Developing & Establishing Effective Hebrew Leadership-A summary of the published manual

“Distinguishing Torah sanctioned Leaders from Defacto Post Biblical Rabbinical & Black Hebrew Leadership

By Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi, OMD, NMD, PhD., PsyD, MRbs, DPH, DFM
Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council
CHY-Open International University
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Based on the book:
Developing and Establishing Effective Leadership for a Prosperous Edenic Hebrew Civilization (

Article to Read:

The radical rabbis who trample on Jewish law to ‘redeem’ the land of Israel – Israel News –

After reading this article, it becomes clear that the root of the problem is Rabbinical Judaism itself. They are too church like in this undermining the Torah of Yahwah Elah & changing the laws and traditions with post-biblical traditions that contradict the Torah, including instituting a replacement of the Levitical Priest with non-Levitical Rabbis, when Yahwah has anointed only the Rabbi-Cohen(Chief Priest) and Levitical Cohanim as the Socio-Spiritual Political Leaders of Israel.

Rabbis are an important leadership office in Hebrew culture, but they are not sanctioned to be foundational leadership, where they are the head of the people and nations with final authority. Rabbis are supposed to be senior leaders of different ministries and roles within the community and national governmental positions, but the Anointed Priests are supposed to appoint them & commission them to positions of Leadership. The Rabbis are not supposed to be appointing leadership as foundational leaders as they are not Torah anointed leadership in that capacity.

A Rabbi(Master, Chief), Moreh(Teacher), Zaqen(Elders/Congress), Shaliach(Ambassador), Maggid(Wiseman-Preacher, Jewish Evangelist) are supposed to be subservient to the Rabbi-Cohenim and the Levitical Priesthood.  The Shaphat(Judge) is the only other anointed foundational Leadership in the Torah alongside the Levitical Priesthood.

In Summary & perspective

Exo 18:19  “Now listen to my voice. Let me counsel you and Elohim be with you: Stand before Elohim for the people, and you shall bring the matters to Elohim.

Exo 18:20  “And you shall enlighten them concerning the laws and the Torot, and show them the Way in which they should walk and the work which they do.

Exo 18:21  “But you yourself, seek out from all the people able men, who fear Elohim, men of truth, hating unfair gain. And place these over them to be rulers(Shar) of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.

Exo 18:22  “And they shall rightly rule the people at all times. And it shall be that they bring every great matter to you, but they themselves rightly rule every small matter. So, make it lighter for yourself, for they shall bear with you.

Exo 18:23  “If you do this word, and Elohim shall command you, then you shall be able to stand and all this people also go to their place in peace.”

Legislative Branch

 Rabbi-Cohen(High Priest) The foundational/Head anointed Leadership of the Nation of Israel at the governing level, the Head/Chair of the Levitical Priesthood(Aramaic, same as Cohen Hagadol in Chaldean)

  1. The Levitical Priesthood(Cohenim): are the legislative senatorial branch aka Halachic authority over the entire governing system, nation, tribes, communities and ministries
  2. The Rabbi-Cohen is anointed to have Supreme Legislative, Executive and Judicial
           Authority, as the last resort and final authority on matters of dispute between the
           Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches of Leadership.
  3. Zaqenim(70 Elders)- The House of Representatives of the tribes of Israel, along with
            the Levitical Priesthood(Senatorial) makes up the Congressional system also know as
    the Knesset
  • The Head of the House of Representatives or all of the tribal Elders is a Rabbi-Zaqen(Chief Elder)

Judicial Branch

Shaphatim(Judges, Hebrew Arbitration-The Beth Din judicial/arbitrary system established amongst the different Hebrew tribes, communities and ministries of Israel will have Judges to administrate and issue judicial halachic ruling to solve disputes, conflict, Torts, & administrate marriage, divorce, child custody, financial matters & ensure religious matters are upheld within the framework of Torah & Levitical Priesthood HaLacha. When Israel became a dysfunctional nation, with a non-functioning Torah based Socio-Spiritual Political leadership & government, Yahwah raised up Shaphatim to liberate Israelites & transition them back to a functioning Torah sanctioned leadership. The same happened in later times, when Israel were oppressed & enslaved, Yahwah raised up Levitical priests to liberate the Hebrews & then restore the governmental system as sanctioned by the Torah. Both were in accordance to Debarim 17.

