Edenic Law, Law of Physics and Medical Science as it relates to human physiology & sexual behaviors. A general overview!!

By Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi OMD, ND, PhD., PsyD., MRbs. DFM, DPH. DPHC
Prophetic Leader of the Global Edenic Civilization
Chief Global Rabbinical Representative, Jewish Priest and Prophet, Physician & Author
Mizrahi Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council
Public Health Advisor-Global Unification International
United Nations Dept of Economic and Social Affairs…
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Member of the Pooran Society Welfare (Pakistan)-Registered Global Peace Ambassador
International Association of Educators for World Peace(UN, UNESCO)

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Why does your husband not want to have sex with you?

why does your wife not want to have sex with you?

or why has your sex life become less fulfilling or not as intense?

Why are soo many women becoming Bi-Polar, Schizophrenic and depressed?

Why are soo many swingers hiding their broken relationships?

Why is the STD rate skyrocketing in the African American Community?

Why is the divorce rate off the roof in American culture?

Why are soo many men turning to homosexuality and why are soo many women turning to lesbianism?

And why are soo many Americans and Religious folks soo obsessed with sex, afraid of sex or simply irresponsible when it comes to sex?

What you do not understand about your body and how it works in accordance with the Law of Physics, Medical Science and Natural Law may be the underlying cause of most of your issues….

Did you know your Body Mass Index (BMI) determines the amount of energy your spirit is able to radiate and give unto your spouse to create the proper bond during sexual intercourse? People who are in tune with Edenic Law are able to pay attention to the natural rhythm of life and spirit within them. Those who are strongly sensitive to their inner spirit will notice how strong or weak their connection is with someone they have sex with.

In proper balance, a Man is supposed to weigh more than a woman, but within his own proper Body Mass Index. This keeps in tune with the balance of Dominant traits and energy being aligned properly with recessive traits and energy. Even in Talmudic Law such mandates on Height, Weight, Temperament, Body Mass Index etc are considered when choosing a mate to make sure one is able to bond correctly…

If you take for example a slim man who is healthy and within his Body Mass Index and he engages himself to a woman who is slim and either his size weight-wise or smaller in size and is either his height or shorter and within her BMI, they will radiate optimal sexual energy and be able to feel each other’s spirit more intensely and have a stronger bond. Having a Kosher(hebrew for fit and in shape) body really adds to it because it increases the pleasure and desire for one another which betters the experience. In fact, it can cause a man to perform in a type of dominant yet passionately sexual manner, which ensures a strong bond. Men perform better when in a dominant position/state, because their polarity is built on the dominant gene & principles of physics. The same applies with a woman, she will perform better when she stops trying to be dominant as a man and operates in her recessive submissive trait & physics design..

However, if you get a woman who is over her Body Mass Index and overweight and she is bigger than the man she engages in sex with, yet he is within his BMI, then they are going to have a lesser bonding experience. The more she weighs beyond her BMI, the more it takes away from her ability to radiate and give the feminine(negative polarity) energy to the man who receives and also gives his masculine(positive polarity) for the purpose of bonding, until it can happen that their bonding starts to break apart if she does not seek to become Kosher(fit and inshape)..

You can also have a man and woman who are both within their BMI, yet still, the woman weighs more than the man and is physically larger. Despite both being Kosher-Fit, the energy and bonding is going to be less, because the recessive negative polarity is going to be in excess of the dominant positive polarity and thus there will be an imbalance in bonding between the two.

A man has to utilize less physical energy to perform with a woman whose Kosher and within her BMI and is equal in size or smaller, and can maximize his reception of her negative polarity energy, thus perform more efficiently and in a more satisfying and fulfilling manner… The less the woman weighs, the more his energy is maximized and the more he can dominate to the satisfaction of both. However, when a woman weighs more, the more physical energy a man has to utilize, and due to the less energy he is receiving, he is apt to perform less and the less fulfilling it can be for both partners to the point of embarrassment for the man…

The more overweight a woman is, the more energy needs to be utilize by the man, which the smaller man is not able to give and so she has a higher sex drive. However, a woman who is balanced and Kosher in her BMI and is with a man whose Kosher in his BMI, utilizes less energy and has a slightly less Sex Drive and can have her Desire fulfilled more easily…

The same thing, If a man weighs more but is also outside of his BMI and his woman is Kosher body wise and within her BMI, then her negative polarity will not be able to bond fully because the man is not able to produce full positive polarity energy for the purpose of bonding. The more he is out of his BMI, the less energy to bond…

Height can also play a role….women are supposed to be shorter than men or the same height to experience optimal bonding energy….

