Hebrew Love vs American Love: The significant difference in meaning and substance

The key to understanding why Western peoples have high rates of divorce and broken families while Eastern peoples have high rates of marriage and Covenant relationships…_

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Introduction summary:
The biggest problem that is behind the failure of western civilization to be able to foster an environment that is conducive for building families and instead is a hostile environment that supports destroying families is that western people lack fundamental understanding and knowledge as it relates to the “Science of Sex”. Anglo-Saxon Puritan Christianity has played a major role in both sexual confusion & unhealthy sexual repression which has also led to destructive liberalism that fosters sexual expressions that only gratify the physical aspects of humans but is void of connecting & properly bonding people so that they can have ever-lasting Covenant relationships.

In this civilization, it wouldn’t matter if you waited 9 months or 3years to have sex with someone you think you love, ultimately the way relationships are even built, it’s bound to fail.

And yet, in Jewish culture, we have biblical stories and many historical accounts of our ancestors having sort of arranged marriages(even though acceptance was rooted in free-will of woman and man involved), and even many getting married within weeks and sometimes days of meeting each other. Like Isaac and Rebekah who bonded, as well as Adam and Eve who also bonded, on the 1st day they met, their marriage lasted for decades and they remained together until death physically separated.

Well, how come most eastern cultures can have this type of outcome from people who barely know each other or even have a “mental bond” or full knowledge about each other, and yet are able to be fulfilled and grow with each other and then learn to love each other over time and never part ways or break the covenant and bond with each other, while people in western civilization can wait for months or years to even be intimate, try to learn everything they can about each other, practice celibacy the entire time and then jump the broom in marriage and still have it fail?

I tell you as I have taught for over 20yrs. It has everything to do with Jews and people of the East understanding the purpose of why man and woman were created to marry and build covenant relationships. We understand that Love does NOT create Covenant Relationships. Love is born out of bonding and intimacy in Covenant relationships. Covenant relationships are founded out of the understanding of the importance of “responsibility”, according to the Original design, that humans must build a family structure to help sustain balance to the earth & civilization. Thus for Jews Covenant relationships are formed because of responsibility as it relates to the command to be “fruitful, multiply, increase and have dominion”. Yet no covenant relationship is birth until intimacy occurs. In fact, no true love can even begin to manifest until a bond between two people is made.

That is also why the Hebrew word for Sex is “Yada” to know. Elah created Yada as the only way human beings of the opposite sex can truly get to know each other, for covenant building, is via the divine act of sexual encounter.

Thus people raised and influenced by Anglo-Saxon puritanism have the concepts of Love, marriage, and sex backward. They believe that you are supposed to get to know each other externally 1st, then Love, then Marry, and then have sex. When it should be a Covenant relationship, which has no time in which is supposed to be formed out of the concept of responsibility, then intimacy and then love and then getting to know each other in the purest sense.

Deut 25:5  “When brothers dwell together, and one of them has died, and has no son, the widow of the dead man shall not become a stranger’s outside. Her husband’s brother does go in to her, and shall take her as his wife, and perform the duty of a husband’s brother to her. 
Deu 21:10  “When you go out to fight against your enemies, and יהוה your Elohim shall give them into your hand, and you shall take them captive, 
Deu 21:11  and shall see among the captives a woman fair of form, and shall delight in her and take her for your wife, 
Deu 21:12  then you shall bring her home to your house, and she shall shave her head and trim her nails, Deu 21:13  and put aside the mantle of her captivity, and shall dwell in your house, and mourn her father and her mother a month of days. And after that you shall go in to her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife. 

Trying to get to know someone mentally over an extended period of time, while is definitely a productive thing, can still include deception, deliberate or not, out of either lies or omissions. Whereas when two humans bond within a true genuine sense of purity rooted in responsibility, and they possess the mind of Elah, then there is absolutely nothing one can hide from the other because the two “spirits” form into one and thus the thoughts, secrets, fears, desires, vision and even deceptions of one becomes that of the other. This is the true meaning of what is mean by “getting in tune with a woman’s emotions/soul”. You can’t do that properly nor fully externally. My article, Edenic Law, Law of Physics and Medical Science as it relates to human physiology & sexual behaviors. A general overview!! – Mizrahi Ethiopian Jewish International Rabbinical Council (edenicserver.myqnapcloud.com) goes into further details

This is why Elahs’ first-ever command to humans right after he created them, and even after the flood, was the law and command of sexual union, not marriage…

Genesis 1:28  And Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said to them, “Be fruitful and increase, and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over all creeping creatures on the earth.” 

