Part 2(Short Book)- Why are you single & unmarried at over 20 years of age.

By Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved


If you read my articles on Sexual Health and understand the concept of “hormone interactions” during sexual intercourse, you’ll understand how unclean sexual acts lead to hormone imbalance which inadvertently leads to tumors. Each one of my Ex’s of the past 20 years were slim, petite, beautiful women. All of them are now obese and overweight & have a myriad of health problems that did not exist during our relationship existence. They have all been hit with a Spirit of confusion and psychological trauma due to the lives they have chosen to live. Several tried to commit suicide, at least two were admitted to a psych ward, and several are in fact on medications for their problems. Two had babies(females mamzerim) out of the adulterous union with the men they had the affairs with while married to me, both of which are no longer even in a relationship with those men. One has been married for the 3rd time & even ended up in a physically abusive relationship with the very man she cheated with after she tried to demonize me & destroy my reputation by falsely claiming I abused her in a lame attempt to get sympathy from the courts and public and to try to divert the fact that she was pregnant by this man during the time. This is why I was an active sitting Rabbi-Cohen of a Synagogue that these embarrassing horrendous things occured.

The other who conceived a mamzer ended up with an un-educated little guy with a napoleon complex, who still lived home with his mother, who herself was a stripper, and my then-Ishah-Brith(woman) had to take him back & forth to his part-time job, working at Applebee’s. She was willing to destroy her covenant relationship with me, as a highly educated, successful, family-oriented man who’s also an Ordained Jewish Rabbi & Priest & destroy her relationship with Yahwah & have the Ruwah Qodesh completely removed from her life, causing tragic emotional trauma to our children during this scandalous process, all to have a fling with a child-hood friend she previously had sex with before we met who couldn’t do even a fraction of a fraction for her compared to what I’ve done as a real man and dedicated husband. She too tried the exact same tactic as the previous Ishah who had gotten pregnant, by demonizing me, calling me a false rabbi in court & blatantly lying about our entire relationship while also filing motions to have our marriage Invalidated by stating that “Jewish/Israeli marriage” is not an actual real marriage, in order to not only avoid sanctions from the courts but also to try to prevent the Pre-nuptial agreement we had from being enforced in my favor. And what was even more horrendous is the fact that not only did she do the exact same thing as the former Ishah who conceived out of adultery, but she had her lawyer drag this former ishah into our court proceedings to help her with her case against me!!! See how satan works?

These were the two most demonic satanically influenced women that did more evil than the others, despite all of them were responsible for going astray and violating the Laws of Elah, the Laws of Eden, a covenant relationship & the fact that their husband is a popular global Jewish Rabbi & Public figure.. ye none of them nor the others have been able to find a man who’d want to marry them after all of these years. And yet Elah blessed me each time to rebuild my life and my family.

None of them were elevated or got better lives after destroying our relationship and if you look at the men who are now in their lives, mostly as sexual relationships or who are in and out of their lives, and compare them to someone of my stature and disposition, it becomes immediately clear, who was the cause of the destruction of the relationship. Because If I were at fault, Elah would not entrust to me a better woman/women. I’d actually go down. But Elah has shown me favor, kept me sustained, and continue to cause me to rise as a leader, husband, father, and teacher, while they simply have to settle for the rest of their lives for becoming defiled.

This is real. None of them exhibit any traits, anymore, that would remotely even define a Proverbs 31 Virtuous woman. No one would ever guess or imagine that these women were married to a spiritual leader/clergy. Judaism cannot be found anywhere in their lives and spirit, because they sold their souls to satan, by giving their bodies to inferior dogs, who are not even worthy to call themselves men!

If you look around at many of the women on the streets, you’ll find a common walk amongst certain types of women. The toad walk for example. They are literally shaped like toads, and they walk as such. I think Martin Lawrence in his stand up comedy demonstrated a perfect illustration of these types of women who have been defiled. Some may still have physical beauty qualities, but if one pays attention to the before and after physical features & mental/emotional stability of a woman who has been defiled, there are noticeable changes & noticeable instability.

