Mizrahi Jewish Wisdom-Part 2 of Hebrew Love vs American Love. True Genuine Love is supposed to be indestructible & not to be changed, altered, diminished nor undone

Using Prophetic Jewish wisdom to uproot false ideologies about Love & Relationship

By Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD., DPH, FFHMD

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Ref: Hebrew Love vs American Love: The significant difference in meaning and substance – Mizrahi Ethiopian Jewish International Rabbinical Council (edenicserver.myqnapcloud.com)

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Love can never be altered:

True, genuine & purified LOVE(Ahab), is not designed to be altered, diminished, changed or deleted once its inside of you. Because of Natural Law rules, there is no way possible you can enter into a Covenant Relationship and marry someone you made a “Vow” to, before Elah, and oath your love & commitment to and then 1 year, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years or ever,, later change and say “I don’t love you anymore”.. All of these breakups, divorces, splits, and separations and suddenly someone else has your attention or my attention, is an indication “LOVE” was never there. At least not the Elah define Love known as AHAB. In true love, there is nothing the person you love can do that alters or change the intensity of the love that has been placed within you for them. You may get pissed, angry and yes there may be some bumping of heads, but that’s life and that’s the essence of relationship building. But after all that anger, disappointment, tears, and even pain at times, that you may experience from time to time, if you just observe your heart, you’ll see that fire of love is still flaming! Leaving is not even in your vocabulary.

Let me tell you something. Stop listening to western people when it comes to wisdom and knowledge! They do NOT have the foundation and roots to “defining” those things that are essential to life fulfillment and family building, as evidence of the overwhelming broken family structures of their society. You shouldn’t even be trying to listen to a Black American for guidance on anything remotely related to Family building because that is not a strong point of their people. Home-wrecking is actually their strength, which shows just how unempowered they are as a people. You should always seek guidance from a culture that is proven, seasoned, and actually manifesting the true essence of fulfilled Covenant relationships and family building. The structure and balance of communities that ethnic groups dwell together in can tell you just how functional or dysfunctional a people truly are with regards to family building. Strong Torah or Quran-based families will always have strong, prosperous, safe, and balanced communities. People who are void of a connection to Elah & who significantly lack empowered families will have a community run down with drugs, prostitution, poverty, children born out of wedlock, violence, genocide, and other crimes, to reflect such weak family structures and people.

Let’s make this clear, its a reason after an argument with your significant other, after all the tears, anger, words that you didn’t mean were said, that suddenly you feel the urge to fight it out via hot passionate sex, and it’s a reason it’s intense for many at that moment. That’s Passion. That’s a fire designed to reconnect the instant your spirit and body detect something that’s broken or about to be broken in your relationship with regards to your soul tie. That is an inner need to “feel your partner’s spirit”, which always at the end, calms things down.. That happens for a divine reason.

You don’t always need cigarettes, alcohol, weed, or any other type of drug. Elah already has a solution you can use. It’s called Passion!! Now if you are not taught right, then you are not going to understand how to maintain this understanding and use it correctly and if you don’t have proper communication and respect and value for each other, you can miss and misuse the flame…

However passion(chaphets), the flame, is not Love, it’s the fire of maintaining & re-enforcing Love. Passion can be turned on and off, and that’s the problem. Too many people confuse passion with love(Ahab) and think that because something happened that diminished passion or temporarily turned it off in the relationship, that suddenly love has ceased to exist and therefore they think they can only find that passion with someone else, resulting in adultery.

That is a fatal error that can forever alter your life, your purpose, and your relationship with Elah!!! Yes, you can damage your relationship with Elah based on how you deal with your relationship with your spouse, and ignorance of Edenic Law is not an excuse. The passion that goes away is never always totally gone. There are too many resources that can re-ignite the flames of passion when your spouse suddenly doesn’t seem as romantic as they used to be, has put on some pounds that make them less attractive as they supposed to be(And trust me, attraction is a major component of passion, but it does NOT affect genuine love), or the way they may act due to a particular circumstance or life event.

We have gyms, weight loss programs, healthy eating, college courses, marriage and family therapy, and if none of that work, Get into TANTRA THERAPY!(There is a Jewish version & alternative to the Hindu versions, known as Edenic Tantra). I bet that will bring both of you back to the passion of divine lust, love, fulfillment & everything towards each other. Sometimes that inner freak needs to be brought out into the bedroom!!! Yep, I said it. In fact, I am going further, I am going to get myself in trouble on purpose: If you are polygamous, try a threesome!! If you want to talk about building trust, melting dangerous unnatural feelings, and opening the door to passion, then do a threesome, Husband, wife, and significant other(i.e. 2nd wife, girlfriend, etc) that you trust. pop in an erotica flick. or better yet make your own home adult movies and watch them together. Go to a gentleman’s club together. That’s the extreme side!!! You do what you have to do to keep the flames burning according to what is agreeable between you and your spouse.