The Law of Physics and Energy as it relates to Medical Science and the Human Physiology and Sex.

Women are actually energy givers from within, while externally they receive(Vaginal), whereas Men are actually energy utilizers from within, while externally they give(Penis)…. That would make Women in relationship to men sexual wise, what Nuclear power plants are too Homes. The Power Plants create the power and the home receives and uses it…

Same thing in relation to a socket in the home wall which gives energy(Negative Polarity, feminine) but requires a plug to be inserted into it in order to be activated to give, so that the plug can receive its energy(positive, masculine), and thus the TV, Computer etc which has the positive polarity plug to receive the energy is able to work and fulfill its intended original design. Without the plug being inserted into the socket, both are unutilized or wasted potential. Neither can realize nor fulfill its original design until they connect. This is why Elah said,
“It’s not good for man to be alone, I will make a helpmeet for him, his counterpart”

Negative Polarities and Positive Polarities using the Magnet as Example

Always remember two of the same polarities cannot bond…Negative cannot bond with Negative(feminine to feminine). They naturally repel each other, therefore they can never produce energy or create LIFE. That’s standard physics which is objective However, the only way they can bond or be utilized together is if you place a positive polarity between them and the energy is able to flow back and forth and be efficient and greater because the positive polarity is receiving and utilizing that energy.. The more Negative Polarities, the more energy reserves are increased..

Also Positive cannot bond with Positive(masculine to masculine) as they naturally repel each other, and they cannot by law produce life. But then you ask, well what about if you put a negative polarity between them, would they not be able to operate like the Negative Positive Negative…? The answer is absolutely not….


If you put a negative polarity between two positive polarities you create what is called an Atomic Charge, which causes the Negative Polarity to Split her Energy, as in splitting an ATOM which creates a Nuclear Explosion, which destroys everything in sight and thus physiologically speaking would reap havoc in a woman who is a negative polarity if you put her between two or more men on a constant basis. She would become physiologically & emotionally unstable. Even in disease and medicine, two or more positive polarities or charges attached to a negatively charged cell, causes it to become diseased (medical pathology)..

 That’s why male Polygamy with more than one woman is always sanctioned and female polygamy with more than one man is not…It would physically split her energy and destroy her over time… When Kosher and balanced, the more women a man has, the more powerful their relationship becomes, and the law of being fruitful, multiply, and increase can be adhered to… When the whole relationship is Kosher(fit and in shape and healthy) a man with more than one woman is known to have more sexual energy towards multiple women than he would utilize if he only had one woman. That’s a known physical fact. The more women, the more the sexual energy is increased…. Of course, if used irresponsibility it can lead to destructive in nature actions that can bring harm..

However, Lesbians(two negative polarities) and Homosexuals(Two positive polarities) cannot ever fulfill the command of “be fruitful and multiply”, and any attempt to try to mimic the Natural way would only be through artificial means, thus making it unnatural and un-edenic, an imitation of life.

In all Sciences, in order to produce life or energy in any form, at least one positive polarity must be united with a negative polarity.. A positive cannot create by itself, nor can a negative create by itself…. That’s why the modern man-made concept of a One Male God or the feminist response saying it’s a One Female God makes absolutely no sense within the framework of Universal Law, and it’s also a reason why El is not used in Genesis but Elohim which is plural is used and also why Elohim say let US make man in OUR Image. Male and Female. Angels do not create, they procreate & carry out creative commands. The Eastern Hebrew Bible makes it clear that Elohim was Yahwah the Father and Chockimah the Mother(aka Ruwah Qodesh) which is more in harmony with the Laws of Nature because a masculine or feminine God according to their own laws cannot create life separately by themselves no matter how infinite they are.