Being barren is another curse that could occur. However even if a woman is able to conceive after she has committed adultery, all of her children she conceive are bastards, mamzerim, and illegitimate(the children born before the adultery occurred remain legitimate). That means these children’s life existence in this world has no purpose, validity, or justification before the eyes of Elah. They are in effect born in Sin and usually have the seeds of demonic spirits firmly rooted in their souls that guide and plague them for life. They are equivalent to the bad crops or bad fruit of bad plants/trees that produce weeds, which then threaten the health of the rest of society and must be cut down at the roots and thrown into a fire to be burned.

Considering she’s pretty much a forbidden woman, it does not matter if a man re-marries her, the children born are bastards. The sad reality is that when you take into perspective all the factors that the Torah defines as defiling a woman, including multiple sex partners, single or married, adultery, remarriage etc., you are looking at the fact that 95% of the people in America alone are unclean and most children today, especially in the African American community, are the products of unclean unions and are illegitimate seed. And this is the reason why satan is reaping havoc, especially on the black community, and the youth are out of control, destructive, disease-ridden, sexually impure and simply have aborted purposes before they reach the age of 16.

Degenerative diseases passed off as “feminine issues” are directly connected to the roots and seeds of ” sexual defilement” that has become a perpetual cycle. HPV, HSV, Fibroids, uterine cancer etc, are all the curses of the Torah for “being defiled”. And like girlfriend, like wife, the Law of consequence is no respecter of persons. When you put the Torah laws and definitions into perspective, it becomes clear that a defiled woman is a forbidden woman.

Thus, to desire such a woman also falls under the category of lust, because while she may be single under the Torah law she is not available for a covenant relationship as she is a ruined woman. Thus any man who desires her or even marries her lives under the “lust and covetousness” rule. This is how serious it really is. More of you are condemned than could have been previously estimated because many of you have cloaked yourself in religion and yet are in gross violation of the Laws of Elah.

The Conclusion: Wife, Fiance or Girlfriend? Separate or Treated the Same Under Torah Law?

So now that takes us back to the beginning. As stated before there is actually no Hebrew word for Husband nor Wife in the Torah. The words used are Ishah, which means “Woman in general”, and Adon/Ba’al, which means “master”.

Women are engaged to the men via several types of relationships:

Ammah-maidens or maid-servants, young ladies between the ages of 16-25, whether virgin or not, who have not yet birth a male son and are engaged{erushin} or married (Nissuin). Rebekhah and Yeshua ben Yoseph Mother Mariah/Mary are examples of an Ammah. These two were also known as Na’arah, meaning they were under the age of 16, usually between 12-15 who were engaged in relationships to be married

Pelagish-Concubines, women of foreign nationalities or tribes that the husband/man is also not ethnically or tribally related.

Shiphah-actually female servants(not to be confused with maid-servants or maidens)- who either are paired with male servants or are companions to a husband or actual helpmeets to the wife/wives of the man, such as Rachel and Leah’s two female servants, Bilhah & Zilpah, who helped birth the 12 Tribes of Israel or Rebekha’s female attendants(bride-maids) that left with her to join Isaacs home after they were married. Female servants can later become concubines if they conceive and have male children with the Adon. This can also be related to a hired maid that lives with the family. A Shiphah can also be a “brides maid”. Western culture practices a corrupted form of the Hebrew & Near-Eastern bridesmaid tradition, by having the wife select one or more women to “act” as bridesmaid at her wedding. This bridesmaid can be married or single. Yet, after the wedding, the bridesmaid goes back home to her family or relationship, rather than join the family with the wife and her new husband.