  1. The Chief Judges who preside over the entire network of Judicial systems(lower Beth Dinin) is a Rabbi-Shaphat(equivalent to the Supreme Court)
  2. The office of the Nabi(prophet) also operates within the framework of divine judgment. They also are a part of Ha’Yeshivot Nabiim(The School of Prophets), which is different from the traditional Jewish Yeshiva, in that in these Yeshivot all Spiritual leaders of every kind within Israel are taught, prepared & equipped in various forms of leadership and then the Rabbi-Cohen issues a Semicha of delegated responsibility & then activates them to tap into the Ruwah HaQodesh, in the same manner as when Yahwah took the spirit from upon Moses and placed it upon the 70 Elders resulting in them becoming prophetic in nature(Numbers 11:25).

    Most Jewish Nabiim are also Levitical Priests, as Elah’s spirit rests upon certain Levitical       priests, which comes from the Rabbi-Cohen, which then activates them as prophetic  ministers within that rank as Prophet.
    There are those who are priestly prophets, others who are prophetic priests & those who are Non-Israelite Hebrew Prophets. A  prophetic priest has a higher rank than a priestly prophet or gentile prophet. Example, the tribe of Yoseph, via Manasseh & Ephraim, whose mother Asenath was the daughter of the Egyptian priest of On, are a non-Levitical priestly tribe. Thus, a prophet that rises up from amongst them would be priestly prophets.

    A Nazarite is a non-Levitical laymen priestly office that both an Ethnic Israelite(non-      Levitical) & gentile member of Jewish society can be initiated. They can include priestly      prophets as well, who could operate in the area of divine judgement & discernment & other delegated responsibilities.

    Ezekiel, traditionally thought to be a Israelite prophet & priest in Zadokite Judaism, was in fact a priestly prophet, as he was not an Ethnic Israelite nor from the tribe of Lewy, and habitually supported Zadokite ideology(i.e. Canaanite traditions) which Essene Levitical Priests staunchly opposed. Ezekiel was of East Asian  descent, said to be China. Thus he was a gentile.
    The Prophet Elijah is another example of a Non-Israelite Hebrew Prophet. He was actually of Arabic/Ishmaelite descent, according to the Lives of the Prophets.
    Jeremiah is an example of a Prophetic Priest, meaning he was a Prophet & Levitical Priest.
  3. The head of the Yeshivot Nabiim(School of the Prophets) is called a Rabi-Nabi

Executive Branch.

Melek/Malak, many times translated as King, but within the context of Torah law is the Chief Executive Minister of the Rabbi-Cohen- Who operates as a governor-Pechah & executes duties according to the Halacha of the priesthood & halachic decree directives of the Rabbi Cohen with regard to foreign & domestic affairs.

  1. Melek is a general term that refers to one appointed to be the leader, chief or ruler with power & authority, similar to the term Rab, Rabbah or Rabbi. It also refers to one who gives counsel or advises, such as a chief of Staff or Leadership assistant.
  • The Melek being an executive independent office of Hebrew Leadership is not an       original Torah sanctioning, and was only later added as an amendment to the Mishneh     HaTorah(Book of Debarim & Deutorocanocal history)sometime before the exilic period by the Elders of Israel to justify the rogue Melek who was appointed in defiance against Yahwah to deal with foreign powers & a weaker Hebrew society.
  • The Melek operating as what we understand as a King, like other gentile nations, with      supreme authority even over the priesthood & Judges, was established in contempt of       Yahwah & his ordained order. This office is not an original anointed Torah leadership nor was it sanctioned or approved by Elah.  While Yahwah Elah directly appointed & ordained for the Rabbi-Cohen, Priesthood and Judges to be the governing leaders of Israel, it is the people who appointed a Melek, independent of the original order and leadership authority, as a defiant act (Deut. 17:14-15; 28:36; Hoshea 8:4)
  • In fact establishing an independent supreme Melek, resulted in the exact opposite of what Shaphatim and Cohanim did for Israel. The former led to their enslavement, while the latter’s led to their redemption, liberation & restoration. This is why Israel split into two nations and virtually self destructed because Judah wanted to be defiant & have their own King & anointed King David over the Tribe of Judah(not Israel), and the Israelites refused to recognize him, yet still they too were in error because they also had Kings that disrupted the original order and authority of Yahwah, leading to both being weakened and miserably losing a war to both Assyria and Babylon.

