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Ha’ Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad Inc under the Auspices of the Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council, is Incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia, a Non-Profit 501c3 Synagogue, Affiliated and Registered with the United Nations Global Compact and UN Civil Society and Economic Development Division as an NGO & Sovereign Sacerdotal Jewish Ecclesiastical Society.


The HYTBY operates via several established delegated Ministry Departments:

1. Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish Int’l Rabbinical Council-Leadership governing Board under the
oversight of the Rabbi-Cohen(Chief Levitical Sovereign

Sacerdotal Priest)
a. Knesset-Legislative Branch-(Priesthood-Cohenim & Eldership Council),
b. Judicial(Beth Din-Shapatim/ Rabbinical Arbitration Board)
c. Executive(Malchi-Zadik- Chief Administrative Minister & Board of Directors

2. Ministry of Health, Humanitarian & Rehabilitative Services
a. American Association of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine®
b. Apprenticeship & Certification Board of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine®
c. Edenic Light Integrative Pastoral & Family Life Care®
d. World Organization of Humanitarian Medics®

3. Ministry of Education, Cultural Development & Media Broadcasting
a. Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva-Open International University®
b. WITCC AwakeningTV & Radio®, Edenic Media®
c. Edenic Civilization Global Movement®

HYTBY was founded in 1999 by Dr. Rabbi-Cohen Shalomim Y. HaLahawi as a global cultural Jewish phenomenon that birth the Edenic Civilization Movement which has crossed a myriad of religious, cultural, ethnic, and ideological boundaries throughout Africa, the Near East & South America. This movement has played a central role in bringing peace in the Middle East & healing, forgiveness, and unity between Jews, Arabs & the Muslim world via the founding of the “Seed of Abraham Initiative” which ultimately became the “Abrahamic accords” under Fmr President Donald J. Trump. We also played a central role in making history by helping open the door of opportunity for the 1st Jew of Pakistan to be legally registered. We also played a pivotal role in opening the door to sports such as WWE coming to the middle east to such countries as Saudi Arabia, where Jews are now allowed to visit, and we used WWE sports to bring religious leaders, scholars, theologians and heads of state of various Near Eastern countries together to help work to solve the middle east conflicts and crisis.
We have stood our ground in that we are both staunchly Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian, and while we support a two-state solution, we believe the Seeds of Abraham have a better and brighter future for all sides if they all learned to dwell and live together in peace, loving-kindness, and harmony under one State, with a fair government that represents both, considering we are all one people, one race and simply two sub-tribes that trace our ancestry to one common father, Abraham.


Dr. Shalomim Yahoshua Halahawi(pronounced Ha-Leh-wi), also known by the acronym R’ShaYaH, is an Ordained Mizrahi Jewish Rabbi & Priest(Cohen) with family roots from the Mizrahi(Eastern) Jewish-Israelite and Arab Communities in North Africa, the Middle East(Palestine-Israel, Mt Carmel, and Oman, Southwest Arabia ) and the Sephardi Jewish Community in Sicily, Italy and Spain(He is NOT to be confused with Black Hebrew Israelites).. He is married to Shomer Nakoahyah HaLahawi. They have 4 beautiful children, Micah HaLahawi, Moriyah HaLahawi, Adonaiyah HaLahawi & Caleb HaLahawi.

Both the Rabbi-Cohen & his Ishah Shomer share similar roots & Levitical tribal family. Their Jewish Great Grandparents immigrated to the US in 1885 from Mt. Carmel, Palestine(Israel).

He has served as a Rabbi for over 20+ years. He was ordained and graduated from the Institute of Rabbinical and Hebrew Studies in Jerusalem Israel in 1998 with a Masters of Rabbinical Studies, focusing on Hebrew Education.

He is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine & Natural Medicine Inventor. He is also the founder & President of the Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva-Open International University(authorized by the Florida Dept. of Education, Commission on Independent Education), which is the educational degree-granting arm of the MEJIRC/HYTBY that serves to empower Mizrahi Jews in Israel, Africa, Asia & Northern Hemisphere, raising up the next generation of social, political, diplomatic and spiritual leaders to take our Jewish communities to new heights in properly representing Judaism and giving the world a new face and perspective on Jewish culture.
The Rabbi Cohen also holds a Doctor of Psychology(Pastoral Counseling), Doctor of Humanitarian Medicine, and 8+ postgraduate & continuing medical education diplomas(Public Health, Family Medicine, Nutrition, Orthomolecular Medicine, Primary Care, Clinical Nursing, OB/GYN, Homotoxicology, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine etc).
Rabbi-Cohen is also an author of 4 books and over 700 publications, and hosts a online Tv & radio broadcasting called WITCC Awakening TV and Radio. He served as the Peace Ambassador & Chief Rabbinical Representative of the State of Israel and Mizrahi Judaism to the Muslim World at the annual UNO-sponsored Global Peace Conference(which birth the Seed of Abraham Initiative) between 2014 & 2018).

The MEJIRC is also a Member of :
The United Nations Dept of Economic & Social Affairs
United Nation Global Compact
Int’l Association of Educators for World Peace(UN, UNESCO)
Global Unification International
American Association of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine

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