Some can just settle for walks in the park, traveling, hiking, movies, laser tag, bowling, spoken word, dining out, or simply just going to synagogue(that’s not boring) that has great praise and worship services and simply enjoy that. The bottom line is, find out what turns both of you on, what is enjoyable to both of you and then do it in order to either maintain that passion or bring that passionate fire back. Let the Edenic law step in and make your bedroom undefiled, as long as you do not violate Edenic law itself.

Now with that being said, and some wanting to cut my head off, let me continue. Even in the absence of passion, there will always be another inner and even deeper fire burning that can never be quenched that lets you know, “I love that man or I love that woman”. She may have tried to back-stabb me, but I still love her. He may have betrayed my trust, but I still love him. And you find that there is simply nothing that takes it away. The other person can leave and 1 or 2 years later, you love them just as much as you did from day 1! And in many cases, they feel the same, but because of the wrong teachings and ideologies and the need to overtly protect our hearts, we simply don’t know how to handle it, deal with it or what to do about it. And so we do things to divert our minds, keep ourselves focused on other things. We have pastors telling us to move on and find love somewhere else when in truth Elah never designed women to love more than one man! Let’s be real., this is the Truth regardless of the contrary.

The Man whom Elah sent into your life and put that inner flame and connection deep into your soul is your soul mate. A soul mate is not a predetermination, a true soul mate is the man and/woman(women) who connected to, attached & dug deep into each others Spirit, beyond the Spirit to make a permanent habitation. You can never break that no matter how much passion, romance or attractiveness has left the building. True Love doesn’t always hang out with Passion! True love will tell passion, “sorry can’t leave on vacation with you, because sharks always infest warm waters. See you when you get back because I am not going anywhere”.

Love is more faithful than human being themselves.. Do you want to know why? Because that kind of love is the Yahwah Elah kind of Love. The Kind of Love that is beyond divine and beyond comprehension. The mind at times simply cannot make sense of this type of love…

You can have a woman sit there totally confused saying to herself: “after all the shit I did to him, after all the times I disrespected him, made him feel less than a man, and betrayed his truth, why does he still love me as he does”?That’s not low self-esteem or low value and worth in that man or woman who won’t stop loving, THAT’S ELAH, loving them and loving you, through them! That’s where your palace, your kingdom, your destiny, your hope, and your rest are, through the one who loves you no matter what! The reflection of Elah should be the redemption of the spouse who may not be aligned.

Only a fool would let something like that go. as the truth is, Elah doesn’t give you Love more than once, except in Divine Polygamy. And yes people have gotten married, had children, and built families and homes with people they lusted for, but not truly loved, thus the minute life doesn’t go as they planned, the minute everything is in the dumps, the minute that lust is altered, suddenly the vow before Elah “For better or for worse and till death do us part”, goes out the window and they jump ship. Why? Because they NEVER LOVED IN THE FIRST PLACE…..

Stop marrying people you don’t truly love because neither you nor they took the time to study, research, and understand Elah’s true definition of Love. It never changes!! Even with regard to Christians, many don’t even pay attention to their own teachings of their own scriptures and Christ. And yet you hear AGAPE all the time. They teach a God who loved them soo much that instead of letting them go and destroy their lives, their soul, and their spirit, he went out an extra mile to show his love, by providing a plan to help cover their Sins, Atone for their ways and to redeem them, meaning bringing them back thim, do that they can have a choice to come back home and have a divine marriage and live a life of fulfillment, and yet most won’t even take that message and apply it to their own marriage and family.

You all sit here in this western culture with alarming percentages of divorce rates that are threatening the entire family unit being central to balancing culture and society! Something is not right about any of this.. How can we reflect the Love of Elah in Judaism, Christianity or Islam, or any other faith? How can you reflect the unconditional love of the divine being that lifted you up, gave you life, and accepted you no matter WHAT YOU DID against them to the contrary, when you cannot even apply it to your own spouse or the one you Love or supposed to love!?

Your son or daughter whom you gave life to goes out and robs a store. Do you love them any less? You find out your daughter is a stripper or prostitute. Do you love her any less? They don’t make good grades in school, they were found out to be bullies, or worst yet, you find out they are gay or lesbian. Do you love them any less? Absolutely not! Why? Because that is divine love and bond that Elah naturally instilled and built within mothers and fathers to have and express. And yet, we can do that with our children with no 2nd thoughts, but we can’t do that with the one we made Covenant with that co-shared in bringing those children into the world? Something is seriously wrong, evil, and flawed about that picture.

How can you tell your children that you love them and respect them and value their lives and at the same time hate their father or mother, and want to end your vows you made before Elah and rob your children of a divine right to be raised, nurtured and loved by both parents in a stable family structure and environment for their optimal growth and development….?