    It was only after the exile and restoration under Ezra & Nehemiah where, rather than re-install a non-Torah Davidic Kingdom line(an abominable line at that), the Hebrews returned unto the Torah & installed the Levitical priest Yahoshua as Rabbi-Cohen and Malek(Priest-King) of Judea as Elah originally ordained in the Torah(Zacharia chapter 3 & 6:9-15; Malaki 2:4-7; Ezra 5:1-2). Later after the Greeks tried to oppress & overthrow the Hebrew Leadership, the Priest Judas Maccaby rose up and liberated the Hebrews yet again, and rededicated the Temple and re-installed the Priest King Leadership via the Hasmoneans.
  • Under Torah law, the Rabbi-Cohen(Cohen HaGadol), was designed to be a Priest-King. The Testament of the 12 Patriarch, Book of Moses( Jubilees) & Dead Sea Scrolls makes this plain and clear. The Kingship & Messiahship was given to the tribe of Lewy as that is whom Elah made a covenant with as it relates to being the foundational governing leadership of Israel. The very first King of Israel was the Levitical Priest who founded Israel, Moses(Duet 33:4-5; Saul was not the 1st King, he was the first to fulfill a foreign rulership role over Israel). After the Kings of both Israel and Judah all but ensured the total destruction of the Hebrew peoples & were exiled, Yahwah raised up Levitical Priests, the law givers, to rebuild the Hebrew peoples & restore the proper order of Torah leadership.
  • The Chief Executive Administrative Minister, formerly and erroneously called a Melek, became a Pechah & assisted the Rabbi-Cohen in a governor capacity. Yahoshua Son of Nun was the first example of a Pechah, an assistant to Moses, our great Rabi.

    Zerubabel, the grandson of the last King of Judah is also an example of this, as he operated under the authority of & assisted Yahoshua the High Priest who was crowned a priest-king.

    The two olive tree’s that stand at the left and right of the Lampstand(Zachariah 4:1-14) refers to The Priestly Messiah(Rabbi-Cohen) as the Lampstand & Master(Adon), & the olive tree’s represented the Assistant Messiah of Judah(or Ephraim) & The Messiah Prophet. Elah makes clear that the Priest is the “Messenger of the Covenant”(Malaki/Meleki 2:7). He also speaks of this same Messenger in Malaki 3:1-3, who prepares the Way for Yahwah & is also the same Adon that everyone seeks as he comes to his Temple, and he is empowered to purify the Levitical priesthood & restore the sons of Lewy.  
    The book of Jubilees, Enoch and Testament of the 12 Patriarchs in addition to the     Dead Sea Scrolls, speaks of two Messiahs and a Prophet. The Messiah of Lewy, a Rabbi-    Cohen is the Supreme Eternal Atoning Messiah(Only priests can make atonement, not any other tribe), the Messiah of Judah(or Ephraim) is specifically mentioned as being subservient to & a governing assistant to the Messiah of Lewy & the Messiah Prophet/Judge. This is in stark contrast with the erroneous post-biblical doctrines of both Christianity and Rabbinical  Judaism that teaches the rise of a false messiah that comes from David(Testament of the 12  patriarchs make clear that the Davidic style Kingship was and is a false office and leadership position that is directly responsible for the introduction of foreign practices into Judaism & Hebrew culture). The tribes of Israel, other than Judah & some Benjamites, never considered David or Solomon as important figures in Hebrew history. They were never accepted because their position was anti-Torah & is associated with the curses of the Torah upon the Hebrew peoples.
  • The proper designation of a Malak is Malchi-Zadik which is a title of the Rabbi-Cohen
  • It should have already become noticeable that the Book of Malaki is very similar to the word Melek. Malaki(Malachi) means messenger and can also refer to a priest, prophet, king, Shaliach(ambassador of the government) & also divine beings commonly called Angels.
  • The chief Pechah, assistant to the Rabbi Cohen, is a Rabbi-Shalet & is the head of the      executive authorities that extend to each Tribe, community, and ministry in Israel. The      executive authorities would be the mayors/rulers/leaders of each community, ministry or district.. In this respect, such chief executive authorities of a particular community, city, or ministry would be designated as “Shalets”, Rosh or SharsA chief Baker or Chef at a restaurant for example is a “Shar Aphah”(Genesis 40:6), An official, chieftan or captain of the Hebrew Kingdom is also a Shar, or even the General of the Military is Shar(Joshua 5:14).  
    Ironically during the Rulership of Saul, David after fleeing from him, became a defecto Sar over some Hebrew peoples, particularly those of the tribe of Judah(1 Samuel 22:2)

