Another true historical fact about me and my wife as it relates to the Middle East, an important historical figure & Bereshit 10.

By Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
Copyright 2021

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Intro regarding the historical & biological relationship between myself and my wife vs the many  wrong anti-Torah relationships & marriage practices of many others who look at us & other Eastern peoples in a disrespectful manner

While some here in America have been raised up and taught wrong with regards to tribal marriages, including polygany, and as a result violate fundamental principles of the Torah with regards to inter-tribal and interracial marriages with families who do not share similar values, beliefs and customs, resulting in broken relationships, divorce, polarized children and especially the transfer of wealth away from one family tribe to another family tribe, thus creating the weakened, un-empowered and easily exploitable communities and peoples such as the Black Americans, I and my wife come from a Near Eastern culture that has a value system shared by 98% of the world, especially the Middle East, Africa, Asia and amongst indigenous inhabitants. Our culture is the living Torah. What most read about with regards to customs and practices in the Torah, we live it. And its our lifestyle that usually exposes just how disconnected most people, who claim to be bible believers, are from the actual biblical laws and traditions. One of the most important customs is that of marriage within the tribes, especially when one is from the Levitical tribe, as Levitical priestly tribes are considered the holiest and most sacred tribe of all tribes in Israel. Thus those who reject us, insult us and turn their nose up at our marriage arrangement are in fact cursing themselves and blatantly disrespecting the Laws of Elah in addition to being Anti-semites  I and Shomer are of the same tribe and family. Like Isaac and Rebekhah, she is the daughter of my father’s brother, which is commanded to be the proper way to marry(i.e. Numbers chapter 36). We have the same paternal great grandfather/grandmother & same paternal grandmother, but different paternal grandfathers. In fact, there would be no Judaism, Islam nor Christianity nor a bible if the traditions we followed were not adhered to, as Yaakob was the 1st cousin to Rachel and Leah(two sisters), just as Isaac and Rebekhah, as well as virtually every other Biblical character, were 1st cousins (Abraham was married to his niece Sarah). Thus by Torah mandate for Levitical priests, I and Shomer are 1st cousins(those of you who think negatively about this are the actual ones who are wrong and are against the divine Torah and word of Yahwah Elah, no matter how you feel about it. Not to mention the fact that many of you insult and disrespect 98% of the worlds traditions, even though its you all who are the weakest, as a people, precisely because of how you marry in defiance of Torah laws and common sense.

Stupid is as stupid does, cultural wise
There is nothing more stupid than for a black man(or any man), who for example is from the Davis family, who may be Muslim, to marry a woman, unrelated to his family, and is from say the Williams family, who may be Christian, and the two have children together, and one family wants the children to celebrate Christmas and the other family wants the children to celebrate Ramadan, and at least one family side refuses to even respect the values, beliefs and traditions of the other side, and during relationship disputes each side by default and without moral conscience take sides based on their biological and religious traditions without regard for who may be in the right or wrong, nor with any regard to coming together to help resolve a family dispute as would be the case within ones own tribal family, and then the two break up, go through divorce, and the judge, who has no connection nor regard to the values of the man or woman, then strips the man of his parental authority as the head and foundation of his children, and makes him subservient to the ex-wife, with regards to raising such children under the satanic dubious auspices of co-parenting[which is the same spirit behind Satan wanting to usurp the throne of Yahwah to make Yahwah subservient to him], thus stripping the children of their foundation, proper identity via the father and subjecting them to one side of the family who’s values undermine that of that of the father & his side of the family, which then allows a foreign man to come into their lives by way of a relationship with the mother and then influence them and have more power over that of the father and then such judge and woman proceed to take the wealth of the man, away from his family and tribe, via child support, alimony etc, and give it to the woman and her family, which then can also be utilized by any man such woman then goes and lays up with, with the backing of her family, even if she was the problem that led to the divorce…

These are all an abomination and a gross violation of the Torah for one foreign family to steal the wealth from the other inter-married family and tribe, as that is exactly what has occurred, inter-marriage. It does not matter that both may identify as black or African American, the fact remains that if they are not of the same family, household and tribe, and do not share the same faith, culture and values, it’s intermarriage, and it’s the most damaging practice to the upbringing of children who become mentally, spiritually and culturally polarized. The Black culture is a prime example of what happens when people live like this and engage in destructive contradicting cultural ideologies. Even with regards to myself, I’d be intermarrying with a black woman if I took one as a wife, because Black culture, for example, is not compatible with Jewish/Biblical culture and values, thus my children via such black woman would not be eligible for the priesthood when they become adults. This is the premise behind the Torah law forbidding intermarrying with people who’d turn Jews away from Jewish culture and values, and the Halachic ruling of Ezra written in chapters 8-10, when Hebrew men married foreign women and birth children from them, and such women and children were expelled from the Hebrew community and the children were stripped of their Hebrew tribal identities, especially if they were born to men of the Levitical tribe, and any man who objected to the ruling was also excommunicated. Such children, especially if they are raised under a system where the mother has authority over them, above the father, are Mamzerim, illegitimate and thus cut off from having a covenant with Yahwah and the Torah.