True love will never move a person in this direction. It’s a reason you get a sudden uneasy feeling and a feeling of resistance when your mind starts to wander outside of your relationship or when you are tempted with unfaithfulness. Yet if you don’t have character and integrity and you are not filled and being led by the Ruwah HaQodesh, you’ll allow your corrupt mind and thinking to override your conscience which is a part of your spirit and you will act on your emotions, void of reason and intellect, and make fatal choices that lead to the demise of your family and relationship. All of this is evil. Nothing good about it!!

I am straight up attacking this erroneous evil that says otherwise. This is a prophetic sword cutting down EVIL and destruction…. Elah only gave us two choices: Life and Good or Death and Evil...!!

Deuteronomy(Daberim) 30:11 “For this command which I am commanding you today, it is not too hard for you, nor is it far off. Deu 30:12 “It is not in the heavens, to say, ‘Who shall ascend into the heavens for us, and bring it to us, and cause us to hear it, so that we do it?’ Deu 30:13 “Nor is it beyond the sea, to say, ‘Who shall go over the sea for us, and bring it to us, and cause us to hear it, so that we do it?’ Deu 30:14 “For the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart – to do it. Deu 30:15 “See, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil, Deu 30:16 in that I am commanding you today to love יהוה your Elohim, to walk in His ways, and to guard His commands, and His laws, and His right-rulings. And you shall live and increase, and יהוה your Elohim shall bless you in the land which you go to possess. :

How can destroying a family fit into LIFE AND GOOD? How can stop loving someone fit under LIFE AND GOOD? How can divorce fit under Life and Good? How can hurting each other in our marriages and covenant relationship fit under LIFE AND GOOD???? How can making a vow before Elah “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health and until death do us part”, and then later abandoning them fit under LIFE AND GOOD??? How can you take a woman, humble her sexually, as she gives her body, mind, and soul to you, she is willing to travel to the pits of death and pain just to bring into this world an image and likeness of YOURSELF, as a divine miracle, and then you take it, trample all over it and then throw her to the curb and just walk away from it all? How could that fit under LIFE AND GOOD? How can you find a man who put his life on the line to protect you, raise you up, be there for you, provide for you, and co-share in the family building experience, giving you the opportunity to be a divine vessel to give life into this world, only for you to just leave, walk away from it all and then go jump into the bed of another man and give him, what he’s never earned, what your husband/spouse invested into you? How could you, under the choice of LIFE AND GOOD?? How can ANY of us contribute to the demise of our marriages and covenant relationships, and place such actions and choices under LIFE AND GOOD?

All of this is a reflection & proof that LOVE never existed in the first place. There is no such thing as I used to Love him, or She used to be the love of my life. THERE IS NO SUCH THING PEOPLE!!!! There is no such thing as “I have love for you, but I am not in love with you anymore”.. This is a lie and tactic of Satan and the Fallen Watchers!!! They have deceived all of us into tearing down what we worked to build, and ultimately lying directly to the face of Yahwah Elah, when we took vows we knew dam well were couldn’t keep!!!!

Some of you have done things in your life that simply made you not deserving of anything, let alone love, and yet you still found love because of Elah’s Chenin & chased(grace and mercy), you are still raised up and then cannot or will not apply the Chenin and Hased(grace and unfailing love) to your own marriage/covenant relationship. Many of you sound and look verbatim as this:

This is your Life story, of struggle, lack of worthiness, then finding someone who loves you, picked you up, nurtured, & provided for you, stood beside you, and tried to give you the world, only for you to go destroy it all.. And for what? Love? Lust?

Ezekiel 16:1 Again the word of יהוה came to me, saying, Eze 16:2 “Son of man, make known to Yerushalayim her abominations, Eze 16:3 and say, ‘Thus said the Master יהוה to Yerushalayim, “Your origin and your birth are from the land of Kenaʽan. Your father was an Amorite and your mother a Ḥittite.

You as a Single Person before you found love:

Ezekiel 16:4 “As for your birth, on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut, nor were you washed in water for cleansing, and you were not rubbed with salt at all, nor wrapped in cloth at all. Eze 16:5 “No eye felt sorry for you, to do any of these for you, to have compassion on you. But you were thrown out into the open field, to the loathing of your life on the day you were born.

When someone who genuinely loved you came into your life”

Eze 16:6 “Then I passed by you and saw you trampled down in your own blood, and I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ And I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ Eze 16:7 “I have let you grow like a plant in the field. And you are grown and are great, and you come in the finest ornaments. – breasts were formed, your hair grew, and you were naked and bare.

You and your true Love Marry and building a Family:

Eze 16:8 “Again I passed by you and looked upon you and saw that your time was the time of love. And I spread My skirt over you and covered your nakedness. And I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became Mine,” declares the Master יהוה.