This is not how Hebrew/Near Eastern brides-maid tradition works. The bridesmaid is always supposed to be single & available for a relationship. She is either a helpmeet, sister, cousin, or close friend of the bride. She is very much apart of the ceremony where the father(or Eldest male relative in the family if the father is deceased) presents the bride before & gives her new to her new Adon(based on Yahwah Elah bringing Eve & presenting her to Adam for him to take her as his woman/wife). This act of presenting the bride & giving her away, is also presenting to him the bridesmaids and giving them also to the New Adon. Thus the bridesmaid leaves with the husband & wife & enters into the home with the bride, and in many cases the bed chambers of the husband as well, depending on the consensual arrangements between the bride and the bridesmaids. This is how Rachel and Leah’s female servants ended up having intimate sexual relations with Ya’akob & conceiving most of the tribes of Israel on behalf of Rachel & Leah, who themselves conceived(Rachel dying due to complications of one birth).

Thus polygamy in ancient Judaism was not just about full wives as we think of wife in the American sense. There were different levels of relationships based on tribe, nationality, sexual purity, and the priesthood. None of those levels meant that the women were treated any different where one was treated less than the other. No matter what status of the relationship, all women are supposed to be treated with love, nurturing, respect, care according to each’s own uniqueness, desires & needs and as co-helpmeets in a divine marriage all working together to accomplish the goal, vision, and purpose that Elah has placed for that family to achieve.

With that being said, knowing the texts are using “woman” in general, we know this very much applies to all relationships and sexual behaviors altogether, whether she is “my woman” as in my girlfriend, “my woman” as in my fiance, “my woman”, as in my wife, or “my woman” as in my female servant(Remember in the 10 Commandments, one commits covetousness if he lusts after a woman/female who’s in the house of his neighbors as a female servant or companion, meaning girlfriend or maid).

Many of you women have ended up in sexual relationships at very young ages. Not realizing the divine Laws of the Torah applied to your life, whether you know about them or not. Ignorance leads to destruction and also leads to rejection of Torah laws, and yet in that ignorance, you still have to pay the consequences, because the Torah laws are in effect whether you are aware of them or not…. Thus that sneaky act at 12 years old, playing house under the covers, behind the house, in the school bathroom, in the woods, or wherever you were able to get away with it, losing your virginity in the process, invoked this dangerous Law of consequence:

Hosea 4:6 “My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being priest for Me. Since you have forgotten the Torah of your Elohim, I also forget your children. Hos 4:7 “As they were increased, so they sinned against Me. My esteem they hav-*e changed into shame.

Hos 4:8 “They eat the sin of My people, and lift up their desire to their crookedness. Hos 4:9 “And it shall be: like people, like priest. And I shall punish them for their ways, and reward them for their deeds. Hos 4:10 “And they shall eat but not be satisfied, they shall whore but not increase, for they have stopped obeying יהוה.

Besides if you are Christian or Muslim, and have a bible in your home, then you have no legitimate argument or excuse whatsoever as to why you never tried to understand and comprehend the laws and teachings in your Torah, Bible or Koran, because ultimately when it comes to sex, relationships and purity, it’s quite clear what is right and what is wrong.. Almost every black woman & man in America came from a family that had a bible. Even if you had sex in a Hotel, the Bible was there in the drawer.

Satan set you up where there is no excuse you can make. And some of you right now will try to argue,

“well I was a child when I did that, how can a child be held accountable like that, it’s not fair”

Well, the reality is this: Statutory law doesn’t define true adult-hood. Edenic Law is the Supreme Law that defines when a child is no longer a child. American law of 18 is not the true age of adulthood. The Edenic Law rights of passage or Bar/Bat Mitzvah for adulthood is the female menstrual cycle and the male wet dream, which occurs between 12-14 years of age..

In Judaism a Jew/Israelite is considered an adult at ag 12 for females and 13 for males. That’s when humans are capable of reproducing and multiplying. If you can get pregnant or get someone pregnant, you are an adult irregardless if you still act & think like a child. This is the reason why most of the popular young ladies in the Bible, from Rebekhah, to Rachel and Leah to Mariah(Mary) the mother of Yeshua Ben Yoseph(Jesus) were all between the ages of 14 and 16 and no older when they were married and conceiving children. Also, the act of having sex & engaging in intimacy is an adult act, not a child act.