This is a general overview of the Human Physiology as it is governed by the Laws of Physics, Biology, and Medical Science. Any attempt to alter it will cause a response in the same manner as one attempts to alter energy, atoms, and cells..

The Laws that govern energy and Nuclear physics are the same laws that govern the human anatomy of life & behavior

Women were never designed to have their energy constantly split, thus causing her to become unstable and imbalanced. That means she was never designed by Nature to be with more than one man in her lifetime as a “lifestyle”. But due to gross violations of Natural Law, Zyprexa, Zoloft and even drug usage have increased & has been sought by millions due to women having their minds and souls become imbalanced from constantly splitting their energy and destroying their mind and body due to destructive habits… Notice I say lifestyle habit on a constant basis. Why? I know that some Eastern Asian, Native, and African cultures in fact have seasonal or sacred rituals rooted in what is called “fertility rites” where there may be engagements in sexual acts where the woman is allowed to engage in sex with perhaps more than one male partner over time, whether she is married or single, but that is only during those particular rituals. Outside of those rituals, she conforms to the cultural and social norms of marriage or singleness which are established to prevent public health disasters or disease. So they treat it as if we think of say “Krispy Kreme” donuts or high processed foods being eaten on a constant daily basis. Eventually, it will lead to disease and illness, which is destructive in nature, but eating a donut 1 or 2 times a year is not going to have much of a detrimental effect on your health if you follow a holistic lifestyle.
Now humans are created on a higher level and we have to consider the “science of soul ties”, which I have also written about to take into a more in-depth consideration of this situation to determine if there is really an exception to the rule or not as each sexual encounter will always produce a connection between the soul and spirit of the persons engaging in such acts, whether it be positive or destructive. I stated this not to say that I support or condemn such actions in regards to sexual rituals of such, as each culture has the right to establish their own rules and ways so long as they don’t blatantly violate natural laws thus invoking the law of consequence which leads to physical, social and mental disease. People’s spiritual growth and development are culture-specific, but the laws of physics and medical science on the abuse and violation of principles are universal amongst all cultures. and religion and culture are actually rooted in establishing laws and norms so as to protect man and woman from violating such laws to prevent invoking death consequences. However, some religions and cultures went above and beyond the mandates of protection to outright suppression of sexual behavior, which as I have written is also a violation of natural law and the very first law given to man.. Only a few enlightened will understand this.

Men and women are not equal but are equally important. We are physiologically different in many aspects and are governed by laws that can increase our life or outright destroy it for violating them. All disease is the result of the violation of the laws of nature. Humans who engage in natural responsible sexual and purposeful relationships do not produce disease, yet women who engage in multiple sexual relationships can produce what is called “self-caused disease” which can then be spread to others and become an STD..

Self Caused Disease

A self-caused disease is when a healthy woman, engages in sex with multiple healthy non-infected men, but due to such sexual engagement, throws her biological & uterine/sexual system off balance thus causing natural bacteria & shared parasites to transform into a diseased state and then produce an infectious communicable disease, that can then be spread to the non-infected men and then whoever they engage sexually with they will pass it on, thus creating an STD cycle…

To clarify the shared parasitic comment, it must be understood that at each instance of sexual intercourse humans pass on hundreds of thousands of parasites, whether normal or detrimental, into each other. This is in addition to DNA, hormones, natural or harmful bacteria & even viruses that may be present in the human biological system. All of these can lead to reaping havoc on the sexual immune system & uterine ecological system, leading to an imbalance where the environment suffers more detriment than benefit