    The appointed Chiefs amongst the Levitical Priests are known as Shar Cohen(Ezra 8:24-29).
    The head Elders(fathers) of the tribes & communities(not to be confused with the 70 Elders) are called Shar Zaqen or Shar Ab
  • Thus at the community, tribal and ministry level the three branches of power to operate      would be the Legislative local Tsar Cohen with a city council of Elders(Zaqenim/Ab), a Shalet(Mayor) & a Shaphat.  
  • The local lay religious leader of a Hebrew congregation that may or may not be a Levitical priest is a Ro-ee(Pastoral Shepard). The Rabbi-Cohen being chief leader over all the congregations, ministries, districts, tribes, communities & every position of leadership within the Hebrew communities,  is also called an Archi-Synagogues(i.e. Jewish Bishop) and also known as Nasi, being the Head of the Rab’ Beth Din(Supreme Court). Nasi can also apply to local heads of communities as well (Genesis 23:5; Exodus 16:22; 22:28; Numbers 1:16)

    Daniel as example of a Rabbi-Shalet
    Dan 2:47  The sovereign answered Dani’ĕl, and said, “Truly your Elah is the Elah of elahin, the Master of sovereigns, and a revealer of secrets, since you were able to reveal this secret.”  Dan 2:48  Then the sovereign made Dani’ĕl great(Aramaic Rabah) and gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler(Shalet) over all the province of Baḇel, and chief(Rabbi) of the nobles, over all the wise ones of Baḇel.

    Academic System
    When Yeshiva’s are established under the Jewish Academic system(Jewish Ministry of Education), the appointed teachers within the Yeshiva’s at the Elementary, High-school, and University/College levels are called L’madim(Teachers) who teach Talmidim(disciples).
  • The head of the Yeshiva, the equivalent to a Principle is a Moreh
  • The Chief Leader appointed by the Levitical Priesthood, to preside over the entire Academic system(i.e. Gov’t Department of Education) would be a “Rabbi-Moreh or Shar Moreh”-Chief Teacher
  • A Moreh Tzadik is also the title of the Rabbi-Cohen, especially in Essene Judaism (Joel 2:23). The Chief Priest who founded the Essene Jewish Sect is called a Moreh Tzadik in the Dead Sea Scrolls and is understood to be the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy. However, all of the Moreh’s of Israel are supposed to be teachers of righteousness. Moreh’s do not operate in the capacity of Priests or Jewish Pastors, unless they are commissioned to such position. They have no authority to establish Halacha or impose theological interpretations upon the Hebrew Community. A Moreh is a lay position and helps ministry, not a foundational Covenant Leadership.
  • Notice in each of these instances above, the title Rabbi is used. However, except for the Rabbi Cohen(High Priest), it is a chief position that is appointed by a higher authority. It is in essence a Jewish Helps ministry and leadership like the Moreh, Shaliach(Ambassador) etc. Thus, Rabbinical Judaism is without a foundation with Rabbis as its supreme leader and Black Hebrews are in error by establishing Moreh’s as their chief leaders, as neither are in alignment with the Torah and how Elah has established anointed Leadership for Hebrew communities and our Nation to operate and function properly. Considering the amount of education, knowledge and wisdom a Moreh would be required to have obtained in order to qualify to be the head of the entire Jewish Ministry of Education or local principal or President of a college or school, it would be a serious error to have most Black Hebrews, who call themselves Moreh, to actually fulfill such, considering the low academic achievement levels amongst Black Hebrews and the lack of higher education of the defactor Moreh’s who are turning black Hebrews into twice the sons and daughters of hell in the most ignorant of ways.
    These errors of doing as one see’s right in their own eyes, a blatant violation of the Torah, places a significant stumbling block before the people of Judaism & Israel, and thus because of the lack of Torah foundation, we see massive corruption in Rabbinical Judaism & Black Hebrewism. Even the Orthodox Jews of the Ashkenazi’s have fallen from The Way, and have let abominations such as LGBTQ creep into their communities and congregations, making them no different from Reformed & Reconstructionist corrupt Judaism, while Black Hebrewism is crippled with domestic violence against women and children, murder, drugs, gang members, murderers, rapists, child molestors and outright dull witted people trying to be something they clearly aren’t.