Gen 9:1  And Elohim blessed Noaḥ and his sons, and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase, and fill the earth”. 

Satan and demonic forces know of this truth, and that is why they have created the 1-night stand deception, where people can use such tactics, to act like they are genuinely interested in another person, and then once they get what they want sexually they jump ship and disappear. This is a common practice in Black American & Liberal hookup culture and is destructive behavior. But when you are rooted in principle and have true genuine respect for the Laws and commands of the Eternal Creator Elah, then your motives and actions are going to be rooted in responsibility as you are aligned with the Laws of Elah.

Even with Yahwah Elah’s creation itself. He did not create humans because he loved us, he loved us out of his intimate relationship with us after he created us.

Superficial external relationship building has no powerful effect over humans than internal relationship building because the Law of Nature that governs our behavior was implemented by Elah, to build everlasting relationships in the order and pattern as Elah has ordained, NOT the church, pastor, bishop, or any other religious leaders who are teaching repression against Edenic Law..

This is why it’s important to understand the teaching and concept of “Hebrew Love vs Western Love” because if you are using Western civilization and Christian concepts of relationship, sex, marriage, and family building you are going to be thrown into the pits of failure, where the rest of the west are suffering from a whopping 85% marriage/relationship fail rate, with ethnic groups like African Americans who have no true culture and who do not live by actual principles and value systems have an extremely high marriage/relationship fail rate, a 79% single mothers rate, leading sexually transmitted disease rates, high drug abuse rates, and a culture of sexually confused, poverty and illiteracy.

Notice that all of the above are interrelated according to the laws of relativity as well as the law of consequence when people collectively live outside of the laws of Nature as Elah has implemented them. This is what happens when you live contrary to the Laws of Elah and the way of living he has implemented.

Life is too short for all of this. And that is also why liberal and anglo-puritan western women are the least favorable when it comes to marriage and family building. Everything they have been taught has been in direct contradiction to the Laws of Eden. They are brainwashed to be monogamous which is also linked to mental health and emotional imbalances as well as bad character traits and integrity issues, and they are lied to about being celibate for extremely long periods of time which inherently shortens their life-spans and they have no genuine concept of being a helpmeet and servant unto their man until death does them part, and are known to turn from servant and helpmeet to usurper and satan when they no longer want to be married, and thus thrust themselves right into the domain of satan as they attempt to overthrow men, show utter contempt for that man’s authority over her and the children and then use the children against that man by running to a satanic government system that allows her to act in these manners and in the process she destroys the family, the children, the man and ultimately herself. She lies to herself that this is her empowerment when in truth this is evidence that she is a weak being and was never marriage material in the 1st place. Thus western women are dangerous because of the wrong knowledge and spirit that has been placed within them according to western civilizations’ destructive ideologies.. If a western woman truly wants to be empowered, fulfilled, and to walk in alignment with Elah, then Western Anglo-puritan doctrines must be uprooted from her very being. There is no other way.

Thus I encourage people to start seeking to evolve and connect themselves to the mind of Elah and the Spirit of Chockimah so that they can begin to understand their original design and creation and especially understand why Family is the Center of all Living and why everyone must build the right way and in the proper order if they expect to have an everlasting relationship.

Remember Love is not what makes/births relationships. You do not start courting out of love. Your start courting to build a relationship so that love develops, thus it’s born out of relationships that were made. Relationships are formed out of the sense of understanding purpose as it relates to the original reason we were created and us being responsible for upholding the Laws of Elah. Thus purpose and responsibility come before love. Those who have these strong emotions for each other which still don’t keep them together, even after waiting and trying to bond mentally and out of order, is not love but infatuation/passion, which is an emotion that is physical, not spiritual.