The Truelove that revolutionized your life, provided for you & was always there for you:

Eze 16:9 “And I washed you in water, and I washed off your blood, and I anointed you with oil. Eze 16:10 “And I dressed you in embroidered work and gave you sandals of leather. And I wrapped you in fine linen and covered you with silk. Eze 16:11 “And I adorned you with ornaments, and I put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck. Eze 16:12 “And I put a ring on your nose, and earrings in your ears, and a crown of adorning on your head. Eze 16:13 “Thus you were adorned with gold and silver, and your dress was of fine linen, and silk, and embroidered cloth. You ate fine flour, and honey, and oil. And you were exceedingly pretty, and became fit for royalty. Eze 16:14 “And your name went out among the nations because of your loveliness, for it was perfect, by My splendour which I had put on you,” declares the Master יהוה.

Yet despite having whom Elah designed you for in your life, you go & destroy your marriage and covenant relationship, fighting and undermining your #1 Ally by committing adultery or seeking lust(not love) in all the wrong Places:

Eze 16:15 “But you trusted in your own loveliness, and whored because of your name, and poured out your whorings on everyone passing by who would have it. “

How, after lying to Elah and breaking Covenant with your spouse, many of you took what your spouse worked hard for to provide and give you, taking half or more of it(money, property, investments, business & even skills that were taught to you), via divorce or breakup and then you take it and go run off and give it to the benefit of someone else who hasn’t even done
a fraction of what your spouse did for your life nor who would even love you in the capacity you were loved, in spite of imperfections, errors and setbacks you or your spouse both experienced together:

Eze 16:16 “And you took some of your garments and made multi-coloured high places for yourself, and whored on them – which should not have come about, nor shall it be. Eze 16:17 “And you took your splendid adornments, of My gold and My silver that I gave you, and made for yourself images of a male and whored with them. Eze 16:18 “And you took your embroidered garments and covered them, and you set My oil and My incense before them. Eze 16:19 “And My food which I gave you, fine flour and oil and honey which I fed you, you set it before them as sweet incense – and so it was,” declares the Master יהוה.

How many of you, after hurting your spouse, destroying your family, then go and victimize your children, exposing them to you adulterous relationships and lifestyle, whom you give authority to be over your children and yet they’re not even worthy of being a father and who have none of the blessings nor the favor of Elah and now your children have to suffer and be robbed as a result of your erroneous actions and lifestyle choices that reflects NOTHING of LIFE AND GOOD:

Eze 16:20 “And you took your sons and your daughters, whom you bore to Me, and these you slaughtered as food to them. Were your whorings a small matter, Eze 16:21 that you have slain My children and gave them up to them by causing them to pass through the fire?

You sit up here, making all of these erroneous choices, hurting someone who genuinely loves you, thinking you have gotten away with it. Forgetting the reality of where you originally come from in your life, when you were single and before you ever found Love or made any vows..The days you didn’t even deserve True Love and yet in spite of all of this, in spite of all your imperfections and wrongdoings, Someone came along and saw more than just your circumstances and chose to see the inner potential, and cared enough to take you by the hand and give you a better life so that you could evolve and become everything Elah called and purposed you to be :

Eze 16:22 “And in all your abominations and whorings you did not remember the days of your youth, when you were naked and bare, trampled down in your blood. ” Ezekiel 16:30 “How weak is your heart!” declares the Master יהוה, “seeing you do all this, the deeds of a shameless whore.

Whenever you hurt someone who genuinely loves you, Elah is never going to allow you to find anyone better or experience another true genuine love(hased): Yet many of you have found yourself having to take care of someone else, instead of them taking care or investing into you. You are doing it with what your True Love invested into you and given to you. Yet instead of the others giving to you, they are taking from you… They have nothing to offer you except lust… It’s like being married to a Physician or Political Figure with resources, property, inheritance, and wealth that benefits you and the entire family and then you give all of that up and choose to settle for a person who works part time at Applebees and stays at home with their mother, and you have to give them a ride to and from work in the car you got from the proceeds of the one who genuinely loved you that you betrayed…..

Eze 16:32 “The wife who commits adultery who takes strangers instead of her husband! Eze 16:33 “To all whores they give gifts, but you gave gifts to all your lovers, and bribed them to come to you from all around in your whorings. “Thus you are different from other women in your whorings, because no one whores after you, and in you giving a gift, while a gift was not given to you. Thus you are different.” Eze 16:35 ‘Therefore, O whore, hear the word of יהוה!