Thus when you got into that sexual relationship, you got into a defined “covenant relationship”, by virtue of the automatic soul & spirit tie that automatically occurs during sexual encounters, which holds the weight of Torah marriage as far as mother nature, natural law or Edenic Law is concerned. Edenic Law does not distinguish the difference between a man and woman walking down an Isle, making vows and then going to the marital bedroom to engage in sexual relations, from the boy and girl behind the house, with the girl bent over, her panties down to her ankles as she is being pumped with juvenile dog water.

As far as Edenic Law is concerned, that was Adam and Eve, completely naked, meeting each other for the first time, butt naked & not ashamed, and engaging in sex on the very first night or day they met. The only difference is that even though Eve gave it up on the first night, it did not result in a one-night stand. It resulted in a 900 plus year marriage, the longest recorded marriage in known history. When you gave it up, your body and spirit bonded, united, and tied together with the person you gave it up to. You got married. Thus when YOU later decided to go and cheat on your boyfriend or dump your boyfriend in the puppy love, middle/high school era, you placed yourself dead smack under Deut 24, the minute you ended up with someone else. And if you became defiled from your second sexual relationship, then everything after that as it is related to relationships was defiled.

Thus that 3rd boyfriend relationship, you jumped right into the Law of the Zonah(Whore), and you defiled that man, while he further defiled you. By that time, Elah had already canceled you from ever being with his BEST, his anointed, and his chosen. Unless you were one of those women who started off young, stayed in such a relationship for a long time, and then had your heart broken, while yet being faithful & a righteous young lady, then you were out of favor before you even grew up and passed 9th grade.

The Age you should have been Married & in a responsible Relationship according to Divine Law

Jeremiah 29:5 ‘Build houses and dwell in them, plant gardens and eat their fruit. Jer 29:6 ‘Take wives(women) and bring forth sons and daughters. And take wives(women) for your sons and give your daughters to husbands, and let them bear sons and daughters, and be increased there, and not diminished.Jer
29:7 ‘And seek the peace of the city where I have exiled you, and pray to יהוה for it, for in its peace you have peace.’

Book of Sirach 7:23, “Hast thou children?
instruct them, and bow down their neck from their youth. Sir 7:24 Hast thou daughters? have a care of their body, and shew not thyself too indulgent toward them. Sir 7:25 Give thy daughter to Marriage, and so shalt thou have performed a weighty matter: but give her to a man of understanding.

Sir 7:26 “Hast thou a wife(woman) after thy mind? forsake her not: but give not thyself over to a light woman.”

**Talmud Kiddushin 29b, “Raba said, and the School of R. Ishmael taught likewise: Until the age of twenty, the Holy One, blessed be He, sits and waits. When will he take a wife? As soon as one attains twenty and has not married, He exclaims, ‘Blasted be his bones!’

Despite the ignorance of western culture and the misinformation that has poisoned millions of young people and old people alike, there is an age limit that Elah has given mankind to determine whether he has favor or has disfavored a woman/man for relationships. Keep in mind when it comes to match-making with Yahwah Elah involved, he acts as a Shiddikhan, meaning he is the one who helps guides people to be together in a specific noticeable format that has been set since the beginning of the Era of Eden upon this Earth.

Yahwah Elah is the one who says “its not good for MAN to be alone”. Thus he makes or arranges for him to have a Woman whose primary and foundational design is to be a “Helpmeet”. However, man & woman is still responsible for making the choice to be with a person or not.

If you think of traditional weddings where the groom stands at the altar and awaits for the “bride to come to him”. When you hear the song “Hear comes the Bride”, the bride comes out accompanied by her father, who gives her “away’ to the groom. Well, this is exactly what a shiddikhan does. This is exactly what Elah did for Adam and Chawwah. He took Chawwah and brought her before Adam, for them to become ONE in a covenant relationship, and for her to be given away to become Adams “Helpmeet & Counterpart”.

Thus the first purpose and design a woman must fulfill to be in the image and likeness of Elah, is to be a helpmeet to a man. That is her foundational design. Education, career & calling are all the building blocks that are supposed to manifest in her life on TOP of the foundation(marriage/covenant relationship).