Let’s recap and go further

Love, commitment, and passion:
We are going to discuss an important understanding of true Love according to its original design & definition as taught in Eastern culture & especially the Torah. Love, Commitment & Passion are the 3 foundations of developing & establishing a lasting covenant relationship during the family building process. In fact, its called the “Triangle of Truth”,

Elah created the triangle as the strongest shape of all shapes. The triangle is capable of holding its shape, having a strong base, and providing immense support. It is the preferred shape for developing some of the world’s greatest architectures & virtually every building & bridge infrastructure around the world, due to its ability to withstand tremendous pressure.

Everything in nature & the sciences is interconnected to human growth & development also known as human evolution to higher consciousness. There is a lesson of the Torah in everything around us. If humans patterned themselves more after the “original designs” of Elah, they’d find more stability, consistency & fulfillment in their lives because of the positive consequence of upholding and conforming to such pre-established laws and rules that govern our existence. Family building, which is the most important and foundational aspect of human existence, would play a more widespread central role in advancing and sustaining a healthy productive civilization.

If we take a simple looking at the triangle & its design we can learn some quick lessons about establishing & developing lasting Covenant relationships. If we learned how to be consistent in sustaining and holding on to the foundations of truth, Elah would give a strong base to building our lives upon, and provide immense support to ensure we have everlasting Covenant relationships that birth strong families, whether monogamous or polygamous. Too many people jump into relationships without understanding the important elements that are needed to build a lasting fulfilling Covenant, and without a proper foundation in their own lives, nor the proper upbringing to prepare themselves for family building, they find themselves easily folding & breaking up under the simplest of pressures, disagreements or conflicts, no matter how minor they may be. Many women, for example, who adhere to liberal ideologies, will find themselves going through 6-10 relationships before they even reach the age of 25. Most of these relationships are sexual, and as one reads my other articles, this leads to brokenness, mental health disparity, and the inability to walk in one’s original design in order to build a fulfilling relationship with the right person.
In the Black community, more than 79% of women are single unwed mothers. Children are literally being robbed of their rights to be raised in two-parent (or 3 or 4+ in polygany) homes, and are thus brought into a world with literally no foundation to even evolve properly upon. No woman, in general, is designed to give foundation to a child no matter how she feels about it. Only a father can give foundation, and a mother(s) working alongside the father in a committed Covenant relationship, gives the child structure upon that foundation. Yet in single unwed parental homes, the woman becomes deactivated in her original design & thus is incapable of raising children according to the Torah/ The children are actually being raised as if one was building a home upon the sand, with no foundation, thus as they grow, the slightest amount or pressure leads to their beings collapsing under such pressure. That is why we see the “snowflake syndrome”, children as young as 6-8yrs old committing suicide & Big-Pharma making a huge profit off of the mental health disparities found in such children, turned teens, turned adults with no foundation let alone a strong structure.

These are the ones unprepared, jumping from relationship to relationship, with failure after failure. This usually starts as early as middle school. Western culture may pass this off as puppy love and something that is to be expected amongst youth growing and searching for their identity, yet the reality is that the Torah & laws of nature count each of these relationships as if they were broken marriages when they fail. Cheating on your boyfriend in 10 grade counts as adultery according to Torah law. Sneaking and having sex in high school, having wild parties, and sex in college or basic hookup culture is all counting as “failed Covenant relationships”, and the soul ties that occur from these unions remain present in a person’s life long after those filings are history pass, and they are playing a major foundational role in future failed relationships. As I’ve written with regards to soul ties, women suffer the most from these failed relationships and sexual flings, as the soul of each man she lies down with is imprinted upon her soul. Thus many women end up mentally and emotionally unstable over time and began to manifest bipolar, mania, depression, and especially multiple personality disorders. Each soul she infuses with is a personality imprinted upon her, of which she can then express in her instability.