    An Ashkenazi Rabbinic Jew who reads this summary will immediately notice the striking differences between biblical leadership titles and positions vs Post Biblical titles and positions of Rabbinical Judaism. Well, it doesn’t stop there. Move forward with reading the book, “Developing and Establishing Effective Leadership”, and the book “The Way, the prophetic Messianic Voice” and you will find the plot thickens and you’ll see just how far removed modern Rabbinic Judaism & Black Hebrewism is from Torah traditions.

Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi
For more detailed Information Please purchase and read:

The Way! the Prophetic Messianic Voice to the Path of the Edenic Kingdom Redemption (

Developing and Establishing Effective Leadership for a Prosperous Edenic Hebrew Civilization (

Why All lives do not matter- The case of superpredators & why the civilized have a right to “stand their ground” using lethal force

By Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi OMD, NMD, PhD, PsyD, DPH, DFM, DTCM.
Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved

Isaiah 28:15 because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with the grave we have effected a vision. When the overflowing scourge passes through, it does not come to us, for we have made lying our refuge, and under falsehood we have hidden ourselves.”

Just as in a previous generation we had an organized effort against the mob. We need to take these people on. They are often connected to big drug cartels, they are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called superpredators — no conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first, we have to bring them to heel.Hilary Clinton

Article to read:
1. Killing of Justin King, a Black Missouri Man, Deemed ‘Justifiable Homicide’ Despite Outcry (

2. Watch Hillary Clinton’s controversial 1996 ‘super-predators’ comment (

Unlike others, who are cowards and afraid of woke and cancel culture, We do not fear anyone and thus will always stand up and tell the truth, even when it’s offensive and others don’t want to hear it or face it. We are no respecter of persons when it comes to pointing out destructive behaviors that compromise national security and the stability of society and civilization.

The fact of the matter is that Liberal #BlackAmericans hood people for the most part appear to lack moral conscience or any understanding related to morality and thus behave in a sub-culture of regression and destruction that no civilized nation on the planet should or would accept as ok..

They literally believe their predatory, aggressive & violent culture/nature is acceptable human behavior. #Blackculture is the textbook definition of “being born in sin”.
White culture has a violent racist history(that is sometimes exaggerated) yet unlike black Americans, they have shown a willingness to evolve and make things better for society, at least at the civilian level.

Liberal #blackamericans on the other hand seem to be spiraling into a regressed human nature that is of an archaic nature. They are soo consumed with normalized destructive behavior & hate that should be shunned by the world to the point they literally believe that others rejecting their culture and predatory violent behavior is a form of racism. This is a blatant extremely deceptive lie!!

There is nothing more that screams satanic nature, and lack of human decency than for a people to collectively believe(via inaction, apathy & literal hate) that its okay to commit genocide against one another, and yet show extreme emotion when one of their own predators are shot and killed by Police Officers and people of other races, even when it’s clear that it’s justified….

Matthew 7:16 “By their fruits you shall know them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
Mat 7:17 “So every good tree yields good fruit, but a rotten tree yields wicked fruit.
Mat 7:18 “A good tree is unable to yield wicked fruit, and a rotten tree to yield good fruit.
Mat 7:19 “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
Mat 7:20 “So then, by their fruits you shall know them –

The world has a common-sense formula & standard that they are able to use & measure people’s behavior and nature by. Simply observing a person’s behavioral patterns are all that is truly needed to righteously judge as to whether they are destructive or constructive in nature. It’s nothing more fruit producing from a bad tree, than for a people to believe that resorting to violence is the solution for everything, just because they don’t agree, are offended, or don’t like what someone else said to them, no matter how vile it was said.
Violence, immorality, disease spreading, and determining a friend vs an enemy based on skin tone and resorting to violence because of skin tone is about as vile as it gets. White culture was guilty of it and now Black culture has taken the baton to continue the “race hustle”.

Black predatory behavior and violence supersede the casualties of 911, Iraq War, Syrian War, Libyan War & the entire Arab Spring, Drug Cartel & Afghan wars combined. You have a better chance at surviving in Afghanistan and Iraq than right here in America due to black disproportionate predatory behavior.

The toxic immoral nature that has replaced liberal black American conscience even has them believing the utterly stupid idea that when they step outside of their homes they are likely to get killed by police rather than their own kind. People of all races are more than likely to be assaulted, robbed, raped, or killed by black predators than any other factor except for car accidents and degenerative disease.

