Mizrahi Jewish Wisdom: The Prosperity of Mind vs the Poverty of Mind. The significant difference

By Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
Socio-Spiritual Political Leader,

Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved

True financial prosperity doesn’t mean you just have alot of money to blow on material things and everything you want, even when its ridiculously unnecessary. No, true prosperity means you were responsible enough with the little Elah gave you in how you managed your money/finances enough for Elah to want to give you more and until he favors you in such a way that he starts to shower you with financial empowerment.

And the #1 thing that people who are truly “wealthy of mind”(the opposite of having a poverty of mind), understand is that Elah gives wealth to people enable them to “contribute” to building his Civilization. And those people understand that when they put his Civilization and Way first, all the material things they want anyways are going to be added unto them.

And another great point is this: Wealthy people of mind never purchase material things at “retail cost” or at least try to avoid it as much as possible. If they want a Porshe, BMV, Mercedes Benze etc., nothing wro.ng with that because they don’t go to a Dealer to purchase a new Car, They go to a used car dealer or better yet an Auction. They have sense enough to purchase a 50 thousand dollar car for 15 thousand. They shop with coupons. they have sense enough to want a 500,000 dollar home and know how to get it for 75,000.00.

They don’t wear other peoples names on their clothes as they don’t invest into name brands…..

Think of it like this:

Why does a Physician whose a Surgeon making 300,000K plus a year in salary go and dress down into a 15 dollar Smock when its about to fulfill his purpose and calling? You will never see a Surgeon dressing in Bling when he’s doing what he’s called to do. No FUBU, Tommy Hil-niggers(lol), etc etc…. Some 50 cent scrubs and a 15 dollar Smock…. Thats all that is required for him/her to use their divine intellect and be what Elah called them to be and “PROSPER”……

See the Physician understands what it means to seek the Civilization of Heaven first and everything else will be added unto them.

And those who are empowered and walk with a renewed mind and heart, know who they are within themselves according to their original design. they have esteem in Elah for their identity and their motivation. Freemen don’t need to use another person’s name or title to “validate them” or make them feel worth something to the public. Yet people who have a poverty of mind and who have no self-worth or esteem feel the need to be validated by “Brands, name Brands, and other peoples names” which they wear proudly and in hopes that others will approve of and accept them as well as validate them. People with a poverty of mind, can’t maintain jobs or create wealth. When they do get a job and get their first paycheck, they don’t try to save their money, plan for the future, they don’t focus on paying the necessary bills it takes to live life(i.e. rent, mortgage, lights, gas, water, food etc), no the first thing they do is go shopping for themselves, purchasing unnecessary things in life and adding unto themselves. Look at how they act around Income Tax season. They run straight to the Car Dealer to purchase retail-priced cars, that loses its value the minute it’s driven off the lot, and then the car is repossessed a few months later. They are shopping for clothes, Handbags, paying 500 dollars for someone else’s “Hair”(i.e. brand) to be glued or sewed into their empty heads, lining up in long lines to purchase the New pair of 300 dollar Jordan’s that costed 1.50 cents to make.. They can spend a trillion dollars a year, collectively, and yet still be in poverty…

It’s nothing like seeing a low self-esteem person, who truly feels worthless and voided within(but chooses to live in denial about it), stick out their chest or toot out their buttocks in the latest Instagram or Facebook post, when wearing another person’s name or label on them. Externally bling bling but internally poor, impoverished and failed as a human being…

Why is this? Because irresponsible people seek their own first and always put the Civilization of Elah(aka Kingdom of Heaven) last. Thus, Elah doesn’t trust them and doesn’t add unto them and so they never become empowered nor evolve into their original purpose and design because they do not have the “esteem of Elah” within them.

I am a holistic Physician and a global Jewish Socio-Spiritual Political Leader with a multi-million dollar mentality and pure intentions of building a global multi-million dollar Jewish Mega-Community, yet who still actually compares prices when grocery shopping, refuses to purchase over-priced foods, clothes, dish washing liquid etc etc, who loves BOGO, who purchases only used vehicles and who drove the same SUV for almost 10 years and who only purchases 1 or 2 pairs of 20 dollar no name brand shoes per year and I wear a 60 dollar watch that I’ve had for 5 years now… I have invested ownership in global Resorts & hotels  that I purchased for 8 thousand dollars 10 years ago, but never actually paid the entire price and practically got for free after an out of court settlement that allows me and my family to vacation anywhere on the planet for “free” for the rest of my life, my children’s lives, their children’s lives perpetually, for as long as we want to stay on our vacations, even as short or long term living in’s….
I am a dedicated Mizrahi Jew whose faith is of the Jewish Essene traditions thus my passion and focus is the Edenic Civilization above all other things except for my family…

There has never been a time that any of my wives or children had to worry about food, clothing, the lights being turned off or worrying where we were going to live day in and day out…..