These behaviors are not only damaging as described but they always leave a void within a person’s soul. That void leads to sadness, feelings of loneliness, emptiness, feeling inadequate, unworthy & having low self-esteem. Even with the most beautiful of women, especially these social media personalities who are vying for attention, due to pathological narcissism that is birth out of the chasms within their soul, suffer from broken souls due to these behavioral patterns and choices, in addition to other possible traumas such as physical & sexual abuse as a child. Thus because western culture has always associated love with a temporary emotion, such women find themselves vulnerable to giving themselves to different men, in short-lived relationships, in the name of pseudo-love, which is fueled by the desperation to fill the emptiness and void within their soul.

Emotional pleasure, the desire for attention & to feel wanted, becomes the front for love in such a way that it mimics the behavior of one who’s addicted to cocaine, crack or heroin. It becomes the person’s drug as well as demise on a spiritual and mental level, as well as physical, especially with regards to biological. disease. In fact, the destructive elements, in accordances to the laws of relativity and their causes and effects, are a Triangle in and of themselves. If one damages the soul, that automatically leads to damage of the mind, and damage of the mind automatically manifests as a physiological disease. If one is damaged or altered, all three become damaged and altered. Our ancestors in the East understood this and that is why sex, intimacy & bonding was defined and placed within the confines of a Triangle of Truth called “covenant relationships, marriage, and family building“, as these triangles of human behavior are a category of “public health”, and are designed to serve the best interests of a healthy, fulfilled and balanced mankind.

Definitions of Love Commitment and Passion
Most eastern people understand western concepts of “love” to be a confusion with compassion/passion, not the actual definition of love which is associated with responsibility, purpose, and covenant via action….. When you hear someone say they love people, they are really saying they have compassion. Christian missionaries who claim they love you when they first meet you, are not referring to actual Torah-based love.
They are communicating an emotion based on passion as well as motive. Yet the minute you reject Jesus and their message, that love ceases, even though they will continue to claim they still love you. That’s a trained and learned behavior based on misconceptions. Love is not an emotion. Emotion is temporal & can change based on circumstances. Love is not based on temporal emotion nor circumstances.

Aheb/Ahev(Aramaic/modern Hebrew): Actual love is a verb associated with responsibility of purpose, actions based on covenants, and established relationships. In other words under the true definition of love, no one can love anyone they don’t have a covenant or relationship with. I cannot love a person I do not know. I can however have compassion or passion for them.

Compassion, which is confused with Love/Ahaba, is the Aramaic Word: Chesed, which means compassion, passion, or loving-kindness…. This is usually associated with the family, tribe, love for one’s culture, and friendship love, but can also be extended to anyone. We can have compassion for the poor, the homeless, and those who are victims of tragedy and natural disasters.

I do not love(Aheb) everyone in the world because I do not have an established relationship with everyone in the world, but I do have compassion or lovingkindness(Chesed) for the wellbeing of the world…(it’s kinda like love…lol).

Regarding Covenant relationships, intimacy, and sex, those in western culture confuse the emotion they associate with love, which is actually the other word for intimate passion,
châphêts. This is the strong desire & attraction aspect of emotion. When people get soul ties, they naturally desire each other. Even during flings or short-lived relationships, weeks, days, months or even years can go by, and yet a sudden thought of a particular person can ignite desires for them. Women who lack understanding may even say, “That guy was crazy but I miss him and I still love his craziness”, as she’s thinking about the best sexual moments they’ve had. Some people may even go back to their ex and have sex with them and the connection and desires for each other may seem soo strong to the point they think they’ve re-ignited love when in fact it’s just the void in their soul tie getting a temporary quick fix. As if there is no shared vision or understanding of the purpose of covenant relationship and family building, then there can’t be love as if there was love they wouldn’t be an ex in the first. Not to mention that going back to an ex can be an abomination if the woman has been in other subsequent relationships with other men, whether she’s currently single or not.

Deu t24:1 “When a man takes a wife(lit woman) and shall marry her(literally engages), then it shall be, if she finds no favour in his eyes because he has found a matter of uncoveredness in her, and he shall write her a certificate of divorce, and put it in her hand, and send her out of his house,
Deu 24:2 and if she left his house and went and became another man’s wife(woman),
Deu 24:3 and the latter husband(master/head) shall hate her and write her a certificate of divorce, and put it in her hand, and send her out of his house, or when the latter husband dies who took her to be his wife(woman),
Deu 24:4 then her former husband who sent her away is not allowed to take her back to be his wife(woman) after she has been defiled, for that would be an abomination before יהוה. And do not bring sin on the land which יהוה your Elohim is giving you as an inheritance.