Cultural drug usage, the inability to establish lasting marriages and covenant relationships, being the leaders of spreading STDs, acting in a pure predatory aggressive manner, raising over 80% of children in single-parent homes, gender confusion, poor destructive dietary habits & not being able to distinguish between right and wrong, are all bad character traits exhibited in the inner-cities. And it truly doesn’t stop there. There is literally a Covenant of Death that has overtaken the black community that is unprecedented in human history.

Stand your Ground- The ultimate solution for protecting yourself and your family from Super-predators

This is how far gone black Americans are. There is nothing more dangerous to national security and the stability of civilization than to have a collective culture of immoral people.
Unfortunately more Black Americans, & predatory criminals from other races and ethnic groups. are going to have to die at the hands of civilized people who refuse to lay down and allow black violence and aggression to win.

Civilized people have a right to blow out the brains of anyone who aggresses them in a violent manner. Look around, there is not a single country outside of the United States that would even remotely tolerate black toxic culture and immoral behavior. Every now and then you’ll see Islamic countries such as Iran & publish articles in defense of Black Americans, particularly when an actual career criminal gets killed by police during an attempted arrest. These governments like Iran make these supporting statements under extreme political bias and via the distorted lense that everything about the US government is wicked and evil(and that may be true in many cases), to the point that they ignore the full context of such encounters between criminals and law enforcement resulting in deadly force being used. Yet those lenses and publications are just that “propaganda”, because there is nothing about Black American culture that countries like Iran would even tolerate.
If black American peoples were transplanted in Iran, most Black American women would be executed for being hoes & birthing illegitimate children. Black men who prey upon and try to seduce married women and that very woman would be executed for adultery. The majority of the black community would be executed for using drugs. Black criminals and predators would be met with overwhelming police and military force that would see them wiped out. Rachet black women would be executed. The huge growing population of Black Americans who engage in satanism, witchcraft, vodoo, Tarot cards and other satanic superstitions and cult practices would be executed. Black children who have behavioral problems, are violent and especially if they disrespect their Elders would be met with either public flogging or executed. All of this would occur if the Persian Islamic community & citizens themselves don’t get to them first and purge their communities and nation from such satanic debauchery.

Proverbs 20:11 Even a child is known by his deeds, Whether his work is clear and right.

If Black Americans were transplanted anywhere else on the planet with their current cultural behaviors, they’d be begging the US government to take them back to the US after barely 60 days, because no continent, Nation, people, or tribe would tolerate black American culture. Not even Africa!! Most probably wouldn’t even make it back. Out of 30 million, probably less than 2 million would make back alive.

This is the honest truth. Nobody and no government in their right mind would accept or tolerate liberalized Black American culture. No other nation would allow the nasty unsanitary practice of having long fake nails while working in a healthcare setting. No other people would accept black women walking around looking like a prostitute with such ugly eye-lashes. Black Americans would have the utmost respect for US Law enforcement after having an encounter with other nations and peoples in a translated situation.

Isaiah 3:5 And the people will be oppressed, Each one by another, and each one by his neighbor; The youth will storm against the elder And the inferior against the honorable.

The United States of America is the only nation that has lost all direction, all sense of moral responsibility, and decency when it comes to cracking down on violent aggressive criminals who are causing a murder spree across the nation. It is a fact that black Americans can not take care of themselves and cannot govern nor police themselves and their communities. They are like little retarded children with collective psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. that ultimately require a governmental babysitter. This has been proven numerous times, such as during the Baltimore riots, where black Americans violently protested and proclaimed the Police the enemy, resulting in law enforcement to stop patrolling black communities. Not even a month later the same black Americans came running and begging the Baltimore police department for help because of the explosion of violence, murder, rapes, robberies, and assaults that took place.

Read Article:
1. Baltimore police stopped noticing crime. A wave of killings followed. (
2. Homicides Have Skyrocketed in These 6 Democratic Cities (
3. Refund Police: Major Cities Backtrack on Defund Police After Violent Crime Skyrockets (
4. The Disrespect and Violence of Black Youth is Out of Control – The Westside Gazette
5. Black Violence Against Whites: A Recent History – past time to light the beacons (

What Would Moses Do?