The whole Child support and Alimony and the taken of wealth from the man after a divorce is also strictly forbidden in Torah law such as Exodus 21:7-11; see more In my article on the Torah and Child Support & the curse of the law regarding marriage )

Our historical connection to the Near East
I & Shomer’s paternal Jewish great great grandfather & grandmother, and our grandfather(Yoseph) & family all lived down the street from the great Bahaullah, the founder of the Bahai faith, who was banished from Iran to Mt Carmel, Palestine. Our great grandfather, his siblings, our great aunt Carmellah & great uncle Yochanan, were children when they fled from Mt. Carmel to Sicily Italy and then became stowaways on a ship that docked in Charleston South Carolina in 1885. 7 years after our family arrived in the USA and sought asylum, the Baha’ullah passed away.

Since a child, I’ve always had great respect for the Bahai faith. One of the many reasons that soured my thoughts about Christians was the constant verbal attacks against the Bahai(or basically everyone who didn’t believe like they did, including against other Christians). My thoughts were always that one had to be a super-prick, a stuck up trashy holy roller who had no light within them, and were full of hate the way they used to speak against the Bahai and others, including against myself because I identified with my heritage as a Jew, as my paternal great Jewish Uncle Tony German Rosenstein(my maternal grandmother’s brother..I think that is how it was spelled), my maternal Great Grandmother Ethel, and my paternal great Uncle Rudy(my Mizrahi Grandmother’s brother, daughter of Yoseph), taught me and encouraged me, even when others abandoned our heritage for the Christian church(including the 7th day Adventist). I was the one who always defended the Bahai and was looked down upon by Christians especially during my younger teenage years. In fact the enmity and basic silent dis-owning of me by sections/tribes of my family and the mistreatment & abuse I endured as a teen are directly related to me sticking with my Jewish heritage(most of the Christians are married in and step-family), and refusing to accept Jesus as the Messiah and god.

via our global movement under the Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council, we still have a decades-old Halachic executive order that encourages Mizrahi Jews in the diaspora to attend and fellowship with the Bahai community when there is no viable Jewish community in their area or such Jewish communities alienate Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews and don’t offer empowering spiritual and cultural teachings and resources that are conducive to the growth and development of Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews. This is often the case with Ashkenazi Rabbinical Jews who’s customs and ideologies are either fundamentally different or in contrast to Mizrahi culture and customs(we still love our Ashkenazi Jewish brothers and sisters).

The Bahai are like family to me. Our family is also historically and biologically related to the Druze of Mt. Carmel(now Israel).  That is why there is absolutely no coincidence that our DNA patterns are a direct replica of the Genesis 10 migration of the Shemites and Hebrews, or the fact that we carry the Beta Thalassemia genetic traits that are specifically of those who dwell in the mountainous regions of then Palestine, such as Mt. Carmel, as many have been able to witness including of my medical records and electrophoresis. I have interchangeably identified myself as a Mizrahi Jew or Palestinian Jew, as most Jews in the middle east originally identified as before 1948 as Palestinian.

I have often felt in my spirit a strong inclination to purchase land and build a home and synagogue in Mt. Carmel Israel but I have been reluctant due to safety concerns and the behaviors of both white Zionists and militant Islamists. These two entities would not have been accepted by the Palestinian Jews and Arabs of the 1800s, who lived side by side in peace and harmony as was the historical norm between Jews and Arabs for over a thousand years.
The biggest problem and threat to Palestinian Jews, Arabs, Druze, and Bahai during the 1800s was the Ottomans who frequently conspired with Europeans to enslave Ishmaelites, Jews & even the indigenous Canaanites, and displaced many of our peoples in the Atlantic slave trade who ended up in South America(i.e. Brazil, Columbia, Trinidad), where today we have very large Jewish colonies. In fact, Jews, Arabs, and even Persians made up over 80% of the Atlantic slave trade(while American African slaves made up less than 1%, totaling only about 600,000 compared to over 10 million Middle Eastern Slaves and 19% making up the rest of the Atlantic slave trade to Caribbean & Central America).  That is why most Mizrahi Jews and Arabs will always find relatives via DNA testings in South America.