Seeking academic education and establishing herself in a career BEFORE she tries to marry and build a family is as if she was a Man, who was an ignorant construction worker or architect, that built a building without first laying the foundation firmly into the earth. The building has beautiful walls, decorations, windows, doors, and an awesome roof, but with no foundation. In fact the roof is the foundation, thus the building is unstable, uninhabitable and anyone who dwells in it is doomed to be hurt and destroyed eventually because the building is going to collapse due to it being built backwards. That’s why the only proper way to build your life, build your relationship, build your career and calling is to build it according to how Yahwah Elah has originally designed you to build it.

Thus because western women live contrary to the Laws of Elah, everything they do in their lives is in vain and has zero meaning.

Psalm 127:1 If יהוה does not build the house, Its builders have laboured in vain. If יהוה does not guard the city, The watchman has stayed awake in vain. Psa 127:2 In vain do you rise up early, To sit up late, to eat the bread of toil; So He gives His beloved sleep.

Psa 127:3 Look, children are an
inheritance from יהוה, The fruit of the womb is the reward. Psa 127:4 s arrows in the hand of a mighty man, So are the children of one’s youth. Psa 127:5 Blessed is the man Who has filled his quiver with them.

This is why there is a mass epidemic of single women. In the black gentile community, the black woman’s singe rate is above 80%. And then you have Lesbianism/Queers running rampant which is further leading women away from her calling and purpose which in effect weakens her ability to even stand up and live as a truly empowered woman according to the set definition of Proverbs 31 empowered woman of virtue.

This is a sign that Elah has rejected such women and such women are in fact living, working, reproducing as single mothers, under the curses of Deut 28. Elah is not going to play shiddikhan on behalf of a man he’s favored and take a woman who is not living within the framework of his divine laws that are supposed to govern her life and lifestyle choices and present her to a man of righteousness that he has favored.

Yahwah Elah would never choose a woman for a man whose lifestyle is undermining and who is going to sabotage or destroy a righteous man. Thus for Yahwah to choose a woman to be a helpmeet to present before a man he has favored, he has to trust that woman first and foremost. Thus at age 12, Yahwah Elah begins to observe and monitor the lives of all women, as well as men(at age 13) throughout their teenage years to determine if they will have his favor or not. For the man, if he is immature, irresponsible, wicked, and does not have a heart after Elah, then Elah is not going to present a righteous young woman in his life, to be his helpmeet, risking her becoming victimized and damaged by him.

At the same time, Elah is looking at the behavior of young ladies between 12-19. If he sees the jewel & righteousness and preparation in her life to be a helpmeet and counterpart, and especially if she has parents who are cultured and understand the significance of preparing young ladies to be helpmeets upon her Bat Mitzvah, then he is going to ensure she is allowed the opportunity to cross the path with a potential Adon, in whom she can be presented to so that she can enter into a covenant relationship before she is 20 years old.

20 years or older & cursed

If a woman is 20 years old or older and is still single, unmarried, and not fulfilling her role as a Helpmeet and Counterpart, it is a huge sign and reflection upon her life, that she is flawed, ill-prepared, irresponsible, ruined, has already crossed the line of adultery and sexual promiscuity or has mental instability and possibly physically in such a way that Elah finds her too repulsive to send her to anyone. This means Elah does not favor her to step in and put his name upon her life in order to present her to a righteous man. She would instead be reduced down to a lifestyle where Satan acts as her Shiddikhan, or moreso her pimp. He will put her in the arms of man after man(or other women in lesbian relationships), further making her sexually impure and ensuring she becomes soo damaged that she’ll never marry, or worse yet she’ll find herself in inferior relationships. In fact, she’d be that female that may find a man who has her out F#$^@ and sucking and tricking and licking, getting high, drinking and partying for 12, 15, 20 years, and never be married to her. Her desire will be towards him, have such an emotional attachment mixed with the “living the life” that overshadows and numbs the emptiness within her, while the entire time his love for her is in fact destroying her from within.

