Your Health & Reality: The wide-spread plague of undiagnosed mental health disorders that have been normalized

By Dr, Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y HaLahawi OMD, NMD, PhD., PsyD, DPH, DFM, DAAIM

Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Public Health & Humanitarian Medicine
Edenic Light Integrative Pastoral & Family Life Care.
UN Dept of Economics and Social Affairs
Pastoral Medical Institute of Sickle Cell & Thalassemia Disease
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Mental health disease is the #1 most un-diagnosed/under-diagnosed illness that plagues Western Civilization. It is so common and widespread that entire communities are suffering from various forms of mental health illness. What is even worse is that because so many people have mental health diseases and then are surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues who also suffer from mental health disease, that it’s being normalized which reduces the chance of people seeking help or accepting a diagnosis by a conventional or naturopathic psychiatrist, as to them it’s supposed to be that way and thus they reject any attempts to explain to them that it’s not normal and is the underlying reason for their inability to progress constructively in life.

Denial is extremely common amongst people with mental health diseases, as no one likes to be told they have an illness of the mind. Illicit & prescription drug usage is also very widespread and prevalent and is in fact one of the major underlying causes of mental health disease when seen amongst entire communities and certain ethnic groups. Marijuana, for example, is a major contributor to collective mental health disease, both directly and when users reproduce and multiply genetically.

Now it’s true, that the argument can be made simplified to the fact that chronic depletion of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is a leading reason for mental health disease. Well when you engage in drug usage, such as marijuana, you are depleting essential nutrients & contributing to biological dysfunction. When you use cocaine and heroin, your bones began to deteriorate and leech essential vitamins and minerals and then when you are constantly angry, sad or depressed your liver and kidneys become compromised, along with the fact that drugs compromise your liver and kidney as well(which can be seen in the whiting of a person eyes turned Jaundice or blood shot), and they are essential to the proper metabolism and absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, not to mention that your kidneys are responsible for the direct growth, development, and health of your skeletal system & according to Eastern Asian science is the seat of your soul-spirit.

See, all of this is interrelated. Your behavior, environment, and your very thought process itself are all contributing to chronic life-altering depletions of your Nutritional balance. Your diet is also a major component. In fact, drug usage and alcohol usage is categorized under “DIET”. So, if you use marijuana, cocaine, molly, PCP, bath salts or drink alcohol, then that is a part of your daily dietary intake.

This is why we are seeing catastrophic records of broken homes and families, skyrocketing violence, suicides, and a major decrease in productivity & academic progress amongst certain age groups and populations. In fact, its contributing to the major decline in spiritual growth and development and moral character. It is simply impossible to have the right set of mind to see things right when you allow mental health illness to linger and left untreated.

The bottom line is this, just as everyone should go to get annual routine physicals, checkups, and teeth cleaning, so should everyone get routine mental health checks. It’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it simply means there is a part of your life that needs to be fixed and healed. And by taking the steps to deal with your issues simply means you really love yourself & want the best for yourself. Self-hate is in fact one of the most widespread mental health disparities, and its directly rooted in the lack of understanding of what true love really is(click here to read Hebrew love vs American love, the significant difference).

Even moreso, you need to see a Naturopathic Psychiatrist. Integrative Medicine Psychiatrist or Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapists, who understands the correlation between Nutrients and Mental health disease, as well as physical disease and who also understands that one cannot have a sound mind and be physically & biologically healthy just as one cannot be physically unhealthy and have a sound stable mind…..

Some signs & evidence of mental health disease:

1. If you use marijuana, recreational drugs or alcohol on a daily or weekly basis or have used it in the past.

2. You use Facebook, Twitter, or social media for more than 2 hours for personal, non-business-related activity, out of the day. This includes constantly logging in, strolling on your cell phone, computer, or laptop, looking to see what others post, constantly taking selfies, and especially if you associate how many people on your friend list with how important or unimportant you see yourself as or you consider social media an intricate part of your life.

