How music, compared to words, directly affect your life from within

Prophetic Debrai HaChockmah & Binah(Word of Wisdom & Knowledge):
“How Music,  compared to Words, directly affect your life from within”
By Dr. Shalomim Y. HaLahawi MD(AM)., PsyD., Lic.MD(P)., FFHMD
Mizrahi Israelite Int’l Rabbinical Council
Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Mizrahi Jewish Rabbi, Integrative Physician, Author, Medical Inventor, Humanitarian

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The type of music you listen to ultimately reflects the type of spirit within you, that is leading and guiding you. It is the ultimate reflection of who you really are from within.

Words and Music operate completely differently and affect the human spirit via two different processes.

Words(Debar speech): affects humans internally only after going through a set process that includes first hearing or seeing the word(i.e. reading), which is then sent to be processed and interpreted by the brain so that it can then be transported to enter into the soul(the material mental aspect of human physiology via the Kidneys and Liver) and then travels to the final destination by being deposited into Spirit of a human.
This is a process of what we call the Education or Learning Process. It is the normal way humans are stimulated and cultivated to grow and develop in different areas of their lives via a systematic process.  This is also the same method of cultivating and developing a person or people to be destructive in nature…So such a process has the same method whether it’s for constructive purposes or destructive purposes…

Music, on the other hand, operates on a totally different level, which can be highly prophetic or highly demonic/destructive and affects humans at a much faster frequency than words could ever do. It is soo strong and powerful that it bypasses both sight and hearing processing and supersedes the mental process and the soul process and gets dumped/deposited right into the human spirit and takes root almost immediately and has a deeper anchoring in the human spirit, whether it be constructive or destructive.. 

Prophecy and Prophetic words are the only exception to the rule of Debar and operate and affect human kinds in the same fashion as music… This is because Prophecy is directly linked to the Mind and Spirit of Elah and is able to flow via a gifting channel of the Prophet or Prophetic Minister, which is intertwined with, yet separate from the mental functions of the prophet or prophetic leader..  This is understood in many ways but especially in the fact that under a prophetic influence a prophet or prophetic minister can end up speaking a profound in-depth prophetic word to an individual or people and yet such words and utterances may be outside the normal scope and educational level of the particular prophet to the point, that outside of the prophetic influence, he may not be able to explain further what Elah was trying to communicate. But only if the Words fall outside of his scope of education, knowledge, understanding, and skills. Of course, this is rare, because Elah usually speaks via Prophetic Leaders to others on the level of understanding and education and equipping of that leader according to the Torah. Like Elah will rarely speak to a prophetic leader about a specific Deberai Chockmah or Deberai Binah(Word of Knowlede) in regards to a major health issue affecting a person’s life, if that prophetic leader is not already equipped to be a Naturopathic Physician or healer. His intent is to have the natural intellect work on par with the divine intellect so that prophetic leaders can do specific things in a more effective way according to the specific will of Elah and according to the level of knowledge, including in the Torah, and skills and education he has to do the job ….

So music is profound and is considered in Judaism a branch of the Prophetic gifts and ministry. Meaning music is not something to be played with, mishandled, or abused. According to the prophetic rules of procedure, as taught in the Nabi’im HaYeshiva(school of the prophets), music was only used for Worship, meaningful expressions(including love and intimacy, politics, constructive entertainment etc), and prophecy.   And people were not allowed to lead in singing if they were not equipped or properly gifted to sing. It would be blasphemy to continue to hit notes, but not have a genuine gift to lead in song, because that is playing with and diminishing the prophetic importance, value, and purpose of music, and it’s wasting spiritual power and bringing it to naught. At all times music can and will affect anyone who is exposed to it or subjected to it. Whether it is for the good or the bad.

And music can in fact be used as a tool for good in guiding people or literally exploiting them. This is why Satan aka Samma’el was able to get Chawwah’s (Eve) attention in the Garden of Eden. He used Music as the first line of deception and to open the door for him to lead her astray, in which he successfully did….

Music can literally make you who you currently are. It can influence you to think differently, act differently and make decisions differently from how you’d normally do things…

If you ever want to know whether a person is intelligent or stupid, enlightened or deceived, decent or ratchet, mentally and emotionally stable or a Psychopath and Bipolar, or spiritually intune with Elah or a pawn of satan, all you have to do is observe what music he or she listens to. Even better, the top 5 favorite songs of a person will tell you everything you need to know about them in regards to their emotional, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual stability.