Exodus 21:14 “But when a man acts presumptuously against his neighbour, to kill him by treachery, you are to take him even from My altar to die.
Exo 21:15 “And he who smites his father or his mother shall certainly be put to death.
Exo 21:16 “And he who kidnaps a man and sells him, or if he is found in his hand, shall certainly be put to death.
Exo 21:17 “And he who curses his father or his mother shall certainly be put to death.”

Deut 21:18 “When a man has a wayward and rebellious son who is not listening to the voice of his father or the voice of his mother, and who, when they have disciplined him, does not listen to them,
Deu 21:19 then his father and his mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his city, to the gate of his city,
Deu 21:20 and shall say to the elders of his city, ‘This son of ours is wayward and rebellious. He is not listening to our voice, he is a glutton and a drunkard.’
Deu 21:21 “Then all the men of his city shall stone him to death with stones. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst. And let all Yisra’ĕl hear, and fear.

This is the universal solution that most non-western countries would do to anyone who engages in violent, aggressive and super-predator behavior. The United States erroneously places civil rights and human rights above moral obligation. This simply gives Satan an equal footing to allow him to compete with the righteous and civilized. This gives the wicked an advantage which leads to the victimization of the righteous.

Domestic terrorists should be treated exactly like International terrorists. There should be no mercy or hesitancy to use force against the violent and criminal elements of society. This nation should never be concerned about how disproportionately Black Americans would be affected if a severe crackdown against crime was implemented. Black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of crime thus they should expect to get disproportionately affected as the US government and decent citizens purge them of super-predators so that the black community itself can be safe and thrive with the rest of society and civilization who’d also be safer as well without predatory sub-culture terrorizing us.

I fully support “Standing your ground” against predators. I don’t give a damn about the human and civil rights of violent predators because they do not give a damn about the human and civil rights of those whom they commit violence against and try to victimize.
Our lives & even property are way more valuable than the lives of violent thugs. That is why I do not fully support #AllLivesMatter because the truth is: ALL LIVES DO NOT MATTER.
Yes, only ALL NON-CRIMINAL AND NON-VIOLENT LIVES MATTER, and I will never back down or apologize for taking this stance as in the eyes of predators and criminals, they have no value for the lives, rights and safety of others.

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter if you’re black, African, white, Asian, Hispanic, or native, if you are a violent thug, you don’t matter until you change. I’d suggest you change before the civilized help you get a one way ticket to Gehenna.

We need fearless leaders who are not afraid to send in Armed National Guard, FBI, and civilian militias to fight with overwhelming force against gangs, pimps, sex traffickers, murderers and the violent elements of society… We need citizens who are not afraid to stand up and boot the “race hustle” narrative right in the ass and say “fuck your racism claims, your violent predatory kind is not welcomed in society”. We must punish all cowardly politicians at the ballot and via re-calls or by any means legally neccessary.

Why does Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the likes seem literally like Eden and paradise with stability, social decency, low crime rates and continuous prosperity within their nations and cities? Because they do not tolerate behaviors that you see amongst Liberals and Black Americans. If the USA is truly a beacon of light to the world, then our communities and society should exceed that of the Arabic seeds of Abraham Edenic environment, and to do that we must purge the dangerous elements from society altogether, once and for all.

Unless America’s righteousness exceeds that of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, they will in no wise ever have national security, prosperity and social balance.

Let’s stand up and protect All of the lives that should matter, the law-abiding citizens of the USA, Black, White/European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Carribbean, Hispanic, and Natives.

President Joe Biden ironically and prophetically said in the past:

There’s a second thing that we all have agreed upon, and that is:
Unless we do something about that cadre of young people – tens of thousands of them – born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because they literally (I yield myself three more minutes) because they literally have not been socialized. They literally have not had an opportunity. We should focus on them now. Not out of a liberal instinct for love, brother, and humanity – although I think that’s a good instinct – but for simple, pragmatic reasons.

If we don’t, they will, or a portion of them will, become the predators fifteen years from now – and Madam President, we have predators on our streets, that society has, in fact, in part because of its neglect, created. Again, it does not mean, because we created them, that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family and yours from them. They are beyond the pale, many of those people, beyond the pale, and it’s a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society, and the truth is we don’t very well know how to rehabilitate them at that point. That’s the sad truth.

Let’s Make America Great Again, Keep America Great and “Take Back America”

What would Moses do?

Dr. Rabbi Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi OMD, NMD, PhD, PsyD, DPH, DFM, DTCM.
Mizrahi Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council