Love cannot be birth out of abominations, no matter how much you two desire each other or how good the sex was, or the connection during sex.

In eastern culture, the American definition of love(desire, passion) is of “secondary importance” to the actual definition of love, which is responsibility and purpose rooted in Covenant relationship and family building. That’s why people do not get into relationships and make covenants because they love someone(compassion/passion), they end up loving each other because of the results of growth with each other in the relationship. Relationships start with courting, not marriage, and courting is determined based on compatibility, shared vision, purpose, and ultimate perception of responsibility(thus true love). The Chaphets aspect is what helps keep a relationship growing and sustains it by giving it life(i.e. Romance, spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, spicing up the relationship with a little kink etc).

Marriage, which varies significantly from culture to culture, is simply the confirmation of “love (responsibility first-aheb, Emoonah-faithfulness-2nd & passion-chaphets)-3rd)….

When Elah created Adam, he did not create him out of LOVE(compassion), as he didn’t develop a relationship until after Adam existed. He created Adam due to a vision, purpose, and a responsibility(true love) and made a Covenant with him. Uut of that Covenant, he came to Love(Compassion/passion) his creation. The same with Eve, after Elah brought her to Adam, He(Adam) said “this is flesh of my flesh and bones of my bones“, not because he loved her first(Passion), but because of responsibility, purpose, and Covenant. It was out of that Covenant being established that he “knew eve” (Aramaic-Yada) sexually in Passion(chesed) and then she conceived. Thus passion and compassion are born out of Love and are not rooted in emotions or feelings first, but out of responsibility based on the design as Elah created and purposed for Mankind…

The other aspect of Covenant Relationship & family building, a key component, is “faithfulness & commitment”. This is from the Hebrew/Aramaic word Emunah. Emunah is the feminine verb of Emoon. Emoon refers to the “mental aspect of faith, known as hope, yet the mental aspect, like Chaphets, is a form of desire, which can change. We hope that our relationships will last until death do us part. We hope that we can make it through better or worse, we hope for the best. Yet to make all that we hope for manifest and come to pass over time, we have to take Emoon and implement it into our daily lifestyle and behavioral habits and make it Emunah, faithfulness. In other words, we have to work together and remain committed to making the Covenant relationship and family building process permanent. It is absolutely impossible to sustain a relationship if there is no faithfulness and commitment. Infidelity is a leading cause of many broken relationships. Not living up to who you presented yourself to be and the expectations each has promised to uphold with regards to what is needed to make the Covenant relationship work, and especially not having a covenant relationship with Yahwah Elah and Chockimah, are all contributing factors to broken relationships.

All relationships end due to “unfaithfulness and lack of commitment”. No matter what the circumstance, who is right and who is wrong in the situation, giving up on a relationship and ending it is because one or both decided to no longer be faithful to the Covenant. There are serious consequences to breaking a Covenant, more serious than people realize or is being taught by religions today. People seem to get amnesia to the fact that during their wedding or ceremony to establish a Covenant marriage, they made an oath before Yahwah Elah(or whoever they worship), regarding the marriage. That oath is then broken due to destructive behaviors(i.e. unfaithfulness, lack of communication, lost passion and desire, no longer having a shared vision, dishonesty, domestic violence etc etc), leading to the relationship ending, which in turn says those who broke the oath “lied to Elah”. Lying to the Eternal Creator is one of the worst things a person can do.

Habakuk 2:2 And יהוה answered me and said, “Write the vision and inscribe it on tablets, so that he who reads it runs. Hab 2:3 “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, and it speaks of the end, and does not lie. If it lingers, wait for it, for it shall certainly come, it shall not delay.
Hab 2:4 “See, he whose being is not upright in him is puffed up. But the righteous one lives by his faithfulness.