Pumped with drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, unhealthy food until one day she’s no longer that beautiful sexy, fine attractive girl that everybody wanted, and she’s struggling from both physical degenerative disease, emotional and spiritual pain that will leave her dying with aborted purpose, diverted potential, and wasted anointing. This is just the sad reality of the way it works. This is what Reproachment looks like.

90% of the women who start to read this, will inadvertently throw this book down before they finish reading it, because it will speak directly to them, and some would just rather live in denial and face the truth in hopes that there is a slim chance they could change, as Elah is always about second chances. That is exactly the whole purpose of the Ruwah HaQodesh, to bring forth new life and to purify uncleanliness so that we can all have a second chance. But most will simply allow satan to have his way and say to themselves and unto me, “that they do not need to change, their lives are fine and swear I am wrong, when I am more than right”

I am prophetically right. It’s a hard pill to swallow and because there are soo many single women who simply cannot and will not find a true covenant relationship, they will in their arrogance and lack of humility, emotionally reject this knowledge as false, rather than humble themselves, pray, seek the face of Elah, change the problems, behavior and lifestyle habits that is preventing & defiling them from being chosen and given away by Elah to one of his righteous good men.

However, their rejection of these divine truths is irrelevant, because the curse will remain until the day they die if they do not acknowledge this and change. And yet still it’s possible for these kinds of women to find men, who are 2nd or 3rd rated and have a mediocre relationship, because free-will allows people to make dumb decisions in their lives that diminish their purpose, calling and original design where they will never find a top rated man of righteousness.

In other words, these kinds of women who refuse the hard-to-swallow pills of truth will just have to settle with what they can get, if any. And many will just find themselves being passed around like a marijuana joint, from man to man, who get what they want sexually but never stay around. The puff puff give life-cycle. That’s why the woman who brags about how she’s never unable to get a man & how good her pussy is & how many men want it and has gotten it, is in truth really not worth anything. Because having the ability to always get another man, and having the ability to jump from one bed to the other using your physical and sexual assets shows the reality that she cannot maintain a stable, lasting, purposed, and truly designed relationship & she has no concept of what value is.

Such women are the ones who always end relationships or break up with men, something women were not designed nor authorized to do, except when the laws mentioned in this article are violated by the man.

25 years of Age- Fixed for Life

In regards to women who are on the wrong track, the older she gets, the worse she becomes, the less value she has for a true purposed relationship. As Philo has taught us , in which I shared in detail in the chapter Single, Damaged and Unfixable Corporate Woman, the more men a woman has sexual relationships with, the less she is likely to submit and align with the next man due to the inherent destructive permanent soul ties that are stamped upon her soul. She becomes less capable of fulfilling a Helpmeet Role.

Biologically speaking, there is a reason the age of 25 is significant in both western and eastern cultures. You have to be 25 to get a rental car, enter certain types of clubs, get your own insurance at a descent rate and even take out a student loan. 25 is when personality, character traits, and behavioral patterns fully mature and become “set in” and a person becomes “set in their ways” for either the good or bad, constructive or destructive. Thus whatever lifestyle, mentality, values, or lack thereof that exists in a woman’s life during the moment of her 25th birth year, will be set in and will be difficult to remove, if not impossible, thus it will be her guiding force for life. The older she gets, the harder it becomes for her to change, evolve or align with a man or even principles for that matter.

Young ladies between 14-19 are able to be taught, are more flexible to mold themselves and align themselves in the right direction, and are able to adjust to being a helpmeet and evolve into her purpose and calling with that of the man she becomes a helpmeet too. Because of the maturity factor, young women are naturally more prone to gravitate towards older men. A 19-year-old young lady who’s taught right and raised properly is able to align with a mature 29-30 plus year old man with ease. Isaac and Rebekhah in the Torah are perfect examples of this, However, they were more than 17 years apart.

Most men become legitimately men of wisdom and understanding at AGE 30. Thus the scripture of giving your daughter to a man of understanding is giving your daughter to a man around that age.