How after you take for granted the understanding, wisdom, and knowledge of Divine Ahab(LOVE), hurting your spouse, victimizing your children, stepping outside of your role by violating the covenant you made an oath, and after you have wandered out thinking you can get better, only to end up finding Karma, where just as you have hated those who genuinely loved you, and lusted after those who never loved you, Elah takes them and turns all of them against you to your own fate, thus destroying your soul and in the process losing your relationship with Yahwah Elah, as he abandons you for you abandoning his Love via the person you should have never left nor betrayed, thus exposing just who you really are and just how much poison is within you, so that you never experience true love or have the chance to hurt another true Lover again!!!!:

Eze 16:36 ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “Because your copper was poured out and your nakedness uncovered in your whorings with your lovers, and with the idols of your abominations, and because of the blood of your children which you gave to them, Eze 16:37 therefore, see, I am gathering all your lovers with whom you took pleasure, all those you loved, with all those you hated. And I shall gather them from all around against you and shall uncover your nakedness to them, and they shall see all your nakedness. Eze 16:38 “And I shall judge you with judgments of adulteresses and shedders of blood. And I shall bring on you the blood of wrath and jealousy.

The reason why soo many women have had their lives destroyed & have been reduced down to not having the ability to take care of themselves, their children and live broken lives, struggling, suffering from mental and emotional stress, many times violence, to the point they need to take medication or use drugs and why most always have roller-coaster lives & western culture has a single unwed marriage rate, especially amongst black women, at 75-80%, after they lost a good man and why many men have never been able to excel beyond the thug or hood life, after they have ravished soo many women. The divine Consequences of destroying family:

Eze 16:40 “And they shall bring up an assembly against you, and they shall stone you with stones and thrust you through with their swords, Eze 16:41 and burn your houses with fire, and execute judgments on you before the eyes of many women. And I shall make you stop whoring, and no longer give gifts. Eze 16:42 “So I shall bring My wrath to rest upon you, and My jealousy shall turn away from you. And I shall be calm, and no longer be vexed. Eze 16:43 “Because you did not remember the days of your youth, but troubled Me with all this, so see, I shall also bring your way on your own head,” declares the Master יהוה. “And shall I not do this thought for all your abominations?

What can happen to children who are victimized because of the erroneous error of those who do not value, understand or adhere to the Principles and rules of LOVE and choose to destroy the family structure instead of embracing Hased(unfailing love) as the Key to family building and being faithful in a relationship no matter what:

Eze 16:44 “See, all who use proverbs shall use this proverb against you, ‘Like mother, like daughter!”Eze 16:45 “You are your mother’s daughter, who despises her husband and her children. And you are the sister of your sisters, who despised their husbands and their children. Your mother was a Ḥittite and your father an Amorite.

And yet in spite of all of this, Elah gives us the guide of how we/those who in fact have instilled within them/us true, unfailing, genuine love(Hased Ahab), even after we have been hurt, betrayed, made to be upset by the other party, will feel and think negatively after all the emotions, anger and depressions have calmed down and even after all the battles that they have allowed Satan to use them to orchestrate and instigate against us, it’s still found that there’s nothing anyone can do, no matter how evil, imperfect or foolish, to us or themselves, that can alter or diminish our love for them, the vows we made before Elah in regards to them and the commitment we have to never changing. Passion may run away, but AHAB-HASED Is here to stay forever:

Eze 16:58 “You shall bear your wickedness and your abominations,” declares יהוה. Eze 16:59 ‘For thus said the Master יהוה, “I shall deal with you as you have done, in that you have despised the oath by breaking the covenant. Eze 16:60 “But I shall remember My covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I shall establish an everlasting covenant with you.

It is at this moment, that when a spouse who has done wrong and committed evil and after everything they did to try to break the person who genuinely loved them, that they become confused, and most of the time ashamed, because they cannot comprehend why such persons still love them, after all the evil they have done and can forgive them when such traitors seek such forgiveness…And its at this point that Elah shows us how to understand Elah’s type of love, which can only be manifest and express via those who truly and faithfully Love Elah and his Torah Commands:

Eze 16:61 “And you shall remember your ways and be ashamed……………..

Eze 16:62 “And I Myself shall establish My covenant with you. And you shall know that I am יהוה,
Eze 16:63 so that you remember. And you shall be ashamed, and never open your mouth any more because of your shame, when I pardon you for all you have done,” declares the Master יהוה.’ ”

It is at this moment, the spouse in the wrong realizes exactly what THEY HAVE LOST!!! The essence of the Prodigal Wife or Prodigal Husband!!! This is the beauty of true and genuine Love, unbreakable, unshakable, and steadfast. This is the “For better or for Worst and in sickness and in health, and until death due us part”, that shines forth as a light in the midst of darkness. This is the foundation and essence of true Family and Covenant Building process.