Notice, faithfulness is tied to righteousness. If two(or more) people truly walk in righteousness, they are therefore seen as trustworthy in the eyes of Elah and he will favor and bless their relationship, and such relationship as it remains rooted in the Torah will be everlasting. However, If Yahwah Elah can’t trust you, he’s never going to favor you with anyone or anything better in your life, especially when you are the one at fault for breaking the relationship. Yahwah will always give the one who was actually faithful, during the entire relationship, something and someone better, if you are at fault. At the same time, even the person who was not at fault can bear responsibility for the relationship ending, especially if they made an informed choice to engage themselves with someone who does not serve and worship the Eternal Creator faithfully. If your spouse was not a man or woman of the Torah when you met them but you still decided to create a covenant relationship with them, then you lack faith in the Torah of Elah because you should know that-

Psa 127:1 If יהוה does not build the house, Its builders have laboured in vain. If יהוה does not guard the city, The watchman has stayed awake in vain.
Psa 127:2 In vain do you rise up early, To sit up late, to eat the bread of toil; So He gives His beloved sleep.

Therefore being that you should have known better than to believe you’ll have an everlasting Covenant relationship with a non-believer, Yahwah may not trust that you have proper judgment in being able to choose wisely, and understand that light cannot be mixed with darkness, and an omelet with a good egg and bad egg is automatically a bad omelet.. No matter what the situation is, if Elah doesn’t trust you, then he’s not going to favor you after such Covenant breaks.

Malaki 2:11 Yehuḏah has acted treacherously, and an abomination has been done in Yisra’ĕl and in Yerushalayim, for Yehuḏah has profaned what is set-apart to יהוה – which He had loved – and has married the daughter of a foreign mighty one.
Mal 2:12 Let יהוה cut off from the tents of Yaʽaqoḇ the man who does this – stirring up or answering, and bringing an offering to יהוה of hosts!

The underlying tone of the entire Hebrew scriptures is centered around commitment and faithfulness. Whether it’s towards one another relationship-wise, having an ally, your personal relationship with Yahwah Elah, or the collective relationship Israel is to have with Elah, faithfulness is the core theme in all the scriptures. Covenant relationship-wise, faithfulness and commitment is the actual glue to the Triangle of Truth. You have to be faithful to being committed, you have to be faithful to the purpose and vision of the relationship and you have to be faithful in sustaining the passion and fires that give life to the Covenant relationship. If you lack in any one of these, all of the rest are going to fall short as well.

Yahwah Elah is soo serious about commitment and faithfulness in building Covenant relationships, that the Torah has even stipulated a permanent covenant relationship without the option for divorce when a man and single woman engage in sex and are not married. Sex outside of marriage has never been seen as a great sin, unless it results in prostitution, yet the consequence of such, between two Hebrew peoples, is permenant union

Deu 22:28 “When a man finds a girl who is a maiden, who is not engaged, and he seizes her and lies with her, and they are found out,
Deu 22:29 then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl’s father fifty pieces of silver, and she is to be his wife because he has humbled her. He is not allowed to put her away all his days.

The message the Torah sends is that if she’s good enough to lie down with sexually, she’s good enough to be your wife in a Covenant relationship. If this was still the culture of western civilization, as it was just 50 years ago, we wouldn’t have soo many children with no fathers, raised in single-parent homes, whoredom would not be glorified & we would not have an assault on the patriarchal family unit as we see today. Elah always knows what is best for mankind more than mankind knows what’s best for itself.

Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares יהוה. Isa 55:9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isa 55:10 “For as the rain comes down, and the snow from the heavens, and do not return there, but water the earth, and make it bring forth and bud, and give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, Isa 55:11 so is My Word that goes forth from My mouth – it does not return to Me empty, but shall do what I please, and shall certainly accomplish what I sent it for.

This is also why you have many people married for 50 years, yet sleep in separate rooms, have no intimacy, and yet will remain faithful, because they understood the responsibility came first, while the passion(misdefined as love) is secondary, even though had they followed the full values and purpose of Covenant building, they would have maintained both the primary and the secondary to keep the Covenant alive. As love without passion is unbalanced, and love without commitment, yet with passion is unbalanced(that’s how we get adultery & secret mistresses), and Commitment and Passion without Love, is how we get abusive relationships. Yet you have those who have understood this principle and have maintained decades of marriage, under “until death due you part” with True Love, Commitment, and Passion equally balanced until the very end. They have indeed lived up to their purpose and design and built upon such divine foundation.