Sperm Wars=Self Caused Disease
Another major contributing factor to a woman developing self caused disease is what we call in medical science calls “Sperm Wars”. This is when a woman engages in sex with men who release their sperm into her. When the sperm is released, it separates itself and branches out into three formations.. The first formation is the sperm designed to find and fertilize the egg, The second sperm formation is defensive & is designed only to protect the first formation and escort it to the fertilized egg, It does not try to fertilize the egg itself. The third formation is an offensive formation whose purpose is to seek out any sperm that is foreign and has a foreign DNA pattern and engage in war with it and try to destroy it(all 3 formations). Think of Professional football, which in fact was invented based on the concept of Sperm Wars. The players on both teams are in fact dressed up to mimic sperm. The football field is the fertile Female body & in zone & the field goal is the Vaginal cervix & Uterus. There are defensive teams and offensive teams, and specific players designed to get the football and race it to the goal. The defensive team protects the runners with the ball and the offensive team are supposed to take out the defensive team and stop the runner on the opposite team from reaching the in zone. The team that reaches the in zone and scores a “touch down” then gets the chance to fertilize the uterus. As with sperm, not all who reach the uterus actually fertilize the eggs as they can either be stopped or they simply can’t measure up to hit the “spot” or field goal.

With regard to the disease factor, when two foreign sperms engage with each other, they aggressive destroy each other and during the fighting & destruction, they produce an acid film on the vagina walls which causes micro-tears that breaks down the vaginal immune system due to vaginal permeability which then is unable to defend itself from natural bacteria or foreign bacteria & viruses and thus began to produce diseases such as Vaginitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Yeast infections, Leukorrhea(which is NOT cum, as many think), Papillomavirus, and other feminine problems that can become STDs. Yeast Infections aka Candida, a type of fungus, are classified as an STD because they can be spread from Female to Male and Male to Female, and even female to female(orally or when foreign objects/sex toys are used). Fungus & natural bacteria are colonizers, meaning they compete for space within the human biological system. Natural bacteria & good candida recognize the DNA genetic blueprint of all the others who naturally belong within its colony & thus don’t fight to compete for their space. However when exposed to foreign agents, the foreign & natural agents fight to compete for the space. The foreign agent can not only take the space of the natural agents but can interrupt the entire sexual ecosystem leading to sexual imbalance that results in symptomatic disease. Only when a woman is in a constant sexual relationship with the same person can the sexual immune system reprogram itself to accept the DNA prints of the sexual partner aka sexual immunity. This is where we also get the Torah concept of the “two becoming one”, as will be explained more later.

This is why “rampant rouge Swinging”, Causal sex with multiple partners and whoredom, prostitution, porn and irresponsible polygamy aka polyamory can be very dangerous for women(and men) and are not in their best interest physical & emotional wise and is the reason the world sees a great spike in “feminine health issues” and a high percentage of the African American population being plunged into disease and Un-kosher lifestyles. The porn industry alone released statistics showing 99% of porn stars have HSV(Herpes).

Genetics, farming laws and its relationship to Sex

One must also take into consideration genetic science as it relates to sex. During sexual intercourse, a man’s sperm dwells within the woman vagina for up to 72 hours. However, the DNA genetic blueprint of the sperm can remain up to seven years, thus increasing the likely hood of conceiving a “hybrid child” who is embedded with the DNA blueprint of multiple men. While the actual father canl be identified via DNA testing, this child can take on the characteristics of the other men the woman has engaged in sex with. That’s why in the south a lot of people have known for years about the “feeding the baby syndrome”, which occurs when a woman gets pregnant by one man, but during her pregnancy, she ends up in another relationship and the new man has sex with her during the entire pregnancy and the baby comes out looking like the nonpaternal father…..

This is not something any proud man would want in a child or from a woman. This genetic law is also seen in Farming. It is against the Law of Nature and the Eternal Creator to mix seeds in the same ground, as they produce hybrid or genetically modified crops. That is an abomination. When a woman has sex with multiple men, that is exactly what she is doing, allowing mixed seed to be sown into her which violates the law of nature. Condoms do not block DNA nor the Positive or Negative Polarity sexual energy as mentioned above.

The woman’s Uterus also acts as a memory cell. It programs permanently the DNA of the men who have been in her, and its believed that one can trace and find all the men a woman slept with after she has died and you cut her uterus out and do DNA samples, the memory cells will hold such. Medical science may advance to the point where a man can have DNA samples taken of a woman who is suspected of committing adultery or who lied about her virginity to determine the truth!!!