The Torah Law makes it clear that when a spouse commits any act of uncleanliness, especially adultery, that it’s permissible to send them away via a Get(Divorce). The Torah also specifies that such acts should be punishable by death. Yet the same Divine Yahwah Elah, shows us the concept of genuine love and is unfailing in that “we don’t have to follow such laws” if we have mastered the concept of True Love and forgiveness along with mercy…

The Flip Side and the missing Element of Divorce and breaking up:

One of the key aspects of divorce, that many overlook, is when it’s actually a very good thing to break off a relationship or marriage and when staying in such relationships is in fact considered treacherous and can also have a negative impact on your relationship with Elah:

Malachi 2:8 “But you, you have turned from The Way, you have caused many to stumble in the Torah. You have corrupted the covenant of Lĕwi,” said יהוה of hosts. Mal 2:9 “And I also, I shall make you despised and low before all the people, because you are not guarding My ways, and are showing partiality in the Torah.” Mal 2:10 Have we not all one Father? Did not one Ěl create us? Why do we act treacherously against one another, to profane the covenant of the fathers?

In this passage,
Elah is discussing the acts that fit under what he considers treachery, and not living up to the Torah in its fullness and showing partiality as it relates to the Torah and the fullness and essence of what Elah wants to communicate in regards to his Laws and the Spirit of his Laws: the 2nd part of this Treachery, and showing partiality is in regards to “the women” who are in relationship with Jewish Men…

Mal 2:13 And this you have done a second time: you cover the altar of יהוה with tears, with weeping and crying, because He no longer regards the offering, nor receives it with pleasure from your hands. Mal 2:14 And you said, “Why?” Because יהוה has been witness between you and the wife(literally woman) of your youth, against whom you have acted treacherously, though she is your companion and the wife of your covenant.

Elah discusses the fact that he’s not answering the prayers of the man(or the woman) who comes before him, whining and complaining. It could be about the spouse they are with in how they are not happy with them, things are horrible, they are always fighting and things are just not right and never was right, but yet they don’t want to let the woman go, and want Elah to “make her into what he wants “. Elah says this man, coming to his alter complaining, about whatever it is, is treacherous? How is that the case? Have we not just studied Chenin and Hased as it relates to Ahab(unchanging love). Did we not just see how to forgive and love no matter what? Did we just not read and study how we lose our relationship with Elah when we hurt those who genuinely love us or we disregard love and lie about our vows and then walk away from relationships and marriage? So now why is this man weeping at the alter being called Treacherous for calling out to Yahwah?

As stated before, he may not have even been whining about his woman. He could very well have been seeking Elah to figure out why all of the doors of opportunity have started to close, and how his life is starting to show he doesn’t have favor and the fact that he’s starting to realize how satan is getting more and more victories over his life. And Elah simply responds to him by making it clear that he will not accept his prayers nor any sacrifice he has to offer on the altar because his relationship with Elah has been compromised and it’s directly related to how he’s treating the woman in his life. Thus making him a treacherous person. The Prophet Malachi gives a simple explanation, that balances the two seemingly conflicting scriptures, with one speaking on unconditional love and forgiveness to preserve marriage and family and another side that I explain in fact is a good thing to break up over or why a relationship should end.

Elah explains to the man, why he’s treacherous and what he needs to do to stop being treacherous:

Mal 2:15 And did He not make one? And He had the remnant of the Spirit? And what is the one alone? He seeks a seed of Elohim. So you shall guard your spirit, and let none act treacherously against the wife(woman) of his youth. Malachi 2:16

“For If you hate her, send her away,” said יהוה Elohim of Yisra’ĕl, “and the one who covers his garment with cruelty,” said יהוה of hosts. “So you shall guard your spirit, and do not act treacherously.” (Note most western Christian bibles grossly mistranslate and some deliberately mistranslated this passage, twisting it by stating ” The Eternal creator hates divorce” when the passage says no such thing in Hebrew or Aramaic)….

The key here that resolves the issue is “HATE”, Hebrew sanah (שנא) : to be an adversary, shunned, unloved, cease to love. It also means “to be changed” Hate(Sanah) is the opposite of Love(Ahab). You cannot start off truly loving someone and then later in marriage or relationship you change and end up hating them(you can hate what they are doing, but not hate them). If at any point in your relationship Love ceases and you hate them enough to betray them, walk away, commit adultery, hurt them, hurt your children because of them, then YOU never loved them in the first place!!!

Love is married to commitment and faithfulness. The Just lives by his Faithfulness (Habakkuk).. Thus marrying and building relationships that is not rooted in genuine love should not exist!! That’s how betrayal, back-stabbing, broken hearts, and emotional damage and scars occur!!! That’s why people end up in long-term abusive relationships.

To end a marriage you are making a statement of “Sanah” towards your spouse or significant other.. Hate is the only factor of breaking a marriage or relationship covenant.