We also have family ancestry in Oman in Southwest Arabia, which is where Genesis says Hebrews originally dwelt after migrating from Eastern Asia(i.e. Ancient India, Afghanistan and Iran). The city of Dophar is the biblical Zufar. There is even a city in Oman named after our Tribal name HaLahawi.

See Rabbi Cohen DNA results here(including Israeli apostilled S’mikah):
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There are 3 females in our family who all share the same name. My paternal great Aunt, sister of Yoseph my great grandfather, my paternal aunt(my fathers sister), and my Ishah Shomer are all named Carmellah, named after the city of which our family are indigenous too and are believed to have dwelt there since the 1st century until they fled to America for safety in 1885. My wife Shomers middle name is Carmellah-Nakoayah.

Many have pointed out the irony of similarities between how I and my family were named and certain biblical characters.
My mothers name is Amel Mariah(Mary), my name is Shalomim(peace offering/prince of peace) Yahoshua(Yeshua), My great grandfather’s name is Yoseph. My father was many times referred to as David, his original birth name is Yishai(Jesse), after His father Yishai.

The Bahai faith is one of the most peaceful faiths on the planet. Unfortunately in certain Near Eastern Countries, such as Iran, the Bahai are still discriminated against and treated in a similar fashion as Arab Palestinians, Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews, who are often marginalized by White people & even our own peoples.  The Bahai carry much more light and honor than what I’ve seen from Christians. Thus we honor this Abrahamic faith, which evolved from Shiite Islam. 

I encourage those who are seeking for a path, especially those leaving the Christian church, to consider checking out the Bahai faith, or you are more than welcomed to seek the Mizrahi Jewish culture and faith that is rooted in the Edenic Civilization Movement. Even just to learn and know what Bahai is, I encourage everyone to learn about this faith as part of a cultural competency in order to build a stronger inner-spirit that promotes intercultural respect for the greater good and peace of humanity.

There are numerous other fascinating and even seemingly prophetic stories about our lives as HaLahawi’s. Being that we have Druze in our DNA especially, we share a literal connection to many peoples, nations and tribes in the Near East that no other peoples and ethnic groups can proclaim. We are literally like One out of many E pluribus unum.  We are a unique Levitical family that many find hard to believe regarding our identity and history. Yet we have provided solid proof, and still many walk in stiff neck rebellion or even envy with regard to our authenticity. In truth, only those who are truly biologically and genetically connected to the seed of Abraham and Israel, are prophetically and spiritually drawn unto my priestly leadership and Mizrahi Jewish movement and ministry. Those who are counterfeit and are not connected to our people biologically almost always disregard my teachings, or have a spirit that arises in which they despise me or dislike me without legitimate reason. Psuedo-Hebrews will not follow my leadership. They are drawn to pseudo-priest, pseudo-Morehs and other self-made religious positions, as with similarities to homeopathic principles, like kindred is drawn to like kindred and birds of the same feathers flock together. If they are not kin to me biologically and spiritually, then the power behind my words will be of non-effect upon such peoples. In fact our authenticity is a threat to the narrative that others want to push when they are not who they say they are, whether is be Zionist racist Jews or Black Hebrew Israelites. Our biological and spiritual connection to Abraham and the Torah is like Raid roach spray or light to darkness. Truth be told, if the black Hebrews, black Americans followed my teachings they’d be much farther than they are and would prosper and have favor in their lives and amongst their people in the same manner as Elah has given me and my family favor and prosperity. The Torah that works for us would also work for them in a very living and practical way. But it doesn’t and its precisely because they cannot and will not hear my voice.  So be it. My people, true Israel, here my voice loud and clear.

The Seed of Abraham Initiative which I helped pioneer and launch in 2014 has played a major role in bringing all of the seeds of Abraham together. Helping Jews, Arabs & Persians to see each other as family and historical relatives. Bringing peace which culminated in the Abraham Accords and giving hope to our peoples and the seeds of Abraham in the near east, which one day soon will result in a Jewish-Muslim alliance that will make the Middle East the sole and final global super-power just as Yahwah Elah has willed for the rise of the Edenic Civilization.

This is what the Bahai via the BahaUllah has taught with regards to world peace and the brotherhood of mankind. I am grateful to Elah for placing my bloodline within the realm and environment of what would later bring about global change. Between the Bahai of Mt. Carmel, the Mizrahi of Mt. Carmel and the Druze of Mt. Carmel lies the heritage of the HaLahawi family. Yahwah Elah knew me even before I was in my mothers womb and he destined for my life to be a prophetic story with a prophetic power that many only read about and hope for.
Baháʼu’lláh – Wikipedia

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