One must also take into consideration that constant stimulation of the immune system can cause it to crash. This is why physicians and clinics tell you that when you have multiple sex partners you have a higher risk of getting HIV/AIDs or other STDs. This is due to the fact that when you have sex with someone for the first time, kissing, oral sex, and vaginal penetration with or without a condom, cause each of your body’s natural bacteria(or unnatural diseases) to come into contact with each other. Your immune system considers the other person as foreign and so it responds to protect yourself. Some people may get a slightly sore throat, sniffles, or feel a little itchy after sex for the first time, or may not feel anything symptomatic at all. This is a natural response to protect yourself. When you get into a relationship, this response happens at first but as time goes on, your body develops an immunity to your spouse and eventually programs your spouse as being one and the same as yourself and no longer responds, except if a disease is contracted. This is the only instance where with Polygamy, which consists of multiple sex partners in a committed relationship, disease risks are not increased. However, when it’s constant random casual multiple sex partners, such as swinging, prostitution, porn, and whoredom, each encounter you have with each person causes your Immune system to be falsely jump-started, and eventually, it will become weakened, blow itself out, no longer respond and remain in that state for prolonged periods and increase your risk of infections both bacterial, fungal, parasitic and virus wise. This is also part of the Self-caused disease issue…

So there’s really no justification as to why people engage in irresponsible sexual behavior. The only solution is to understand the Laws of Nature as it relates to sex and human physiology and adhere to such in responsible sexual relationships.

What is consider unkosher and unclean sexual act under the Laws of Nature

1. Sex on one’s Menstrual Cycle

2. Sex that results in Adultery where a married woman has sex with another man behind her mans back

3. Sex that spreads Disease

4. Sex that causes physical or emotional harm(rape, molestation, exploitment, or sex done in deceit just to use someone or play with someone’s emotions)

6. Sex that causes harm to the human mind and physiology

7. Sex with animals

8. Sexual acts in parts of the body that was not designed for Sex(anal sex, oral-anal). This can violate rule 3

9. Sex between people of the same sex(i.e. 2 women) where one is acting like a woman and the other a man.(butch, dike). However, women cannot have sex in the truest meaning. they can only be sensuous with each other. If they use artificial means in such relationships, then that is classified as Unnatural Acts which are violations. This does not interfere with nor include foreplay between heterosexual or polygamous(FMF) couples. This also does not include what many term bi-sexual acts in a committed relationship between two women & the man they are committed to, where the two women engage in sexual acts with the man together, as there is only sex between the man and each woman, but the women are only being intimate & sensuous with each other. The truth is that bisexual women(an erroneous term actually), make better wives in a polygamy marriage, as they are more capable of aligning & co-sharing with the same man than two heterosexual women who are more apt to naturally compete as rivals in a polygamy relationship. The act of co-bonding sexually with the same man actually removes the spirit of rivalry, insecurity & jealousy from a woman’s soul, so that she can co-dwell & co-build more effectively with a sister wife. Having this type of Polygany dynamic significantly reduces the chance of a man wandering outside of the covenant marriage as well as re-enforces a more balanced family structure, with less conflict, rivalry, and stress that may occur with two or more monogamous women. Polygany in and of itself reduces those chances, unlike in monogamy, yet the added benefit of all having a unique bonding experience with all the women involved, where no schedules & time-slot lovemaking is ever necessary & everyone goes with the flow under the spirit of “wanting for my sister what I want for myself”, such man would be more than fulfilled as he’d achieve the true essence of “shalom in the home”. The Torah fully supports this & does not prohibit such.

10. Sex between people of the same sex(men), Homosexuality. The exclusions of #9 does not apply in any form to this violation.

The less one understands about their body, the more destructive habits one is likely to engage in, the more one understands their body and its relationship to and governance by the Laws of Nature and Physics the more responsible decisions one is able to make in regards to sex, relationships, love, child bearing, and bonding..

There is nothing more powerful than Edenic Law. For this is the True and Only Sovereign Law of Yahwah Elah upon which all others are derived and built upon!!!

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