Mizrahi-Jewish Wisdom: The Locust & the Ant: How we can learn to destroy one & honor the other

The Locust & the Ant: How we can learn to destroy one & honor the other
By Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The lesson here regarding #Capitalism is that the Torah condones the grasshopper being eaten for food while promoting the Ant as a lesson on life & empowerment. One of the reasons explained in the Mishneh HaTorah for eating Locust is because they swarm & are destructive, thus eating them brings checks & balance, as if they destroy entire crops, the food is not entire lost because Jews can eat them in return.

The author of proverbs actually gives us the key to fighting against Capitalist vultures. He specifically tells us to seek wisdom from the lifestyle of the Ant. And even though the author’s knowledge of Ants is not thorough(as he doesn’t know Ants have a Queen aka a ruler), in the proper context of us learning from the ant, we see the lesson of Elah for how we should be living and building

Proverbs 6:5 Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hunter’s hand, And like a bird from the hand of the trapper.
Pro 6:6 Go to the ant, you lazy one! See her ways and be wise,

Capitalism is the Trapper & Hunter. The entire foundation of America is rooted in the “God” that represents the National deity of America. The Babylonian Deity of Good Fortune & Capitalism, whom Elah condemns in the Prophets(Isaiah 65:11), and is why “In God we trust” is on American money because America’s faith is in wealth & money, not the True and living Yahwah Elah. America’s financial system is rooted in a form of colonialism that the Torah does not condone nor supports. Thus American Capitalism is the oppressors of the people.

Yet the Ant represents collectivism & its entire social system & governmental structure is based on “Socialism”. This once again serves as a stinging rebuke to #Conservatives who claim to be Bible believers but yet supports and props up the Locust who prey upon the Ants(We the people), which is not even a natural order of things and violates even the most fundamental aspects of Edenic Law.
You even had these younger #BlackConservatives making ignorant commercials last year in 2020, in their legitimate war against Democrats, making an absurd statement that “Socialism=slavery”, (See video here) which reflects the lack of attachment to both reality and the teachings of the Jewish and New Testament scriptures,(i.e. All things in Common), and the fact that Democrat Socialism is not absolute socialism, just as Marxism is not a true representation of Socialism and neither is Chinese communism a pure representation of communism and socialism. These are mere modern variations of the concept that had destructive elements infused into its systems. Biblical Socialism is the true form of socialism, and these #Conservatives, bless their heart, are purely ignorant, yet still most go to a church that is built upon the concept of socialism. So we man(and woman), once again, wanting to promote his/her traditions while disregarding the laws and traditions of Yahwah Elah, while also screaming tongue in cheek that they serve the Eternal Creator of the Hebrew scriptures, which is also a blatant lie.

Elah clearly uses the ant to teach us how we should be living as human beings, especially those of us who walk in the Torah Covenant and are chosen by him as his people when it comes to working together and building together. There is no individualism in “Edenic Civilization or Kingdom Building”. Everyone is not supposed to do right as they see in their own eyes, which is the premise & foundation of the American dream which in turn props up Wall Street, the capital locust that habitually destroys American lives via culture and predatory capitalism and usury.

Yet when we allow Edenic law aka the natural order of things to take hold of our minds & we use the simple wisdom of Elah to stand together to bring & restore proper checks and balances, Capitalist vultures will tuck their tails between their legs & flee. We the Ants(aka #WeThePeople) are built by design to consume the Locust. The Locust should have no power stronger than we the people. Big corporations and Tech Moguls such as #Twitter #Facebook #Youtube #Google & #Amazon and the likes should never be allowed to rule over us, exploit us, and rule over our natural unalienable rights as Americans and as human beings, and they should never have the power to influence legislation nor our elections!

Right now on Twitter #EatTheRich is trending. We have exposed the Vulture Capitalism of America for who they truly are. The Wizards of Oz(ounces aka commerce and finance) who have manipulated the markets, destroyed other smaller corporations & profited on the suffering, division, demise, and oppression of the American people, who now want to call foul and bitch like privilege little brats when the Ants fight back & win like we’re supposed to.

The Torah says locusts are kosher to be consumed, thus #EATTHERICH and checking Wallstreet is the most Kosher thing the American people can do right now.

They want a “#GreatReset“? Well, we just pushed the f#$&@! button!!

Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
Mizrahi Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council
#WITCC Awakening News
Leader of the Edenic Civilization, a global prophetic Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish movement that promotes #biblicalSocialism
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