3. If you have days of euphoria where you are happy or seem on top of the world, focused & ready to be an achiever and then immediately right afterwards you feel your world is caving down on you, you feel everyone is against you or trying to hold you down or stabbing you in the back and then suddenly you are happy and on top of the world again with nothing and no one to stop you and then repeat the cycle over and over again daily or weekly switching from being very happy to very sad or angry.

a. This can also apply to behavioral patterns in a relationship. Where one day your spouse is the best thing on the planet, and then suddenly a minor conflict ensues and then you are questioning the entire existence of the relationship.

b. Associating disagreement with total rejection of yourself

4. If you suffer from anxiety or health palpitations, especially during minor conflicts or situations or you have mental or emotional breakdowns and outbursts that you regret entirely after you’ve calmed down and can’t take criticism or receive corrective actions without feeling your entire world is coming to an end.

a. If you resort to drinking or using drugs to cope with life situations, no matter how big or eventually very small they are.

5. You find yourself running to social media immediately following a conflict

6. If you suffer from a “Do not judge me syndrome” and find yourself using the disclaimer “Do not Judge me” after every immoral statement or action you engage in, or you shut down & refuse to communicate during a confrontation especially a corrective confrontation or during an argument.

7. If you find yourself listening to secular music after a confrontation, during sadness or anger and such music serves as fuel to your emotions or sends you on a pity potty state of being.

8. Going to the Alter in your religious tradition every week, crying, screaming and hollering, and begging for forgiveness, right after you’ve engaged in partying, illicit sexual behavior, criminal activity, or drug usage only to go and repeat the same behavior the next week over and over again, while your religion disguises your behavior as a spiritual event(i.e catching the Holy Ghost) and thus normalizes such behaviors because most other congregants suffer the same behavior patterns.

9. You only hang or congregate around others, on both social media or in real life, that engage in the same drug, alcohol, and illicit behavior as yourself, thus mentally normalizing and re-enforcing your behavior.

10. If you have more than 260 friends on Facebook outside of business purposes.

11. If you find yourself having emotional or psychotic breakdowns over something said on social media by someone else that you didn’t like.

12. If you find yourself quoting bible scriptures in every conversation you have and cannot hold a decent respectful conversation without calling names, insults or hurling threats with others who don’t share your social, academic or religious views or political ideals or you find yourself demonizing other people just because they don’t believe, look like or act like yourself or comes from a different culture as yourself…

13. If you find yourself constantly crying when alone or especially when using drugs.

14. If a female, you associate having sex with numerous men as being liberating or you use sex as a way to reach out for affection and love or to feel wanted and have had sex with more than two men unmarried or multiple men within the same day, week or month.

15. Binge eating or constantly eating comfort foods and junk food without regard to your health and wellbeing.

16. Violent behavior. This includes gang violence, political or spiritual violence, and even the belief that physically attacking someone because they said something you don’t like or agree with, as acceptable behavior.

17. having an actual fear of extermination by law enforcement or the government and having unpredictable or uncontrollable behavior when confronted by law enforcement due to this conspiracy theory-induced paranoia…

18. Having an extreme emotional response and prejudice against people of other races who have never done anything towards you directly while showing little to no response to people of the same skin color or race who have in fact inflicted pain or atrocity against you or a loved one.

19. Using Social Media, cell phone or texts to engage in conflict, breakups or disputes. or having alot to say via a text but not having any ability to effectively communicate or conversate in the real world.

20. Repeatedly expressing your loneliness of being single, promoting yourself as worthy of a partner but never finding anyone you can trust, constantly expressing your pain from past relationships, yet never acknowledging your complacency to your multiple failed relationships and constant posting about love, relationships, heartbreak, betrayal, and what you won’t allow others to ever do to you again over and over and over again until it becomes the dominant posting of your social media.

These are just a few signs and symptoms of un-diagnosed mental health disease. They are not meant to be exhaustive. However, if you fit any of the descriptions above, then please consider getting a comprehensive mental health & medical nutrition checkup.

Focusing on the empowerment of the total man has to include mental health disease checks and treatments, and dietary health education has to include discussions about drug and alcohol usage and its effect on nutritional & biological balance.

We at Edenic Light Integrative Pastoral & Family Life Care of Georgia believe in addressing your total man, physical, mental as well as spiritual well-being. We have the ability to do comprehensive advance Wellness and Functional Assessments that includes biological, mental, as well as nutritional evaluations.

We have served humanity around the world for over 17yrs and counting. We want to be here to help you cope and recover with an expectation of a full restoration of your mental and physical well-being.

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