This is very important for the Edenic Mizrahi Jewish man and woman. Not only for your own spiritual, cultural, and lifestyle well-being but also for understanding the type of people you are dealing with and especially knowing what type of person someone is when it comes to relationships, friendships, and other covenants because just as music can help define and interpret who a person really is from within, so does looking at one’s friends or spouse(s) can help you determine what kind of person he or she is(birds of the same feather flock together)…

While observing the external features and functions of a person may help in determining attraction, it is not always effective, because what may be manifesting outwardly may be a disguise for who this person is inwardly…So music is one of many tools you can use to find out the true essence of a person from within. I also emphasize the importance of becoming equipped with the Ruwah HaQodesh(Spirit of Holiness, Chockimah) and allowing yourself to be cultured and developed in how to use the Debarai HaChockmah(word of wisdom) and Deberai HaBinah(word of knowledge) so that you can have a stronger effective tool in being able to discern and judge righteously according to the Mind and Intellect of Elah, as it is these two prophetic Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish tools that define the ability to use and have the divine intellect. In fact, having the divine intellect via the Ruwah HaQodesh can be used for academic purposes, business purposes, marriage, and relationships and to ensure everything you do in life and every decision you make in life is going to be effective and in the will and purpose of Elah for your life….

It is this Torah Covenant power that is the root and source to why despite Jewish people making up less than 1% of the world population, still yet account for being the people who have the most successful and impressive inventions and where most of the worlds geniuses arise….. No other nation or people on the planet can ever make such a claim, because the promise of Yahwah Elah was given to us, the Jewish-Israelite people of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob.

Right now, we live in a dangerous world, where gentiles are fueling the Reign of Satan and the Fallen ones via their open worship and services to him, their open rejection of religion, morality, and stability, their open rejection of family being the center of all living, and their openly embracing everything that violates the Edenic  Law and Torah, and every lifestyle habits that include drugs, weed, alcohol abuse, unclean sexual acts, toxic dietary habits, violent behaviors, race-hate & hustling, and something more dangerous than one could ever imagine, which is deifying, supporting, worshiping and praising Modern Hip Hop, R & B & Man-Worship Religious(i.e. Jesus/Yeshua) music artists who are the key and root source to the demise and deterioration of the human spirit and soul etc…..

People do not understand this profound revelation in that, “because music bypasses all the natural functions and is deposited right into the spirit of those who are exposed to such music, then whatever spirit that is guiding the musician/singer/artist is going to be deposited right into your spirit.”  That’s right, Luther Vandross for example, one of the most beloved singers that even the most devout and religious of folks praised and supported because he sounded soo good, has had the Spirit of Luther take root in them and their children. Ever wonder why soo many youths are popping up Gay, Lesbian, and Homosexual? Maybe you should look at who you allowed to make deposits into their spirit. The Choir Director, Gay Willie on the Organ?  How did the church come to have the reputation of having all the fine whores, which one only needs to go to church if that’s what they want? Could it be the good Reverend or deacons whose doing it behind closed doors, or the females in the choir whose closed secrets have not been revealed, yet is depositing her essence into the people whom they have influence over? So if that is going on like that, you can clearly see what type of spirit is being deposited into the fans of Little Wayne, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West etc etc…. It’s a spiritual tragedy and crisis we have on our hands.

Remember Satan-Samma’el sang to Eve and she gave up her Garden of Eden!!.

What you do not know or understand, is what is hurting you. Lack of Knowledge leads to rejection of the Torah, which leads to destruction. Nobody is teaching this profound Deberai HaChockmah or Deberai HaBinah because many have not properly connected themselves to the Mind and Intellect of Yahwah Elah via the Ruwah HaQodesh. Thus I am one of few rare Mizrahi Jewish leaders who has mastered this prophetic understanding, without being tainted by the Church & Messianics, having been raised up myself as a Prophetic Levitical Priest and Rabbi, to impart such a profound message.

 You must learn the truth and the facts to protect not only your spirit, but the spirit of your children and children’s children.

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Shalom Aliekom

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