The Law of Polygamy in Deuteronomy that speaks about a man with two wives, one Loved(Ahab) and one Hated(Sanah), is a reflection of a man who has a compromised relationship with a woman whose “changed” because of her behavior, actions, or appearance that has affected passion, not the relationship itself by virtue of the fact they are still married. This compromised relationship with one woman has no impact on the relationship with the other woman he loves and has a good relationship, of who has not changed & has remained steadfast. It is used differently than our discussion of a man who “never loved” someone in the first place, but because the topic is about inheritance, it allows room for the Levitical Priests who use this situation in both ways, of passionless relationships that can be fixed by restoring passion, and love-less relationships that shouldn’t exist in the first place and is unacceptable, because people who do not love each other cannot make each other happy nor fulfilled and are in fact a stumbling block to each other….

Thus the act of Treachery is about remaining in a relationship with someone you NEVER LOVED & in fact HATE(Sanah)!!!.

You cannot forgive and stick by someone you never truly Loved in the first place, as it relates to relationships when they step outside that relationship, as the minute they do it, you’d walk away under the assumption that you can do better or deserve better…. You cannot value a person nor invest in a person’s spirit or soul in the manner they need and want if you do not love them and just lust for them. Because in Lust and passion only, after the sexual encounter, then what? You have people in false relationships that end the relationship the minute the sex isn’t as good as it used to be. You have women who go around and make dumb relationship choices based on who has the biggest dick and can fuck her the best or give her the most orgasms..

I’ve sat and observed women in various groups and forums complain about their man not wanting to do sexual things she wants to do, because of his religious and traditional values(like couple swapping, the wife wanting to be gang banged or explore sexually with other men in violating of Edenic Law etc etc.). The man they are married to are good men, who work, provide, love them genuinely etc, and yet these women are thinking about divorce just because of sexual reasons and fantasies they want to fulfill but their husband’s values won’t allow him to do such.

The same applies to men having beautiful wives who are faithful and dedicated, but because she doesn’t want to swing or have sex with him and another female, he’s ready to dump her to the curb and destroy his relationship and marriage. In fact, they have a new name and title for those who live by traditional religious and cultural values and won’t embrace some of these wild, outrageous, unnatural damaging and risky sexual behaviors that are notorious in Swingers or Lifestyle Groups or amongst people who call themselves sexually liberated and free, when in fact they are committing self enslavement of their own bodies, minds, and spirit, and also contributing to the sudden huge spike in public health and infectious disease. Yet these people call those who won’t embrace this sexual madness “Vanilla”!!! As if those who are now looked upon with scorn, called Vanilla, are the ones with the problem…SMH.

Do you know how many relationships were established right in the middle of sex because it was soo good and then base that relationship on emotional feelings of passion with no concept of genuine LOVE (AHAB). Those relationships are usually self destructible.. But when you take someone who ends up making vows and lying before Elah and gets married based on the passion factor or even due to cultural or religious pressures, and then realizes how unhappy they are and yet because of traditions and religion, they stay together because they were lied to and told its sin to divorce and they just sit up there, wishing they never met their spouse, they sleep in separate rooms and then many grow old together and are and bitter… That is not how Elah designed for us to live. That is treacherous to live in such a manner….

The Covering the “Garments with Cruelty” in Malachi is the opposite of:

Ezekial 16:8 “And I spread My skirt over you and covered your nakedness. And I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became Mine,” declares the Master יהוה.”

One is doing what we call in Judaism Agunah, which refers to a woman who is chained to a loveless
relationship with a man who doesn’t love her but refuses to divorce her, thereby keeping his covering over her as her Adon, but in a cruel manner where she cannot receive love, experience love and ends up suffering from neglect, while the other is showing genuine love and concern as an Adon(husband) is supposed to be toward his woman, by giving her a covering of love, affection, and protection…. That’s why Ezekial used the example of how a man is supposed to be while referring to Yahwah Elah’s covenant relationship and love for Israel…

Love can be taught and learned, even if it didn’t exist in the beginning:

Let me also state, in the prophetic mandate to never show partiality. That Love can be taught, and people can “learn to love” each other. Even if they did marry for all the wrong reasons, there are ways to live up to those vows and oaths made before Elah, so we don’t end up with the penalty of lying. Jacob and Leah married for all the wrong reasons. Jacob had no intentions of marrying her, nor did he originally love her. He wanted and loved Rachel, Leah’s sister, yet because of deception and trickery he ended up making a covenant in the dark and when the light exposed the reality, he realized he married the wrong woman he neither wanted nor loved.. Yet despite such blunder, he did not abandon his covenant and vows he made before Elah, even for the wrong woman. He did end up getting the woman he truly loved, who was Rachel, but over time he learned to love Leah. As a result he birth children via Leah and Rachel, including their Maid-servants.