Statutory Law, vs History and Natural Law

You have to get this modern statutory law ideology out of your heads & souls. If you all keep allowing men to be destroyed via statutory rape laws, you are going to keep missing the essence of Edenic Law. You cannot use a double standard and call a righteous man whose 27 with a 17-year-old young lady, a pedophile, unless you are willing to call your grandfather and great grand father one, as the last time families were, in fact, stable and women were in fact descent, non-whorish, and understood her role better as a helpmeet, was before the statutory rape era and pre-civil rights era where most of every bodies grandparent and great great grands were married with children before they were even 15 years old.

All of us, Jewish, Arab, African American, European, Native American, Asian etc, were born out of these circumstances. Some of our grandparents were 20 years apart, and yet they were married 30, 40, 50 years. Today, most can’t stay married past 5 years or worst 1 year, and some can’t even get married period due to the things written herein.

In most cases, a young girl dating or marrying a guy her age is a bad decision and a conflict of natural law, as men mature much slower than women. A 19-year-old young lady dating a 20-year-old young man is in fact dating a 15-year-old young man according to western lagging standards of maturity & development. In Eastern culture, a 15-year-old boy has the maturity of a 25-year-old Western man, and a 16-year-old Eastern female has the maturity of a 29-30-year-old western woman, which is why our cultures are more advanced and stable than Western culture. Thus if she is living within the framework of that of a helpmeet, virtuous woman, empowered, dedicated, and faithful to her Adon and has fundamental cultural and spiritual principles in her lifestyle when her 25th birth year comes, she will become firmly rooted, grounded and molded in such way and it will be difficult for her to stray away from such values and lifestyle, and the marriage is more likely to last 30, 50, 60 years until death due her part, as it was back in the 1950’s, 1960s and 4000 years ago.

However, if you notice that your woman suddenly starts changing, becoming less submissive, more combative, more undermining, and more at odds with you at or around her 25th birth year, that is a sign that she has had a stumbling block in her life, including something she may have done in secret or a seed that was sown in her life before she was with you, during her teen years, that was never uprooted and has now sprouted and taken full root in her life and within that next 4 years it will most likely choke her out and she will stop being a helpmeet and counterpart…

That’s why the closer a woman gets to 25 the more effort she must make to get her life stabilized, aligned & built upon set cultural and spiritual principles, and have any issues, emotionally or physically, including trauma that has occurred in her earlier years, addressed and healed. Because whatever spirit or seeds in her life that are destructive and left unaddressed is going to define her life, lifestyle behaviors, her choices, her thinking, emotions etc for the rest of her life. And trying to change her, even for the better is going to get more and more difficult with the passages of time, This is why sexual promiscuity during teenage years, is in fact adult sex and will play a huge factor in her ability to conform and align in a true covenant relationship/marriage.

Right now the Western divorce rate is over 80%. That rate is directly related to this fundamental principle of when people are getting married as well as “who” people are choosing to marry without regard to understanding that person’s past sexual behavior patterns and relationship patterns. This whole thing of it being offensive and wrong for a man to ask a woman about her sexual history is nothing but a satanic deception designed to continue creating pseudo-relationships based on ignorance or false knowledge that will do nothing but end up adding to the statistics of the destruction of relationships, marriages, the family unit, and structure.

The Reality is this, when the Torah is put into literal perspective, middle schoolers, high schoolers & college students are divorcing and committing adultery at the highest rates you could ever imagine because they are doing what adults and married people do with no understanding and wisdom of such acts, and Edenic Law does not discriminate.

Sexual Relations and Hybrid GMO children- An Abomination

Deut 22:9 “Do not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seed, lest the yield of the seed which you have sown and the fruit of your vineyard be defiled. “

A woman’s sexual history is one of the most important factors a man should know about before he makes a decision to establish a relationship with her, court her and then engage/marry her. Sexual impurity is real and it can be a deal breaker when it comes to family building, because you do not know what type of spirit the men she had sex with had, that was then stamped upon her spirit nor do you know what seeds from these men were sown into her soul that may sprout at some point in her life which can then destructively affect her to the point she can be the original Eve that Elah presented to Adam in the beginning of the relationship and end up overnight being the deceived and poisoned Eve that betrayed her husband and destroyed the Edenic Family due to the fruit of satan manifesting in her life.