Yes, sure I’ve had several major financial setbacks that would normally destroy the average person, due to satanic attack, but yet still I bounce back and never get swept under. Why? Because I learned the principles of prosperity, I teach the principles of prosperity and I live by what I preach and teach according to the Torah.

As a Jew, I understand that Jew and poverty are incompatible in every aspect of life. I believe in prosperity of wealth, prosperity of health, prosperity of family and collective community and especially prosperity of the spirit-soul. Thus, when you have a prosperity of mind, no situation can ever keep you in a state of poverty and true prosperity will always rebound you just because of what’s within you.

My #1 aim, which is also the #1 aim of Judaism, is to eradicate poverty in this world wherever it may be and return humankind back to the garden of Eden culture, where Elah gave the 1st command to “Be fruitful, multiply, increase and have dominion”, which is the 1st Law of Prosperity. I do not believe in co-existing with poverty. That is why I am one of very few Humanitarians to openly began rewriting and redefining what being a Humanitarian is all about. I am not interested in just feeding the hungry, giving poor people shelter and housing or providing medicine to the sick. No I am interested in doing these things but also teaching people how to become liberated, self sufficient, empowered and able to provide for themselves, feed themselves, choose healthy diets that are going to prevent degenerative disease, change their lifestyles to prevent communicable disease and to have opportunities at academic education so they can obtain the knowledge necessary to get jobs, create jobs and build economic and financial systems for their families, communities and peoples for the very purpose of evolving towards prosperity.. It’s better for a man to fish for himself than for me to keep giving it to him….

Quick question:

Do you want to know why the African Union and African Countries always call on their former European colonial powers to come and intervene in conflicts and socio-political issues, rather than do the job themselves? Because the massive “Poverty of mind” and lack of “Prosperity of mind” that exists on the riches and wealthiest continent on the planet.

When you lack the prosperity of mind, no amount of money or material things are going to make you rich in spirit. That is why there is a correlation between the African American trillion dollar spending habit and the African Union needing their European masters to do every dam thing for them still. The plague of the poverty of mind…..

Furthermore, when you have a prosperity of mind but you end up surrounding yourself with people who have a poverty of mind, you are not going to elevate them,, they are going to devalue you. Just as a farmer can’t invest into infertile(non-prosperous) soil and expect to get optimal harvest and crops, so also people who have a prosperity of mind can’t co-exist nor invest into those with a poverty of mind. That includes family, community, Nationalistic wise and even marriage wise.

The #1 reason for failed marriages that end in divorce in the USA is directly related to finance. At least one(or both) parties to the relationship have a poverty of mind, which went against and undermined the spouse with a prosperity of mind. If you have a spouse whose prosperous in mind and one who has a poverty of mind, then the family is impoverished by default, because it is unequally yoked. the one with the poverty of mind will always pull “against” the one with a prosperity of mind. This is why power couples or leadership families must always have two or more parties(in case of polygany) who are all prosperity driven, responsible, mature and focused on following the Torah laws and principles that Elah has given for us to prosper in the 1st place…

No form of poverty can be found in any aspect of relationships and community building, especially Jewish relationships and community building. Jewish and Prosperity are a marriage designed by Elah. Even gentiles who follow the Laws of Jews receive the benefits of Jews as if they were Jews themselves. Jewish and Prosperity can never be divorced.

Judaism is the key to liberation, the key to empowerment, the key to strong family building, the key to always being the head, the lenders, the leaders etc. Judaism is the key to obtaining the treasuries in heaven that Elah the holder and keeper of wealth possesses and is more than willing to release unto those whom “He trusts”….

Ask yourself this,

“Right now at this moment, the way you live, the way you eat, the way you work, your academic status & how you spend your money and how you’ve build your family or lack thereof, can Yahwah Elah trust you”??

You will know the answer and the world will know the answer by the fruits you produce.


Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y HaLahawi

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