot in a rhythm and then stopping for 30 seconds- 60 seconds. This is done in order to strengthen the original nature of this polarity effect in the temple of sacred love such broken woman need’s to be consciously healed and purified of toxic and destructive tensions.

 This sexual act is done through deep, sustained penetration on the acu-meridian pressure point. For the woman, the focal area for healing and rejuvenation is located deep at the back of the vagina(temple palace). It includes the sides of the lower vaginal canal and  right below & slightly behind the cervix, which protrudes into this part of the vagina. This is her Garden of Eden where Edenic potential awaits to be fulfilled, the place where she will first know true divine essence in sacred sexual experience. When a woman acu-meridian is touched this deeply and consciously by the penis, she may experience a strong healing sensation in her body through sex for the first time. If she is hurt, this can bring healing, so she most definitely will cry as she feels the shackles and burdens of life lifted due to the acu-meridian portal being opened for her to release such pain she has held deep within her soul….

One Man, One Adon, One Love

Under Edenic Law, a woman can only be loved by one man, so that part of her Temple is sacred to only her King. The Eternal Creator never Intended for Eve to have more than one Adam.. If multiple men were to reach the Temple palace, the results in her life would be like the atoms being split to create an atomic bomb(this will be discussed in detail in another topic)….

Already through multiple sexual partners she is experiencing the Atomic bomb affect because her energy/Spirit is constantly being split and divided within herself. Because women are physiologically created based on negative Yin polarities, she is an energy producer in creating the environment for the sacred sexual experience. When that inner button is triggered, energy is released. As a result, if you have a balanced man, physiologically made based on positive Yang polarity(a conductor, utilizer & recycler of energy) who can adequately penetrate and trigger the divine temple switch with multiple  balanced women, the energy and essence is greater and the bonding leads to fulfilling the true prosperity of a relationship where all are truly one in Covenant(aka polygamy, the essence of Edenic Hebrew Tantra).

 Even on the lower physical level, one knows the sexual experience is different with multiple women in say a threesome versus one on one sexual experience. In matters as far as vaginal consciousness is concerned, the western women and men’s learned behavior which is dependent on the clitoris stimulation for female orgasm, has not elevated them to a higher level of consciousness, happiness and fulfillment. Countless western women have not experienced and are ignorant of the satisfaction of a full vaginal orgasm, and so for many the clitoris becomes the prime focus while experiencing physical pleasure.

By making aggressive thrusting pelvic movements aimed at stimulating the clitoris, she seeks to create the necessary excitement for lower energy orgasm. Men, also following this same pattern of lower thought,  have become accustomed to giving women sexual pleasure through the clitoris. The outcome of a lot of “outer” sexual stimulation has been a relative desensitizing of the vagina, the draining and blockage of sacred sexual energy and other manifestations of imbalances and feelings of un-fulfillment . In the upper Temple she is protective and closed, and in the lower outer courts she is tense, tough and expectant.

Based on my own medical research and observation, constant excessive stimulation of the clitoris as well as the penis can be a dangerous health practice due to the overstimulation of the glutamate neurotransmitter receptors which leads to a biophysical imbalance that acts in the same manner as excitotoxins, which causes neurological and brain cell tissue damage. As a result, behavioral and psychological disorders can develop including depression, mental illness, bi-polar disorders, learning disorders, perhaps Alzheimer’s and even strokes. Other Medical conditions can also develop including reproductive dis-orders, obesity, cancers(cervical and uterus and breast, prostate, penile) etc… Many women and men who over-stimulate their sexual organs began to manifest these diseases. One of the main first signs and symptoms is migraine headaches right after oral sex or penetration, the feeling of emptiness and sometimes slight nausea. For men, pain in the prostate area or the feeling of pain in your anal cavity during stimulation and right after ejaculation.. Alcohol and drugs increases the risk of neurological disease associated with inappropriate sexual experiences.

It has also been found that many women who practice excessive over-stimulation,  and have insatiable sexual appetites that cannot be satisfied and are very sexual promiscuous are more than likely to have Uterus and vaginal diseases and imbalances as well as possible worms & parasites in the brain and within her sexual system and may also display multiple mental and psychological imbalances(one being denial). These imbalances can be either sexually transmitted and non-sexually transmitted.  Diet and lifestyle habits also plays a major role in the development of these disorders and unnatural desires, such as eating pork which carries the disease trichomoniasis, a common STD in men and women. Many are also un-aware that unnatural sexual practices can lead to self-cause disease which then can be spread to other sexual partners.

The Swingers movement are guilty of promoting these un-healthy practices based on ignorance and lack of education to the people. Education, awareness and acceptance of holistic knowledge, and the willingness to incorporate Truth and principles in one’s life is the course than can lead to the Healing of these mental, physical and spiritual imbalances..

Elah’s commands are designed to protect us, sustain us and prevent us from dying, hurting and becoming diseased and imbalance. None of Elah’s instructions and principles would ever hurt us in any fashion and each one has a scientific explanation. There are many benefits and blessings to understanding his purpose and his ways and to understanding our original design in him….

Many have been abused, exploited, hurt, damage and have had events both direct and indirect to occur in their lives that have been the root cause of all the unnatural imbalances that exist… From homosexuality, lesbianism, LGBTQIA, gender confusion, swinging, excessive sexual behavior, spreading STDs, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, vaginitis etc, humans have only to look at one simple fact. We have broken Natural Law, the Supreme ONE LAW and have inherited a legion of demons and disasters as a consequence. Just as breaking Natural Law can Hurt us, so also returning unto Natural Law and unto Yahwah Elah can heal us..

Sex is the foundation of human experience, it’s the most Important aspect of us walking in the Image and likeness of Elahin(Elohim).. It was the very first command Yahwah Elohim spoke unto mankind right after they created us.. To have sex and as a result be fruitful, multiply and increase and have dominion. Key word Dominion. We are designed and commanded to have control. We are able to control our destiny and our future and we are able to fulfill the command of sex in its proper Edenic Truth.. When we follow Yahwah’s command to have sex in Eden, we find life, fulfillment and the true divine experience that is known as Edenic Tantra of Edenic Sacred Sexuality

Have sex, and do it abundantly within the Garden of Eden. Use wisdom and know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore Sacred Sex is your solution to a Healthy Wholesom(Holy) Temple. As the erotic Hebrew book, Song of Solomon constantly reminds us,

Song of Solomon 2:7  “I have put you under oath, O daughters of Yerushalayim, By the gazelles or by the does of the field, Do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases.”

B’ruch Et Shem Kashso…
Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi

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