It takes the Trinity of Truth: Love, Commitment, and Passion to make a complete empowered and fulfilling Covenant relationship, and in truth Passion(the one confused for love) is really 3rd in place of importance to Love and Commitment.

The Western destructive Way

Others because they base relationships on passion, thinking it’s love, are guided by feelings only and perceive responsibility, which is the Covenant as being of secondary importance, and thus the minute their feelings change due to any circumstance, they break the covenant and destroy the relationship. With this generation, it doesn’t take much. They’ll jump ship at the slightest disagreement.

This is the Way of the gentiles who misdefine the Truth and associate Love as being passion and compassion and thus they fail as a people. Yet Judaism, Islam, and the Likes of the East understand it as it is, and thus as a people and society, we maintain and achieve stronger and more balanced relationships and family.

Also consider in relationships where you have a man doing his job & fulfilling his original design according to “actions, purpose, and responsibility”, he works, ensures his family has the best of everything and is a great provider in keeping the family maintained, yet his wife is unhappy and in fact will abandon the relationship, divorce him & destroy everything without a just cause, because “he never often said he loved her”, “he’s never always there” or “he’s always working as if he’s putting his job first”

This type of woman doesn’t understand Love and as a result, will be the one who’d be expected to violate commitment due to her ignorance. She doesn’t understand that what he is doing to provide for her and her children is in fact Ahab-Love. What she is really complaining about is what is of secondary or of 3rd importance, and that is Passion/compassion. which of course is necessary to keep the fire burning, but should have never been the factor causing her commitment to be broken. That means she is brainwashed or mis-educated and doesn’t know how to recognized TRUE LOVE, and like soo many other women who have founded bastardville, she will lose her favor with Elah.

The same also applies to a woman or man in a relationship where they are being clearly neglected or abused and yet their spouse always say “they love them”, and because of that and also because of the sex aka Passion(Chaphet) they stay in the relationship and continue to be abused. They are mis-educated on the concept of love and commitment also(which includes respect, value, and honor). Those emotional feelings of passion is what they are defining as Love and thus they find themselves in unhealthy relationships rooted in dysfunctional emotions. If they have severe self-esteem issues(they don’t value themselves), then they will use the circumstances to justify staying because that is what is filling that void within their soul, however destructively. This type of trauma is many times difficult to repair.

When a married woman goes and sleeps with another man, she is breaking the covenant. thus breaking true love, commitment, and giving her passion over to someone else. She makes it clear she “doesn’t love her man”, and if she says she does after the fact, then “she’s speaking on passion only”. Nobody commits adultery against someone they love. That love was not there in the first place, and that is also a revelation that this person is not of Yahwah Elah nor his Torah. No Triangle of Truth exists in her.

When a man gets a woman pregnant after them having a very good, physically and emotionally intense sexual encounter and then ups and leaves her and doesn’t take care of her or the child, that was passion void of love and commitment. If at any point he tells her, he loves her, he is speaking in terms of passion. Too many children are born out of passion but not out of true genuine love. This is what is means to be ‘born in sin.”

That also applies to when a couple divorces each other and then turns around and says “they still love each other”. That’s not Aheb, that chaphets, emotional thus passion. They broke commitment and they broke True Love by divorcing, so true Love ceased!!!!