This is the seed in the parable of 4th Ezra, that takes root in fertile ground, but due to weeds, becomes choked out as it tries to blossom. Furthermore, as I have written in my books and other articles about seed mixing, DNA and sperm of various men having the potential to affect the genetic structure of any child born from a woman whose been sexual with numerous men. Having sex with multiple men is the same as sowing mixed seed. Millions of children have been born genetically hybrid due to a woman having sex with many men before she conceived either by mistake/error due to irresponsibility or on purpose within her current relationship/marriage. Even more tragic are the children conceived on porn sets during filming.

A man trying to reproduce with a woman whose had sexual relations before his relationship with her within 7 years of her previous sexual encounter can be a huge risk of his children being produced hybrid, GMO children that include the DNA, personality, and spirit of all her former lovers. With that comes satans seed. This is why soo many children are literally walking soul-less zombies, violent, bi-polar, manic and have behavioral problems that simply don’t add up in the minds of the parents and really the Physicians that in vain try to treat them.

Well go back and check. Who was your woman having sex with before you or while she was with you, especially if you are a swinger? Your children are really doomed if you conceive. Under Torah Law interpretation your children are born Mamzerim, due to violations of the law forbidding the mixing of seeds. Notice they are “defiled” as we have studied what that means previously when we discussed women who “remarry” after a failed relationship, thus becoming “defiled”. Sadly, many of you yourselves were conceived as hybrids and were born “defiled” (adulterated), and are thus perpetuating a genetic curse.

This is one reason why the oldest child, of a marriage, many times turns out totally different from the 2nd or 3rd child that a mother has from a 2nd marriage or sexual relationship. The 1st child was conceived properly. The others were not. This is real people. I pray you hear the Prophetic Spirit behind this. This is why it’s so essential to embrace Eastern culture and mold your lives according to set spiritual, religious, and cultural norms and lifestyles from the East, especially the Torah, which is the foundation. And it’s very essential to learn the Science of Sex(Edenic Tantra) and the Science of The Ruwah HaQodesh, because she is the only divine spirit that can change a woman(and man), purify their hearts, and give them new life, a rebirth, and a 2nd chance.

Yet at the same time. The Ruwah HaQodesh is not going to violate the Natural principles that Elah has already set in place, thus you playing with life and life’s principles thinking that you always have the Holy Spirit Card you can pull can end up in huge disappointments, especially if you have crossed certain lines of no return such as committing adultery(especially the one after you made vows before Elah to your Husband) or committing an abomination, which is a major Sin that cannot be rehabilitated most of the time, and in most cases, the majority of the people who cross this line are going to pay the consequences of their actions with their aborted purpose and lives.

You are over 20 years old, single, and un-married right now for a reason. And is because YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!! FIX YOURSELF!!! And do it right this time:

Proverbs 31:10 A good woman who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. Pro 31:11 The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. Pro 31:12 She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. Pro 31:13 She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. Pro 31:14 She is like the ships of the merchant, she brings her food from afar. Pro 31:15 She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and tasks for her maidens. Pro 31:16 She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard. Pro 31:17 She girds her loins with strength and makes her arms strong. Pro 31:18 She perceives that her merchandise is profitable. Her lamp does not go out at night. Pro 31:19 She puts her hands to the distaff, and her hands hold the spindle. Pro 31:20 She opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy. Pro 31:21 She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household are clothed in scarlet. Pro 31:22 She makes herself coverings; her clothing is fine linen and purple. Pro 31:23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land. Pro 31:24 She makes linen garments and sells them; she delivers girdles to the merchant. Pro 31:25 Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. Pro 31:26 She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. Pro 31:27 She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. Pro 31:28 Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Pro 31:29 “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” Pro 31:30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Pro 31:31 Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.

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