Rachel died due to complications during birth which devastated Jacob and the entire family. Dinah his daughter had already died from grief because she thought her brother Joseph was killed, when in fact he was sold into slavery. So this was a triple trajedy for Jacob. And yet Leah was there right beside him and he did not have to worry about being alone. Elah made provisions for his life and family via Leah even before Jacob understood why she was in his life… .. Elah took what appeared to be a mistake and turned it into an everlasting moment & blessing. For if it wasn’t for that “Mistake of a marriage”, there would have never been a 12 Tribes of Israel, there would have never been a Chosen people and there would have never been all of these great prophetic leaders, priests, messiahs and saviors that came via Leah’s children (i.e. Levy and Judah). There would be no Moses(a Levite), King David(from Judah), Yermiyahu, Isaiah, Yeshua and Ya’akob ben Yoseph and all the other prophets who helped write the Torah Tenakh we have today to form Judaism, nor a Muhammad or Islam(whose mother was a Ethiopian Levitical Jew). In fact, there would be no ME as a Rabbi Cohen, nor a Ben Ammi ben Israel nor a Prince Asiel!!! None of our greatness would exist as it is, had it not been for this Mistake of a marriage that had no love attached to it.

See how Elah works in taking a mess to bring forth his Message?? Thus its very much possible to learn to love that person you did not originally love. Thats why Elah has provided for us the Ruwah HaQodesh in order for us to tap into this higher level of knowledge and understanding so that we can evolve into a people of principle, spirit, discipline, and unwavering integrity and love.(Testament of the 12 Patriarchs Ethiopian Jewish Scriptures).

People can learn how to love, learn how to ignite flames of passion, learn just how valuable and important family building is and make efforts and work together to make it work. Because Ultimately that’s what Elah wants: He wants to help make it work!!! That takes long-suffering, humility, and integrity. Just as we don’t always have to follow the letter of the Law in divorce due to certain behaviors and can invoke the Spirit of forgiveness as its rooted in unchanging love, so also do we not have to end relationships that may have been built wrong or pressured, or because we really didn’t love the person we married.

Under the understanding of living up to the vows we make, finding a way to give honor to Elah, and not contributing to the demise of family and relationship building, we can make the choice to allow the Ruwah HaQodesh to connect us to the mind of Elah, so he can teach us how to love each other in the way and manner he unconditionally loves us… But it takes two(or more in polygamy) to make this happen.. Love is a two way high-way. You cannot sit up there and have somebody genuinely loving you and you don’t make the efforts to learn to love them back and expect Elah to be on your side and grant you favor…. And you cannot say you love someone and then betray them and walk away later saying “you don’t love them anymore”. That is treachery and it does not fit under “LIFE AND GOOD”.

All of these scenarios are a prophetic learning lesson and are the keys to saving society and revolutionizing civilization, by restoring proper family building, and making family the center of all living. Its mandatory that everyone understand Love the right way according to how Elah designed it. Mastering the concept of forgiveness and restoration.

Chenin, Hased and Ahab are the Trinity of Truth in family building and not making decisions that can jeopardize our lives and alter our destiny and purpose. Life and Good vs Death and Evil are the platinum standards that we are to measure everything we do in life. It is either going to fit under one or the other. There is no in-betweens.

Right now Elah told me to tell you all, that he’s giving a grace and mercy period until the beginning of the next Jewish Enochic New Years for each and everyone one of you who have missed the mark, made a grave error in your choices, and took a wrong turn in life, to leave your prayers, gifts, and sacrifices at the altar and then go and make mends and seek forgiveness and if possible restore relationships that were broken as a result of the bad choices and errors you all have made. Some of you will have favor in getting full restoration, some of you simply will have peace knowing you apologized and still you will have to deal with the fact you lost that spouse who loved you unconditionally. And they will still love you, but genuine love thats not returned, simply gets re-diverted to others who will be more than willing to return the favor….

Especially with women, once they marry again(provided they were righteous and did not cause the damage and adultery), you cannot interfere with their new family and relationship. Its a violation of the Torah to take her back even if she divorced the next spouse… In polygamy, a man can choose to allow his woman(or women) to come back into the fold….This is an opportunity for a fresh start and to get back right on the path Elah originally designed you for and also to rebuild your relationship with Elah and the person whose best for your life….. Many are Prodigal husbands and prodigal wives. At some point, the prodigals have to go back home….Take advantage of it.

I pray this message has spoken to your spirit and that false ideologies were melted away and that you have been given “the right set of mind, to see everything rightly”.To those who kept the Faith, stayed the course and remained faithful, despite losing someone you truly loved: Just know, Elah is going to give you love 7 fold. For many, especially men, that may translate to 7 women who will stand by you, love you, be a helpmeet to you and help you move forward as you have ever imagined before.. Elah always makes things right to his Chosen who are hurt and betrayed…We always get better!!!…

May Yahwah Elah and the Ruwah Qodesh be praised in all things. For he is the Eternal Wisdom and I am his Son and Representative who has spoken his mind.
Believe it and receive it!!!

Shalom Aliekom,

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