Sad enough these behaviors are learned in western cultures during childhood-teenage years. Unlike in Eastern cultures, like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, and Native Cultures, Western culture allows their youth to casually date(a promotion of whoredom) with no concept of responsibility or commitment, but only based on passion and emotions. They actually call it “puppy love“, not realizing that those children who have now become adults never grew out of puppy love and still establish and break relationships as they did in high school. You like a girl or boy you see, you all date a few weeks or few months, your feelings change, you like somebody else and you end up “dumping” your boyfriend or girlfriend for that other person and the cycle continues all the way into adult-hood where the same behavior is seen through marriages that end in divorce due to lack of true love and commitment, and too much passion dominating the relationship or where hookup culture is just creating legions of soul ties resulting in mental health and physiological disease disparities. If you understand the “scientific medical concept of Yin and Yang as it relates to health states and disease states then you will understand what is meant by too much passion dominating the other two elements of Love and Commitment…

In true sacred cultural behavior, youth are only allowed to court for the purpose of establishing responsible relationships based on purpose, compatibility, and Family building goals. Casual dating is nothing more than a behavior that inbreeds destructive elements and produces toxic children who take the misinformation and destructive behaviors and become toxic adults.

Right now, how many western female youth or young adults can say when they got married, they were virgins? and have not been run through like a gang passing around a joint or a shared 40 oz bottle of beer, each time leaving their backwash in the can???. Western youth are sexing in kindergarten, elementary school, High School, and then get buck ass wild in College, and then when they get ready to settle down, they have nothing left to offer their mate and then wonder why their relationships fail miserably. Notice, this is all on top of being ignorant of what true love vs passion is coupled with all the destructive behavior dysfunctions. That’s why Family Judges, Divorce lawyers, and Psychiatrists are the three biggest Moneymakers in Western Culture.

Family is the purpose that humans were designed for. Relationships were not designed based on emotional feelings, possessiveness or any of these other ideologies western culture teaches or the pseudo expectations of relationships that you see and hear about amongst Western people, especially white and black Americans(black being the most dysfunctional and delusional in the whole matter)…

In fact, if western people understood that they are purposed and designed as humans to establish relationships rooted in the 3 principles as Elah created them, then women wouldn’t be given over to manifesting psychological dysfunctions due to being attached to the manifestations of satan such as jealousy, envy, selfishness, and strife, as she’d realize that Marriage and Covenant relationships are not about her, it’s about building the family according to purpose and design and if it requires more than one woman to build the family, just as it requires a certain amount of employees or contractors to build a Major corporation or business such as AT&T, then she would be more than grateful to have such responsibility and natural burdens shared with someone else.

Imagine if AT&T, when it first started, Alexander Graham Bell just only allowed one employee to run the whole business and didn’t add others? Would it be the Great AT&T it is today? That employee was placed there based on their ability to make the Vision happen and fulfill that vision with duties and responsibilities, and as they are fulfilling that responsibility they are awarded. Plus AT&T had to add employees based on the Vision, expansion, and growth of the business and the extra responsibilities required to maintain such growth. Well, the Family building process is a “kingdom business”.. The sole purpose of family building is to “be fruitful, multiply and increase”, and the husband and wife(wives) are there to ensure that the family is built under this Divine command and model(its a command not an option by the way). The more the responsibility, the more required to be a part of the family to ensure its fulfilled.. We call that polygyny or divine marriage.

If western culture is to ever find their way out of these destructive relationships rooted in the miseducation of what constitutes a real relationship and family building, then they will have to return to the True definitions of Love, Commitment, and Passion and incorporate all three to get the strongest foundation possible designed for mankind’s growth and development as a family unit, in order to achieve the Edenic Civilization promise.

If you are not mature or spiritually grown enough to follow the spirit, and learn to seek out and build relationships with others based on responsibility, purpose, and a common vision first, and then work towards establishing passion and compassion as you are faithful to that relationship, then you are not ready to build a family., and if you are not ready to build family, you are not ready to serve Yahwah Elah according to your original design. Trust is built through commitment, soul ties, and emotional bonds are built through passion which is what makes the two or three(polygamy) ONE, and purpose and responsibility are founded in Love.

How we live our lives towards one another, according to the Torah, ultimately reflects the love, commitment, and passion we have towards Yahwah Elahin our Eternal Creator…

Which direction are you taking? Selah

Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi

Mizrahi Jewish Wisdom-Part 2 of Hebrew Love vs American Love. True Genuine Love is supposed to be indestructible & not to be changed, altered, diminished nor undone – Mizrahi Ethiopian Jewish International Rabbinical Council (edenicserver.myqnapcloud.com)

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